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A long time ago, I created with abandon. I thought those times were behind me... It's time to pick up the pen once more...


WARNING: The Equestrian branch of the Foundation database is CLASSIFIED.

Access by unauthorized personnel is strictly prohibited. Perpetrators will be tracked, located, and detained.


Decrypting files...

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Do you know which rules? I looked through them very carefully, but I didn't see any that this contradicts.

I'm writing this not as the normal Foundation, but rather one that already exists in the MLP universe. There shouldn't be any reference to any other universes... save for one rather obvious exception that will be coming soon...:raritywink:

Zecora? Makes sense, she lives in the Everfree. I wonder if the castle of the two sisters is where the investigators are hiding.

oooooh i am liking this series is going keep it up, and don't be afraid to come up with your own scps.

Best part about the scps so far is I can actually believe an scp like foundation in the mlp universe containing these objects.

An entry on the memory stone would be interesting. I could see at least one researcher arguing for its use as the ultimate amnestic.

i would also classify this as mematic hazzard for that last bit

Which alicorn did they use? Why were they a D-Class!?

That's... a good point. I should fix that. Thanks for catching that for me!

I'm guessing that SMILE was this universe's version of The Global Occult Coalition.

Right on the money. Based on what we've seen of SMILE, they seem to already be doing what the Foundation does: secretly capturing dangerous creatures and locking them in cages in a secure location. I knew they would need to be addressed at some point and I doubt this will be the only time they'll get referenced.

Hey, does Dragon Lord Ember know that we have this? It doesn't seem right. I'm pretty sure that we need to give this back to her right away! --- Head Researcher S ____ the D _____

Spike's a head researcher. huh.

Huh, I was expecting that Sweetie Drops would be a double agent, only sending things that SMILE would have difficulty containing to the Foundation.

I don't want to say one way or the other. I'd prefer it be ambiguous who's on the council right now.
But either way, you're right. The language there does need to be toned down a bit. It's not quite fitting for the Foundation.

Probably at first, but remember that we were told in Slice of Life that SMILE had been shuttered. With the organization gone, the Foundation would be all that's left.

Plus this is a Foundation report. If she really was a double agent for SMILE instead, it wouldn't be written like that on the Foundation's reports, would it? :twilightsmile:

Ah, yeah. So if I get this correctly. Sweetie Drops worked for SMILE at first, then was brought into the Foundation where she was a double agent for SMILE, SMILE went under and she continued working for the Foundation. SMILE returned under new management and offered Sweetie Drops her old job back. Thinking it would be like old times she accepts only to find out things have changed for the worse and decides to work for the Foundation without telling anyone about what she's doing.

Am I right?

I mean... we saw what they were doing with those creatures in Tartaros in season 8. Just stacking the things in too-small crates on top of each other. And the bugbear was there so we know for a fact that was SMILE doing it. Not even the Foundation is that cruel, and WOW is that a sentence that's weird to write!

To be fair, almost every cruel act committed by the Foundation was to prevent something far worse from happening. And let's face it. Most D-Class probably have it coming.

Addendum 2: As of __/_/____, every time SCP-EQ-007 takes the form of a Power Ponies comic, the character of [DATA EXPUNGED]. SEE SCP-EQ-___

I smell foreshadowing...

I wonder when Fluttershy's 2 SCPs are going to show up.

Nice take on the Power Ponies comic episode. You could have kept it as just a superhero comic book, but changing forms is a good idea. Keeps the potential forms it can varied and interesting.

I enjoy SCP content and this story really adapts the Foundations file layout with the magical objects seen in the show. One item I'd definitely recommend is the Inspiration Manifestation book/spell. I imagine it's potentially one of those magical artifacts that reforms itself when out of sight. The magic did leave Rarity as I recall, so likely it went off and made another stone book for itself?

D-Class are always an iffy subject when it comes to the SCP Foundation. Sometimes they are clones since even with crime rates at their worst, there wouldn't be enough people on death row or lifelong prisoners to fill the ranks of every Foundation facility. I imagine that number is even lower in a world like Equestria.

