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Rainbow Dash performs another Sonic Rainboom, which gives Soarin a flashback to when they first met and how important she really is to him.

This takes place between season 6 and season 7.
This is my first story, so please tell me what you think!

Cover art by: neonspirit17 on DA (me)

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Ever read Calm Wind's 'Piercing the Heavens'?

7653411 don't worry; I'm making more chapters:twilightsmile:

sqeeeeee, so good :rainbowkiss: , can't wait for the next chapter :pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss:

7654291 Thank you so much!!:twilightblush:
Do you have deviant art?

7654371 thank you so much! *hugs*
Can't wait to post the next chapter!

:rainbowlaugh: Best Storry ever! PIRNCESS SOARIN !:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

7654842 thank you so much!
(and for the follow and fav^^)


That was like one of the first stories that I actually kept track of, such a good telling of Dash and Soarin. He updated it so frequently at first when I was reading it that I eventually got left behind and now I haven't read it in forever and it's at like 1.4 million words. I think I stopped at like four hundred thousand, maybe. I keep telling myself I'm gonna catch up.

Feel free to leave a comment!:twilightsmile:


7656600 ikr?
Also me too^^
Dash always ends up in awkward situations:rainbowlaugh:

7657628 Agreed!:rainbowlaugh:
Btw the deviant that sent me a note is you right??
(Just wanted to make sure):twilightsmile:

Neon Spirit??? :trixieshiftleft:
I know you from DA!!! :pinkiegasp:
Yay!!! :yay:

7657891 Awesome! What's your name on DA??

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7658870 awesome^^
And yeah, its annoying when that happens:facehoof:
Glad you found me on DA tho:pinkiehappy:

I can imagine it NOWWWW

"One day..'' Spitfire thought to herself whilst still maintaining the same speed, ''I'll be the captain, and my shoutiness will be noticed even....'' she hit her head with her hoof. "... no... I need to be less shouty.... Less shouty. Less SHOUTY! AHHH I CAN'T TAKE IT LESS SHOUTY!"these words played in Spitfire's mind.



Yes love flirty Soarin :rainbowkiss:

7659211 hehe yeah; that sounds pretty acurate:twilightsmile:

7659222 Flirty Soarin is best Soarin:raritywink:

She placed her Wonderbolt uniform inside and shut it, at the same time jumping as a certain stallion with emerald eyes was leaning beside her locker.
"Hey Crash..."
Soarin said with a flirty tone as his gaze locked onto hers with a goofy grin washed over his face.
"Oh, er.. hey Clipper; you okay??''
Dash asked with concern dipped in her raspy voice.
There was a moment of silence between the two pegasi.
"Soarin, shouldn't you be heading home now?''
Soarin's grin widened. He opened his mouth to speak.
"Do you have a map? Because I keep on getting lost.....''
"Actually I d-''
".... in your eyes.'' Soarin stated as he shot her a wink.
"Seriously?'' Dashes eyes rolled as she turned and started walking towards the exit of the locker room.
Soarin flew in front of her as she stopped. She looked up at him in confusion, whilst his grin remained glued to his face.
''Hey Dashie, you dropped something....''
Rainbow turned around looking for anything she may have dropped. She turned back to Soarin.
"I don't think-''
".... my jaw.''

Woah, this really make me laugh and it also made me squeal. I mean seriously Soarin FLIRTING Dash with this words.:pinkiegasp::rainbowlaugh:

When will be the next update? I'm really excited

7664479 I'm glad your enjoying it!
And don't worry; the next chapter will be posted soon:raritywink:

Yeah, I ship it. I originally thought Soarin should go with Spitfire but I changed my mind later on. Spitfire doesn't deserve him.

7705017 Yep^^ Soarin dash is my OTP; however I do like the development of Spitfires character in the show:twilightsmile:

7719065 Tysm! (Love your avatar picture btw:twilightsmile:)

This story is amazing so far! Also PLZ post the new chapter :)

7812433 thanks and sure:twilightsmile: glad you like it!

7812428 otp stands for

One True Pairing
it's when u want 2 people to be together

Update I MUST know what happens!:raritydespair:

I Googled 'pick up lines' and I found all of the ones u used
(Except the pinkie one 'cause u said u came up with it yourself):pinkiehappy:

7999087 haha yup Well done lolXD

Oh I enjoyed it alright:pinkiehappy:
Just a quick question: Are you planning on continuing this?

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