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Young girl who had a love for ponies (G3.5) and is now even more in love with the current version!

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I Quit! · 11:42pm Oct 23rd, 2016

Sorry, I'm quitting. Bai!

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why. da fu@k. DID YOU QUIT!!!!!!

Thanks for the follow! :yay: It means a lot! :scootangel: :rainbowkiss:

Okie, for the humans needing to be ponies part, lemme explain. Only Twi and Sunny went through the portal. Twilight created a little ball for the humans to see what Sunset and Twilight are up to. They're still in the human world.
And for the spell part, I see where you're coming from. They only had 5 elements, not 6. But I sorta thought that since the human 5 got their magic from Twi's crown, they carry both the magic of Twilight and their pony counterparts. It's a stupid theory, but I actually think it can be possible...:facehoof:
Also, I know that Twi was kept in the human world for too long. I just wish I made this story after Legend Of Everfree came out. Pinkie said that the events of the past three movies all happened in one year, ye...:rainbowderp: But I liked to think that the human 5 were in their first year of high school, and that she was kept till the end, being kept there for 3 years. And I guess that made the timeline a little (a lot) off since I made 1,000 years pass in Equestria...:applejackconfused:

For your Story "Ashes" I saw how the Human Mane 5 kept Princess Twilight in Human Equestria for WAY too long, I didn't like how that happened, I mean shouldn't she have been able to know that wasn't her world, heck her special Talent is MAGIC itself, also how could she have been effected by a spell done by the Human Mane 5 when they shouldn't be able to cast a spell without all 6 elements. Another thing if the Human's go to Equestria shouldn't they have changed into ponies just like how ponies change into humans when they go through the portal?

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