I think SMILE should be thought of more like the soviet based GOI: GRU Division "P". A defunct GoI with various associated anomalies related to their activities. The GOC are still very much active in the SCP universe and its various canons, with a more 'safer to destroy it' mentality. Not that they don't also contain certain anomalies instead. I think it's a good idea to refer to SMILE now and again, it makes the world of these SCP files feel a bit more alive.

Wonder how it will be if it became a Fifty Shades Of Hay... :raritywink:

Addendum 2: As of __/_/____, every time SCP-EQ-007 takes the form of a Power Ponies comic, the character of [DATA EXPUNGED]. SEE SCP-EQ-___

I don't understand this...

Leaving myself an opening for later. One of the many fun aspects of SCPs is that they frequently have connections to each other. I'll be coming back to put a proper number on that item and turning it into a link when I get to the chapter that new SCP object is featured in.


Just thought it's inside joke from the episode or something. But if it the connect between SCP. I understand that very well. After all. SCP-682 is one of my favourite (Popular test subject reptile). XP

Wait... so Daring Do is an agent of the SCP Foundation?

Huh, I would have expected Daring Do to be a POI since she brings these artifacts to museums and Ahuiztol to be a part of the Foundation, since he tries to prevent them from being stolen. He is a guardian after all.



Daring Do being an agent of the Foundation fits rather nicely actually. The Foundation has several canons and in quite a few of them, they use experts and agents that are not full-time employees of the Foundation itself. Such as the specialist they recruited to trap SCP-2845 - The Deer. A very good example of this is Lord Theodore Thomas Blackwood, often abbreviated to Lord Blackwood a.k.a SCP-1867. Who was an adventurer like Daring Do, exploring and often encountering the anomalous. This included trips to France to hunt SCP-682, visits to Mars and the SCP-093 Mirror world with the giant humanoid entities, which he was actually able to design a weapon to kill/dissolve.


Huh, I would have expected Daring Do to be a POI since she brings these artifacts to museums and Ahuiztol to be a part of the Foundation, since he tries to prevent them from being stolen. He is a guardian after all.

To be fair, when have we ever seen the museum she's taking these artifacts to? For that matter, when has anything Indiana Jones dug up in the movies made it to a museum? Technically all we have is her word that the things she finds isn't going to some clandestine organization instead of academia. And writing pulp stories about them is a useful tool in making ponies believe these things don't actually exist, like Daring Do herself, which means less ponies trying to find them...

And as far as Ahuizotl being a guardian, that really only came up in the last episode he was in and it never really gelled with how he'd been used in all his other episodes. Especially in this particular episode, where he was actively using the rings. Between the two, I just felt his actions were less Foundation-like and made a call.

..... oh no! I just realized that Flurry Heart will be designated an SCP. D:

Also Princess Luna will likely find some Foundation MTF ponies in the dreamscape trying to restore the nightmare the pony had and begin interrogating them in the real world/isolated dreamscape

Grogar being a SCP actually makes a lot of sense. Though I wonder, is Pinkie Pie classified as an SCP

Human 05-1: There is nothing in the entire multiverse more dangerous than SCP-682.

Pony 05-1: Hold my cider.

This universe needed its own SCP-682 level threat. And to be honest... I barely made up anything in this chapter. Nearly all of this is something we've seen Grogar do (G1) or been told he's done (G4). When you gather up everything and put it all together, he's a terrifying guy!

Grogar as an SCP makes me think if it was Able, but had the mind of The Scarlet King. Like indestructible, but always scheming. Love the way that you described him

Also, congrats on the feature

Funny how they don't mention the pony who actually made the cure.

Your icon makes that finishing statement so much better.

That is rather terrifying all spelled out like that.

Scarlet King ain't that big anymore lol. He's gonna throw down and lose against the ultimate force of good SCP-2137: Forensic Ghost Tupac someday.

If Chimeras was a thing that byproduct of SCP-EQ-009. Should it not label as SCP-EQ-009-a?

That's where things get a little sticky. As my editor pointed out to me, SCP is all about containing things that are anomalous by their very nature. And in a setting like MLP, what actually qualifies as "anomalous" is a little trickier to determine. The ability to teleport wherever you want with a thought would make you a keter threat in the human world, but that's an everyday ability in MLP.

