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A long time ago, I created with abandon. I thought those times were behind me... It's time to pick up the pen once more...


Twilight returns to Ponyville after a visit with Celestia to find all her friends missing and a strange force affecting everypony's minds. Now it's up to her to figure out where this magic is coming from and put a stop to it. And no amount of gold, humans, true love, auditions, or general happiness is going to stop her!

...And why won't everypony stop singing?

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And Trixie as Ursula is awesome. Also: MR BEARSY!!!

This has the potential to be insanely funny :eeyup:

Make it so.:trixieshiftright:

Why do I have the feeling that Kingdom Hearts is somehow involved in the creation of this fanfiction? Other than that, MOAR please.

Why are singing ponies unusual? They already sing. :rainbowhuh:

"My Little Disney: the Movie"? Sounds like this person I subscribed to on Youtube, I'll check it--HOLY CHEESE! Daga, you're on Fimfiction? Sweet! Reading!

EDIT: Great so far! It's very interesting. I'm thinking maybe Celestia's just being a troll again. :trollestia: Because when has THAT theory not been used? Heh. My only carping, though, is this:

“Yes, all successfully helped foals!” Trixie continued. “So sad, so true! They come flocking to my wagon, crying ‘Spells, Trixie please!’. And does the Great and Powerful Trixie help them? Yes I do.”

“Now it’s happened once or twice, somepony couldn’t pay the price. And I’m afraid I’ve had to rake them ‘cross the coals.”

When changing paragraphs, and the same character is still speaking, you don't add in the final quotation mark for the quote at the end of the paragraph. Only add in the end quotation mark when they're done talking. If what I wrote is confusing (I had trouble writing that down!), here's what I mean:

“Yes, all successfully helped foals!” Trixie continued. “So sad, so true! They come flocking to my wagon, crying ‘Spells, Trixie please!’. And does the Great and Powerful Trixie help them? Yes I do.

“Now it’s happened once or twice, somepony couldn’t pay the price. And I’m afraid I’ve had to rake them ‘cross the coals.”

You always keep the beginning quotation, which lets you know they're still talking. Like I said, very small, but considering this will have plenty songs in it, and characters going on a bit with it, this should be considered. Nonetheless, loving it. It's like a forced musical--BUT WITH DISNEY SONGS. And Big Mac singing "Reflection"? Take a like, damn it! But what was the song Pinkie was singing? Doesn't sound familiar, though I should say I haven't seen every single Disney movie or heard all their songs.

Ok so far i have picked out Mary Poppins with the song 'Step in time' and The Little Mermaid with the last bit with Trixie and Lyra. :derpytongue2: I so laugh if Spike is a remix of Stitch.

So... ah.... hmm. Not a whole lot of comedy in this one. I've added the romance tag almost solely because of this chapter, but it is far from the only pairing that will appear. I swear this is only a break from the funny; the next chapter is going to be hilarious to write!
I've also changed up how the story looks, putting all the singing bits in italics. Does it look better this way? Or should I go back to just normal font?

If you have Lyra or somepony sing "When i'm human" from Princess and the Frog i will hug you:pinkiehappy:

That was really... Interesting. But you are pulling from every place in the Disney Universe aren't you? I mean, some places have songs that need to just be left in the dark than the others, and some just need to be sung out loud. If you catch my drift. Keep up the good work. It's looking great!

*squee*:pinkiehappy: Read list will consume you! I'll be back with a real opinion later! :raritystarry:

I HATE sparity :facehoof:
Other than that well done :):scootangel:

Actually, there's a plot related reason I'm using Sparity in this. It's not just my personal opinion, there is a specific reason why I can use SpikexRarity and not any other pairing. It shouldn't be to hard to figure out as the story goes along.:raritywink:
...Although... by the same token I probably shouldn't be including LyraxBonBon... bah, I'm putting my foot down with that one! In it goes!:twilightsmile:

Good work! Er, if you don't mind, could you please make a list of what songs are being sung, so I could read them with valid tunes?:twilightsheepish:

Sure thing! So far I've made mention to, in order:
Step in Time, from Mary Poppins
Reflection, from Mulan
Poor Unfortunate Souls, from the Little Mermaid
Heaven's Light, from the Hunchback of Notre Dame
and Almost There, from the Princess and the Frog.

So I tried to send this story in to Equestria Daily, but it got automatically sent back because of "Punctuation errors". Can anyone tell me what that means? I'm fine fixing whatever I'm doing wrong, if someone can just point out what that is.

Do you think you could put a link to the appropriate my little Disney video in the words where the song starts so we can read to the tune?

Glad you used italics; honestly, it makes it easier to tell the difference between singing and speaking. And thanks for telling us the songs you used. See, I never saw Mary Poppins... I'm probably going to get slaughtered for that, but whatever. I'm curious to see how this goes, but I STILL want to say it's Trollestia. Just because I want to. Hehe! :twilightsmile:

You won me at Step in Time, but THIS IS GOLD! KEEP IT UP! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I practically sang along with Rarity and Spike. That song was my favorite!

I really like this so far, but I've got a weakness for musical stories. :pinkiehappy:

You are a writing genius
I have never been good with song lyrics and this story poves you are awesome at it :yay:

I have a dark idea....
Perhaps BonBon will be singing "Hellfire" about Lyra.

Also, I have faved this story.

Can we see BonBon singing Hellfire?

Yuss. Win. Rarity singing "Almost There" parody - absolutely stunning, darling! :raritystarry:

Lyra as a human and Twilight singing "Nightmare Before Christmas" song?! ULTIMATE WIN.

I am the who when you cry "who's there"

Hmm… Could this possibly be my doing?

This story is AMAZING!!!! Keep up the good work!:twilightsmile:

Mary Poppins Step in Time, Trixie and Lyra as Ursula and Ariel respectively in the Little Mermaid singing Poor Unfortunate Souls, sorry, Foals. Nice pun, nice lyrics.

So Almost There a la Sparity, interesting...

So Twilight is singing "What Does It Mean?" also known as Jack's Obession and Pinkie as Genie singing "Prince Ali" with Lyra as Ali, or in this case it's "Human Lyra"... I love it. MORE DAMMIT! And please do a flashbac of when Luna became Nightmare Moon when this happened before and she sings Be Prepared, it's be perfect!

I wonder what Bon Bon is going to do?

I don't understand why Twilight has a problem with singing. I'd live in a world where you randomly break into song any day!:heart:

I love this fic so much! Shame it's on hiatus.

Well, considering I read everything aloud, my voice hurts... can't wait for more though!:pinkiehappy:

Please, someone anyone give me a list of the songs that have been ponified :fluttercry:

This is great! Next, make Diamond Tiara sing "I want Fabulous!" Or make Rainbow Dash sing "I Can Go the Distance!"

Does this mean that Lyra is naked in a human form or am I just over thinking things

Love the idea any villain song is good but I want more for they shall be mine mine mine

Bon Bon it may seem impossible but it's the gospel truth

Well Ariel was half naked when she became human.

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