• Published 26th Jan 2021
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SCP Foundation - Equestrian Files - DagaYemar

There are too many objects that threaten the safety of Equestria. They must be contained.

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SCP-EQ-001 - Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

Item #: SCP-EQ-001

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Object is to be kept in a crystal case within a secured steel safe that is equipped with a combination lock, set to the code [REDACTED]. Safe must be adhered to a solid wall, but otherwise can be stored in a standard Foundation locker. Access to the object is to be granted only by approval of at least one (1) Level 3 personnel or higher and requires an escort of at least three (3) non-pony security guards at all times. At no point may a single pony be alone in the object's presence. Transport of the object must be done in it's crystal case; at no point may the object come into contact with a pony outside of testing. Due to the nature of the object, testing may only be preformed in isolated buildings that have been structurally reinforced for extra durability and equipped with an anti-magic bubble that surrounds the structure completely.

As of [REDACTED], D-Class are no longer allowed to test SCP-EQ-001. All testing must be done by a Research Tech of at least Level 2. A minimum of ten (10) twenty (20) thirty (30) non-pony guards must be stationed around the testing area for the duration of the experiment. Subjects, testers, and guards must be affixed with a tracking bracelet at all times object is outside of its container.

Description: SCP-EQ-001 is a metal amulet comprised of a number of shaped rubies set into a steel-like material that has so far proven unidentifiable. The whole has been shaped into the likeness of the head, upper torso, and wings of an alicorn. All attempts to acquire samples of the metal, or pry the gems from their sockets, has to date been unsuccessful. The amulet is connected to a necklace comprised of the same material, and appears to be able through unknown means to expand or contract to fit the neck of its wearer. The phrase "TO THE STRONGEST" is inscribed in Old Ponish on the inside of the amulet in small letters.

SCP-EQ-001 only displays its anomalous properties when worn by a pony, hereafter known as an instance of SCP-EQ-001-a. Instances exhibit heightened abilities and levels of energy far in excess of what they are capable of prior to putting on SCP-EQ-001, often going without sleep in preference to continued practice of new abilities. This growth appears to be cumulative, as ability continues to grow the longer they are in contact with the amulet. No upper limit to ability growth has been observed, mainly due to difficulty in containment in late stages of usage. SEE TESTING LOG. Instances do not need to wear the amulet to activate its effects; merely touching it will result in the initial process of growth.

Instances of SCP-EQ-001-a also display increased feelings of megalomania, combativeness, and [DATA EXPUNGED], as well as an equivalent decrease in empathy. Originally thought to be a natural response to having one's abilities increased, it has been reclassified as a property of SCP-EQ-001 after repeated testing showed these feelings increasing at a constant rate among all test subjects. These feelings often result in instances seeking out other ponies and attempting to prove their superiority to them, often resulting in the reinforcement of these new emotions. It is theorized that these emotions will eventually grow to such points that they become detrimental to the instance's mental welfare, causing them to be overcome in a contest and lose possession of the amulet. SCP-EQ-001 has passed from hoof to hoof in this manner sporadically in recorded history, and is presumed to be behind [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and the fall of [REDACTED]. Instances show a near crippling compulsion to continue wearing SCP-EQ-001, and become incensed and violent at the thought of removing it even temporarily. Due to its effects, removal of the amulet once sufficient growth in ability has been achieved is difficult.

Instances of SCP-EQ-001-a, upon removal of the amulet, immediately lose all increased abilities and mental deficiencies. Interestingly, recovering instances have been reported to have a marked increase in their empathy. Proposal to use limited exposure to SCP-EQ-001 to increase good will among ponies pending.
Proposal denied. We have far less dangerous ways to make friends. --- O5-1

SCP-EQ-001 was recovered from Ponyville after the events of [REDACTED]. Due to wide exposure of the event and proximity to a number of Ponies of Interest, amnestic spells were deemed inadvisable. Foundation agents in guise of Princess's guards recovered SCP-EQ-001 with the cover story of delivering it to the Royal Library for study. Agent S______ D____ conducted an interview with T_____ afterward and learned that SCP-EQ-001 had been purchased from an antiques store in Canterlot. Agents dispatched to search the store for more anomalous objects discovered the store to have vanished. Connection with the PoI Curio Shopkeepers under investigation.

Testing performed in separate structure outside of Site __. Subjects were given standard Foundation living quarters and asked to put on SCP-EQ-001, and then demonstrate abilities every 24 hours. Materials provided when deemed useful for testing. Head Researcher J___ B__ in charge of tests.

Subject: D-001-1
Species: Earth pony
After 24 hours of exposure: Subject spends most of day pacing living quarters. Upon request, lifted 100 pound block of concrete over head with no visible strain. Requested books, other entertainment devices, and a plant to tend; requests denied. Subject appears bored and restless. Slept nine and a half hours.
After 48 hours of exposure: Subject spends most of day exercising, primarily push-ups and laps around living quarters. Upon request, lifted several 100 pound blocks over head with no visible strain, and asked for more. Requested books, weights, and other exercise equipment; requests denied. Subject appears exuberant about increased strength, and displayed anger when requests were denied. Slept for seven hours and forty minutes.
After 72 hours of exposure: Subject exercises almost constantly, primarily push-ups and laps, occasionally breaking to juggle objects of living quarters such as bed, desk, and chairs. Cracks noted occasionally in concrete floor upon footfalls. Upon request, subject lifted several 100 pound blocks of concrete over hear with one hoof, and then proceeded to juggle them. Demanded exercise equipment; challenged Head Researcher J___ B__ to arm wrestling for items when request denied. Slept for four hours and ten minutes.
After 96 hours of exposure: At 3:14 p.m., subject broke through concrete walls of testing area with bare hooves and attempted to breach containment. Subject proved abnormally resistant to sleep spells and telekinesis. D-001-1 successfully recovered after two hours, resulting in _ injuries.
Notes - Huh, I was expecting D-001-1's talent in farming and plant growth to be affected. We should clarify this first.

