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Super shipper, writer, and artist(formerly known as Indigo Dawn1234

A Little Bit About Me.

Name: error.classified info
Age: Classified
Favorite song: Where No One Goes
OTP: Soarindash
Favorit ship of all time: Hiccstrid, always Hiccstrid.
Favorite pony: Muffins
Favorite Mane 6: Rarity
Least favorite: Twilight
Favorite princess: LUNA!
Where are you from: Alaska, but I don't live there anymore
Pastimes: Writing, drawing, and choir
What the ponyfeathers is your name?! Okay, one of my nicknames is Av, that is all I'll tell you
Crush: Dude, too far.
Fav color:SILVER
Favorite movie: Too many! How's a top three?
#3: Cars(used to be may favorite, but not anymore)
#2 How to Train Your Dragon 2(you can guess what the next one is)
#1 How to Train Your Dragon(a huge surprise!)
Crush: STOP
Tell me: No.
Please? NO!
Pretty please with a cherry on top? Fine, here's a hint: NOOOOO!

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