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Rainbow Dash and Soarin are betrothed. Rainbow doesn't like Soarin at all. Soarin does. Chaos ensues. But in the end, Love Conquers All. Pun intended.

Cover art by me
title by Dashie217
Narrator is my OC

Chapters (6)
Comments ( 40 )

Hurr.. Hur hur hur....


:rainbowkiss: I love these types of stories:pinkiehappy: The ones with jealousy, marriage, SoarinDash, etc.:pinkiecrazy:

Note note 'Conqers' is spelt like 'Conquers' a U ALWAYS goes after the Q in proper grammar.

7580247 Thank you for pointing that out, I will change that. Hope this won't change the story for you!


Course not, I just like pointing out grammar mistakes cause, IDK its fun ;p :rainbowkiss:


7671645 Yeah, I thought about using Aj but, some of the things Pinkie said that sounded like country slang are things that non-country people say

The ending is soooo like.......Wreck it Ralph(I guess I don't know any more:rainbowlaugh:)

"I SHIP IT!!" Pinkie Pie yelled.

MEEE TOOOOO!!!!!!:raritystarry:

Everyone who likes this story does. But that's a good thing. The SoarinDash empire will soon take over the world!

Ah, I caught the Book of Life reference! :pinkiehappy:

7923199 Wait, where did I put that again, or was that unintentional?

Isn't it ment to be accept instead of expect?:applejackunsure:

I feel rainbows painXD

"I'll have you soon, my precious Rainbow Dash, I'll have you soon.


*shakes violently*

"See Soarin, Rainbow and I are deeply in love!" Rapid said, trying to pull Rainbow in for another, only to have Rainbow knock him out and call him something not-so-ladylike.

The butterscotch banana cream pudding of a stallion!!!:flutterrage::pinkiesick::twilightangry2:

Um,Fluttershy doesn't shout.But the pranking was great.

"I'll have you soon, my precious Rainbow Dash, I'll have you soon.


Well,apart from that,it was AWESOME!:rainbowlaugh:


Awww,I bet she's got feelings for him!:pinkiegasp:I just can't wait for the next chapter!

Uh,bit short but everything else was...


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