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• I'm one book short of a trashy paperback trilogy, written entirely in crayon. "Dense and vague, yet unimaginably interesting." - Regidar.


• Twilight Sparkle judges the annual Ponyville writing contest, and quietly wishes she was illiterate. A Christmas gift exchange for ThoriumIsBestActinid, and proofread by the amazing LonelyBrony ages ago.

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I get that you're laying on the Purple Prose as a joke since Twilight has to read a bunch of bad stories. But, honestly I think you took it too far and this is actually kind of hard to read.

By the name of the chapter i was expecting a sad chase by zombies told counterwise.
Poor Twilight, I could feel what she was feeling, and Lyra, I mean Diamond, or does she rather just Mint now? Was she abducted by Chutulu from one of those rare books or what? Something fishy is going on here. :applejackunsure:


Yep, totally. Much like what Twilight had to endure - clumsy, wordy awfulness - so was the description of her task.

HM. I've read this too much to find it difficult. It stutters a little, and a sentence here and there MIGHT be a tad redundant... as in yes, there's a crap load of redundancy.

Why post it then, one might ask?

This is a training ground; I cannot improve if I don't at least submit something to be criticized. This story does have a purpose, and it shall be amusing... though its been sitting in my "unpublished" list since forever and frankly it needed some fresh air. Seriously, the place smelled like cat food and dryer lint.

Thank you for the time and comments, as always and ever.



ZOMBIES! Mint is a bitch, eh. Every other author portrays Lyra as suave and obsessed with an imaginary humanity - I wanted to offer something different.

YAY TROLLIE! Thanks for dropping by!


Interesting. I'll definitely track this... silently, of course. And I can't help but wonder if Lyra's Diamond's (no, not that Diamond) name change has any meta(ish) significance. Like a joke or homage to something.

2471551 No, that's just how she normally writes. Look at Misinterpreted or Once Upon a Best Pony, or even one of her many blog posts and you'll see the same thing.

2471627 What's more, PET zombies for the matter, which made me whish for more Fluttershy, which let me expecting more Chutulu for the end :flutterrage:
you know what? I juts need to write that now :facehoof: see you later.

Being hardly a world-builder myself, I can relate to Lyra's -- um, Diamond's -- plight.

This is going to be cruel, wicked fun, I just know it.

My dear you have the ability to spin words like few others, a like and fave, and heart for you.:heart:

2471741, 2471741, 2471782, 2472836 & 2473218 -

Hey you lot! Thanks for coming by!

This is a new story, yet I've been slaving at it for months, and... honestly, the name reflects the agonizing torment I've felt for not being able to make it make any sense. It still doesn't really, but I have an arc in place. The blessed LonelyBrony went over it and I made the changes he suggested, though it's full of awful grammatical holes - I just couldn't leave it any longer. I'd rather it get torn to pieces than never see the light of day, so... enjoy the carcass!



I'm just glad you got the references.

:raritywink: - You win a backrub! With hooves it's a torturous agony to endure, but... well, a victory is a victory. Hold still, darling!

I sense there is some social commentary going on here... :raritywink:

Entertaining! Made me feel a bit dumb, but not in an overly bad way, per say... :twistnerd:


Yes, this may possibly possess some middling hints of sourness. In fact, it will likely become a venting ground.

You know, so there's no eruptions. Again.


Ah, what a beautiful metaphor for fanfiction.

Yet, unlike Lyra, I rather like my mistakes. I like that people can see how I've improved and grown. I also like my followers (lol) and I'd surely lose them If I ever started anew.

Ironically, RedBrony is not my usual internet alias. In fact I made that name specifically as a pen name... in case I totally soiled that name, I could start anew with my usual name. Hehe.

I am now going to attempt to follow the writings of one Twifight Sparkill. I admit I have some reservations concerning this endeavor. Said specimen in question is known for a fact to be a highly literate creature capable of spinning even the simplest of phrases into a poetically terrifying conglomeration of only the finest words belonging to the English language.

*Takes a deep breath.* The plunge awaits.

EDIT: Twifight, what on Earth have you done. I'm proud to say that I understood what was going on (I think), although it certainly taxed my poor brain to its limits. I wasn't aware I'd upgraded from FimFiction to Google Scholar.

I can't help but shake the feeling that such advanced methods of speech are rather unbefitting of the ponyfolk, especially for one as young as Spike. Regardless, it was most entertaining. I also totally read the conversation between Twilight and Lyra in a British accent, for reasons I can't fully explain. Too funny. Although, with the number of suicidal quips, I almost feel that a 'dark' tag is necessitated lol.

Amusing error:

rubbed absently at her tired eyes whilst strainin

She busy readin'. She strainin'.

I get the feeling that you might be making fun of us Twifight...


Fun is an ideal that only exists in the moment.

I'm a fuddy-duddy.


To be fair, I do sort of imagine Twilight to be the kind of pony who would be prone to having a very verbose style of inner monologue and speech, especially after having to deal with stress, even more especially if that stress was due to large amounts of "literary crap". Under such duress, I could see it "devolving" into "lavender Unicorn" levels.

If you are going to go with this "justification" (and you don't have to of course, this is only my take), it may be a good idea to make sure other characters who most certainly wouldn't (like Rainbow Dash or Applejack) "indulge" in this for this sort of thing when talking, well, don't. Plus, it is sort of funny to see Twilight thinking and talking in "big fancy words and sentences" while everypony else is still talking "normally".

BTW, even though, to me, Spike doesn't seem like the type to go into "excess verbosity", he does seem capable of understanding it, probably because of how much time he's spent with Twilight.

Wow the language isn't exactly... light. (Flicks through concise English dictionary, nope, checks in complete English dictionary). Realise my vocabulary is a bit lacking.

Blunt suicidal thoughts surrounded by purple prose. Clever. Or at least I think it is idfk.

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