A good example is earlier in the week I was writing up a chapter based off of Twilight's time travel in the season 2 episode "It's About Time". The basic premise was that any unicorn who attended Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns would, at some point in their lives, get a visit from a future version of themselves. They would then feel memeticly compelled to return to the school, enter the Starswirl wing, and discover a scroll containing a spell that wasn't there previously that would bring them back in time and complete the loop. You know, one of those cool area of effect SCPs that could have some tie-ins to other Starswirl related SCPs.

The issue, as my editor pointed out, was that the time travel spell was just that - a spell. There's nothing all that strange or anomalous about it, especially since it was just one scroll in a whole library of time travel stuff. I was letting my eagerness to write a cool story get in the way of the fact that in the MLP universe, there was nothing going on in that episode that would be viewed as strange. At least not in the way I was trying to make it.

So as far as chimeras go, you have to remember how LONG it's been. Even a conservative estimate puts Grogar's last known activity at 500 years ago. Tirek's comment in the season 9 premier says that Grogar was doing his thing when Equestria was just a collection of huts, which put it thousands of years ago. And while he may have made all the hybrid monsters like Cerberus, manticores, the actual chimera, cockatrice, and bugbears (Just going by the animals that got defused in "School Razed Part 2" when the mane 6 escaped Tartaros), there has been thousands of years of them living in the wild since then. Ponies know them, fear them admittedly, but there's nothing all that strange about them anymore.

So quite a few monsters are probably not going to be SCP objects in this story, simply because in the pony universe there's nothing all that anomalous about them. Same deal with things like unicorn spell casting and the ability to pick things up with hooves. Unless ponies find something strange about a thing, it doesn't really need to get its own designation.


I'd say stick a pin in that idea. Even if time travel may be something thoroughly explained by study and scientific/magical experimentation and thus non-anomalous. It doesn't mean you couldn't use a non-time looped item. For example, Starlight Glimmer's time travel scroll? Maybe since it breaks the known rules of time travel, it could always make a reappearance? Or after it was damaged it now causes other time-related phenomena, like speeding up time or slowing it down? Maybe that whole time travel/history altering incident could be an SCP. Similar to SCP-5000?

Other Starlight Glimmer related SCP's could be that 'Staff of Sameness' she was using to hide the fact she was the one responsible for removing cutie marks, not the staff. Maybe that staff had some other anomalous effect? Like making ponies more agreeable/gullible, hence why she was able to trick so many ponies and steal their marks? Or maybe it makes ponies think the same, hence why Starlight was able to sway so many ponies to her way of thinking? Though it's not 100% effective and Starlight wasn't aware of its anomalous qualities.

Minor note I like that you include the EQ for each numbered item. Similar to the other foreign branches of the SCP community have letters like IT or JP etc depending on the country of origin.


SCP-682 really isn't a world-ending threat as he is now, in fact he's relatively easy to contain. It's keeping him contained permanently or eliminating him that is proving difficult. I think Grogar does fit as a potential world-ending SCP as he is described in this chapter. I'm assuming that two of the additional created SCP's are probably his Missing Bell and The City of Tambleon?

I'd suggest adding in Sombra as another World-level threat, he's come back at least twice. I assume he probably survived and returned again, only the Foundation was ready for him and captured him. Maybe imply he's like SCP-076/Able or DC's Solomon Grundy, always managing to come back to life to try and fulfil his plans. Namely enslave the world and using his Dark Crystal magic in the process?

It wpuld be nice to have a entry fpr the Tree of Harmony, Discord and the Cutie Map along with the Castle.

The Cutie Map is obviosly sentient and send specific ponies to specific places in order to serve a hidden agenda. It send the Mane 6 to Our Town and send Starlight to fix the problem between Luna and Celestia, if nothing was done in both situationa it could have the potential to evolve deadly consequeneces.

Also it would bw nice to include somethings of the comic books, suach as the Umbra and the Nightmare. Thw Umbra are a race that was imprisioned somewhere in the frozen wasteland of the Crystal Empire and send Sombra as a infiltrator (they have the same abilities of Sombra) to release them but never done that for a reason or another, while the Nightmare is a non-corporeal entity that stalk the minds of powerful creatures to posses them.

I think the Cutie Map would definitely qualify as a Thaumiel object, given it actively helps ponykind?

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