Subject: D-001-2
Species: Earth pony
Nearly identical to previous test. Testing log cut for brevity.
After 72 hours of exposure: At 3:47 a. am, D-001-2 kicked down door of living quarters and attempted to breach containment. Recovered after 3 hours, resulting in _ injuries.
Notes - Hypothesis confirmed. SCP-EQ-001 increases general abilities based on species, not individual talents of ponies. Unless otherwise needed, we should only need to record species of D-class for these.

Subject: D-001-3
Species: Pegasus
After 24 hours of exposure: Subject spends most of day restlessly pacing and flying around living quarters. Upon request, used provided cloud to create rain, snow, and lightning with 200% efficiency compared to average weather pony. (Note: D-001-3 has never been trained as a weather pony and did not display talent for it prior to testing). Requested books, games, or "literally anything to do"; requests denied. Slept for ten hours and twenty minutes.
After 48 hours of exposure: Subject spent most of day flying around living quarters, only alighting on the ground for five minutes at a time every 1-2 hours. Subject observer moving at speeds of nearly 35 mph and demonstrated maneuverability sufficient to avoid impact with walls of living quarters at such speeds. Was able to produce a cloud of substantial size out of ambient moisture in the air before test cloud was provided, and produced rain, snow, and lightning from it with 400% efficiency. Demanded a larger test area so that they could "Really show you all what I can do!"; request denied. Slept for five hours and fifteen minutes.
After 72 hours of exposure: At 11:24 a.m., D-001-3 somehow created a tornado with sufficient size to demolish living quarters. D-001-3 breached containment in the ensuing chaos and successfully recovered after 7 hours, ____ km away, resulting in __ injuries.
Notes - These tests are starting to become very costly in terms of personnel. Adding a magic shell around the building to keep these guys from causing more havoc.

Subject: D-001-4
Species: Unicorn
After 24 hours of exposure: Subject spends more of day performing minor feats of magic. Upon request, performed a number of spells including ones the subject had no knowledge of prior to exposure. Requested spell books and an audience; requests denied. Slept for six hours and fifty minutes.
After 48 hours of exposure: Subject spends most of day performing increasingly powerful and dangerous magics. Upon request, declined to perform any magic until Head Researcher J___ B__ proved he could perform superior magic. (Note: J___ B__ is not a unicorn). D-001-4 became incensed after request denied and teleported an unknown distance, breaching containment. D-001-4 recovered 6 days later in the town of [REDACTED] where they'd [DATA EXPUNGED], resulting in __ agent injuries and _ civilian injuries.
Notes - Probably should have seen that coming. Adding an anti-magic element to the barrier. Any more missteps like this one and the 05 Council will have our heads.

Subject: D-001-5
Species: Crystal pony
After 24 hours of exposure: Subject spends day pacing living quarters and napping in bed. Upon request, demonstrated no abnormal changes in either strength, intelligence, or durability. Requested books, paper and pencils, and games; requests denied. Slept for eight hours and thirty minutes.
After 48 hours of exposure: Subject spends most of day pacing living quarters and staring morosely at walls. Upon request, demonstrated no abnormal abilities despite more thorough suggested activities performed. Requested type writer, paper and pens, and games; requests denied. Slept for nine hours.
Test cut for brevity
After 168 hours of exposure: Subject spends day restlessly pacing living quarters. Upon request, displays no abnormal abilities. Requests to go home; request approved. Test aborted and amnestic spell applied.
Notes - Curious. Wonder why she wasn't affected. Perhaps a certain percentage of ponies are immune?

Subject: D-001-6
Species: Zebra
Test results same as D-001-5. Test cut for brevity.

Subject: D-001-7
Species: Griffon
Test results same as D-001-5. Test cut for brevity.
Notes - Pretty sure by this point that 001 only affects earth ponies, pegasi, and unicorns. Further tests on non-equine races deemed unnecessary. Though I do have one more idea to try...

Subject: ________ ____, volunteer
Species: Alicorn
After 5 hours of exposure: Subject proceeded to [DATA EXPUNGED]. D-001-8 recovered after 19 hours, resulting in __ personnel injuries, __ civilian injuries, and _____ bits in damages to the city of [REDACTED]. Widespread use of amnestic spells and a cover story of a wild monster attack deployed. J___ B__ demoted to Assistant Researcher and removed from project.
Notes - WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA?!?! --- O5 Council.

Addendum: To date, __ ponies have approached Site __, claiming something drew them to the location. Ponies interviewed claimed they had no idea what exactly they were looking for, but that it belonged to them and would make their lives better if they had it. Dosed with amnestic spells and sent on their way with no apparent side effects; ponies released this way have yet to return a second time. SCP-EQ-001's reclassification to Euclid status pending review.