Spitfire takes a flight to relieve stress and discovers a phoenix roost. The only problem? All the eggs are broken, and the phoenixes are missing. What could have happened to them? And how will Spitfire react without her team by her side?

An entry for Mana's Wonderful Wonderbolts Writing Contest, which can be found here.

Edited by the talented Axolu and Wobble.

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Ahhh that story was cute! It's nice to see Spitfire with a bit of a soft side. :b Love it! Have a follow. :raritywink:

Awww, what a sweet and kind of sad story. The descriptions of flight were beautiful.

I love how you displayed the 'bolts, and it was hilarious to see Rainbow and Daring appear and have that awkward moment when Rainbow sees the other 'bolts! Also good job on cleverly inserting when this takes place with things like Rainbow's nickname showing this takes place after that episode, and Caballeron's remark on Ahuzotil showing they have not made peace with him yet.

Wow, thank you for the thoughtful comment! You made my day!

always happy to brighten someone's day! And I'm glad it helped, a thoughtful comment can always bring a smile to someone's face! (yes I realize I sound like :pinkiesmile: but I think that makes it better-she's not my fave character out of the mane 6, but she's in the top three!)

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