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There are too many objects that threaten the safety of Equestria. They must be contained.

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SCP-EQ-005 - The Queen Of Riddles

Item #: SCP-EQ-005

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-EQ-005 is to be kept in a holding cell measuring 30m by 30m at Site __. The room is to contain standard utilities including bedding, toiletries, and a sink with mirror, and the walls are to be triple reinforced with soundproofing spells. At subject's request, the room is to be kept at an average temperature of 30oC. Should a Contest Event (See description) restructure all or part of the facility, subject should be moved immediately to a secondary prepared location.

Subject is to be fed three times a day with food from the canteen and provided with drinkable liquids six times a day. Subject has expressed a preference for grape or date derived wine; access of this is permitted as a guarantor of good behavior.

Guards assigned to SCP-EQ-005 are to be equipped with ear protection capable of white noise generation. Under no circumstances are personnel to engage SCP-EQ-005 in conversation without at least three (3) level three researchers present, two of which are in to be in soundproof rooms. Anypony suspected of engaging the subject should be quarantined for 24-hours until assessing staff are satisfied SCP-EQ-005's influence isn't present. Personnel reviewing audio test logs should also be made subject of assessment.

All staff assigned to SCP-EQ-005 must be trained in logical and abstract problem solving skills. Reference materials on all subjects are to be kept in a library adjacent to holding cell and restocked regularly. Assigned staff are required to keep refreshed on materials during off hours.

Description: SCP-EQ-005 is a large female sphinx of indeterminate age. Subject appears biologically immortal, due to evidence acquired prior to discovery and the lack of physical change noted during Foundation containment. She is to be provided with an annual physical examination to monitor if changes in health do occur. SCP-EQ-005's temperament has been described as aloof and demanding, though records indicate it has improved much since her containment in ____.

Testing has determined that SCP-EQ-005 possesses a unique form of magic that allows her to impose her will upon her environment. In order to use this power, SCP-EQ-005 must vocalize her intentions in the presence of at least one other sapient entity. Vocalizations, hereafter labelled as Contest Events, appear to need to be in the form of a challenge to another entity and contain both a trial to be overcome and a prize upon successful completion. 90% of the time a Contest Event takes the form of being required to answer a riddle or puzzle, although physical feats have been known to be requested. SCP-EQ-005 has claimed a preference for intellectual challenges; this behavior is to be encouraged to lessen strain on facility.

When a Contest Event is engaged, local laws of reality are instantly rearranged to accommodate the rules specified in the challenge. Effects include but are not limited to restructure of the surrounding area to incorporate obstacles and traps, suppression of abilities such as pegusi's ability to fly or unicorn's use of magic, generation of nearly sun-level heat and energy, and alterations to time of day or ambient light sources. These effects appear to be permanent; surroundings altered via known Contest Events continue to persist despite the passage of centuries in certain cases. Testing upon residual magic has revealed traits similar in structure to known samples of Chaos magic, though dynamically opposite. Combined with how it can only be harnessed through strict rules has lead to its tentative classification as Order magic.

Successful completion of Contest Events usually sends SCP-EQ-005 into fits of anger, but she appears incapable of reneging on the promised deal. When asked about this, SCP-EQ-005 seemed shocked that anypony would consider such an act.
Let's not bring this up again. No point in giving her dangerous ideas. --- Head Researcher T___ T_____

Loss of a Contest Event imposes a similar condition upon all sapient entities who listened to the original vocalization. Subjects will behave in the manner demanded of by SCP-EQ-005 and will act with confusion at the thought of disobeying, even if the actions or behavior would be antithetical to the subject prior to the Event. Active participation is not required; merely hearing the vocalization will include the listener in the Event and subject them to its conditions. Amnestic spells have proven ineffective in removing the geas.

SCP-EQ-005 was first discovered in T_______, a well-established stronghold of the GoI SMILE. During the group's dissolution, embedded Agent S______ D____ led a team in the retrieval of many SCP objects, including SCP-EQ-005. SMILE records obtained with the subject indicate she had been in their possession for ___ years. Despite length of containment, subject maintained her haughty attitude. Upon discovery by Foundation agents, subject engaged in a Contest Event with the geas of letting her go free. Fortunately Agent S______ D____ had heard it before and was able to answer in a satisfactory fashion. SCP-EQ-005 then became docile and allowed herself to be transferred to her current location.

SCP-EQ-005 has engaged in ___ Contest Events since initial containment. The following is a partial list of notable Events. For a full and updated list of Contest Events, see Log Report RD-718.

Subject: Various researchers and Foundation staff
Demand: To be released from imprisonment.
Riddle: I have a golden head. I have a golden tail. But I have no body.
Answer: A gold bit.
Notable Feature: Has been used 33 times to date. Appears to be a favorite riddle and one of the only ones that have been used more than once.

Subject: D-6766
Demand: Go away, it's late.
Riddle: My tines are long. My tines are short. My tines end ere. My first report.
Answer: Lightning.
Notable Feature: D-6766 sent into containment chamber to fix an issue with sink while SCP-EQ-005 was asleep in hope of avoiding an Event. SCP-EQ-005 initiated Event without appearing to wake up from nap.
What if she'd demanded her release from the guy? From now on, only accredited researchers are allowed in 005's chamber, no matter how demeaning the task! --- Head Researcher T___ T_____

Subject: Head Researcher T___ T_____
Demand: Mirrors, golden finery, and to be treated like the Queen she is.
Riddle: What has four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs in the evening?
Answer: A human.
Notable Feature: Subject appears to have confidential knowledge of SCP-EQ-014. When questioned after Event, she professed confusion and stated "That's just how that riddle goes.". Research into how SCP-EQ-005 creates her riddles ongoing.

Subject: 46 consecutive Foundation staff
Demand: To be released from imprisonment.
Riddle: He who makes it does not keep it. He who takes it does not know it. He who knows it does not want it. He who gathers it must destroy it. What is it?
Answer: Counterfeit money.
Notable Feature: Near successful escape attempt. Riddle stumped all staff assigned to SCP-EQ-005, who then were impelled to escort her from the premises. Several task forces attempted to intercept, but failed to answer when presented with the same riddle and joined SCP-EQ-005's entourage. Just prior to exit from facility SCP-EQ-005's group came upon a janitor, who successfully provided an answer and removed the geas from all Foundation staff. Containment was quickly reestablished. Janitor was discovered to regularly engage in underground gambling and had acquired a large debt; summarily released from his duties as possible security risk.

Subject: Head Researcher T___ T_____
Demand: A proper throne.
Riddle: I have legs but walk not. A strong back but work not. Two good arms but reach not. A seat but sit and tarry not.
Answer: A chair or throne. (Discovered after the Event)
Notable Feature: Upon completion of riddle, SCP-EQ-005 blushed, clapped a paw over her eyes, muttered "Never mind,", and sulked in the corner of her cell for the remainder of the day. Only known premature abortion of an Event.

It has been discovered that parts of this file, in particular the list of previous Contest Events, have been redacted by somepony other than its researchers. When confronted, SCP-EQ-005 did not hide that she'd done it and told us we shouldn't be spoiling good riddles. SCP-EQ-005 has not been forthcoming about how she knew the contents of this report or how she was able to alter it.

Until this ability can be properly studied, I recommend ____ _______ __ ___________ __________________ _____________ ______. ___ ______ _ __ ______ __________ ___ ______ ___________ ___ _________ __________ _____________ __ _ _____ ___. _____ _____________ ________________ ___ __ __ _____ _____________ __ _____ _______ ________ __ ___.
--- Head Researcher T___ T_____