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Rainbow Dash, element of Loyalty, fastest pony in Equestria, and a reserve of the Wonderbolts. Life for her is perfect… Until her birthday comes around. As a surprise to this cyan pegasus, her friends take Rainbow Dash to Manehatten, to see one of the Wonderbolts’ biggest shows! But that’s not the only surprise coming to Dash…

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This is awesome!

This is great so far.
Just a couple mistakes that could use correcting; nothing major though.

Do you think he likes you to?!”

'to', in this context is spelt 'too'.
To, meaning direction
and too, meaning excess or mutuality.
As in 'too much' or 'I like you too.'

I do NOT him to know!”

You're missing the word 'want'.

I don’t know Rainbow thought.

Thoughts can be differentiated by using a pair of apostrophes and a comma:
'I don't know', Rainbow thought.

“I SHIP IT SO BADLY!!!!” yelled Pinkie.

Nothing wrong with this one.
It was purely flawless.
I found it hilarious and very true to Pinkie's nature. :rainbowlaugh:

But like I said, I really enjoyed this.
So here's an up-vote and I'll track it, eagerly awaiting an update.
Kudos to you my friend. Keep up the solid work! :pinkiesmile:


Thanks for pointing out the errors! I'll be sure to correct these chapters and make sure the story doesn't have as many flaws, which probably will. I'm glad you liked it, though! :twilightsmile:


I'm glad you enjoyed it so far! :pinkiehappy:

6546855 I love authors that can take criticism with grace. Taking it in your stride is a good policy.
Even with the spelling mistakes it's a great story.
Hope you and your the best.

I loved it! :rainbowkiss: Except from some minor errors, everything was amazing! You should definitely continue this. :pinkiehappy::heart:

Cool story right here! I give this a 9.99999999/10!:pinkiehappy:
Awesome story!
Can't wait!!!:pinkiecrazy:

Great so far. Chapters aren't to short. Story has a good hook for dragging prey (readers xD) in. FAVES AND THUMBS UP.

Awesome first chapter! I can't wait to keep reading :pinkiehappy:

"I SHIP IT SO BADLY!" yelled Pinkie Pie.

My life in a nutshell.






Im so sorry for the delay on the next chapter! Ive been very caught up with different things and it completely slipped my mind! :facehoof:

I cant give you an exact date on when it will be done, but hopefully will be very soon!

Omggg I love the story so far can't wait for an update :pinkiehappy:

Yes! An update! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you....

That was wonderful!:pinkiehappy: Can't wait to see more.:twilightsmile:

I am working on Chapter 4 right now. Hopefully it will be done before Thanksgiving.

Love this story! I love Soarindash.

This is going great so far!
Also on the whole busy thing, I get ya'. Sometimes we even lose track of how long it's been since the last time we've updated :rainbowlaugh:

Awesome! An update! PLEASE UPDATE SOON!!

May we have an update pls it would be bad if you dropped out on such fine work

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Aswome!!!20% Cooler!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Pinkie guessing the future:
The classic, nigh cliché, exit clause for avoiding lengthy descriptions.

Bravo, sir. :moustache:
I enjoyed it, thanks for a good read. :twilightsmile:

Personally, I'd like to see a sequel on this going further into their relationship. Still, fantastic story!

This was awesome! Nicely done!

Thank you everyone for the awesome comments! I love seeing these, you all made my day!:pinkiehappy:

Well god I haven't heard someone use that word in years!

I was so happy to see this updated lol I loved it! :rainbowkiss:

Great chapter :rainbowkiss:


this felt super rushed
but its alright

“I SHIP IT SO BADLY!!!!” yelled Pinkie.

:derpyderp2::pinkiegasp:ME TOOOO!!!!!!!:pinkiehappy::yay::rainbowkiss:

Read the first chapter and already love it :rainbowlaugh::heart::pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

“I SHIP IT SO BADLY!!!!” yelled Pinkie.

I do too but not as bad as Fluttercord but dis is my second favorite ship XD:rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

Lol I wish RD held a grudge so this would have been a longer fanfic :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

This is an amazing story!
But you can't exactly be working on the next chapter while typing something else unless you use 2 devises and can type something without looking:pinkiecrazy:
But again, amazing story:derpytongue2:

I'm really annoying XD

"Then the ship isn't having a smooth sail." Rarity said, shaking her head. Dash perked her head up and stared at her fashionista friend. "Wait, WHAT?!"

Rainbow she's talking about MY ship!!!!

They all decided on that and arrived at the ABC Kitchen, which was very nice and clean. After the girls had ordered, Rainbow left to use the restroom, when she bumped into a very light blue coated stallion.


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