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SCP Foundation - Equestrian Files - DagaYemar

There are too many objects that threaten the safety of Equestria. They must be contained.

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SCP-EQ-009 - Father Of Monsters

Item#: SCP-EQ-009

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Containment cell is to be located 200 m below sea level, tunneled out of solid bedrock. Walls of cell are to be reinforced with 20 cm thick metal paneling and inspected regularly for structural integrity. Sole access to the cell is to be achieved by teleportation through a series of self-contained caves spaced roughly fifty (50) meters apart, carved in an indirect line to hinder potential escape.

Containment area is to be constructed with the following components:

  • A ten (10) meter high fortified outer wall surrounding the facility to ward against outside threats, staffed by security personnel trained in close-quarters combat and monstrous animal control.
  • Several support facilities and living quarters for onsite staff.
  • Air channels eight (8) cm in diameter bored into containment cell to provide ventilation, equipped with mesh screens every twenty (20) m and checked for damage daily.
  • Eight (8) Anti-magic field generators stationed at regular intervals around perimeter, capable of encompassing entire facility in case of containment breach.
  • A cavity large enough to hold thirty thousand (30,000) gallons of molten lava situated directly above containment cell.

In the event of significant damage detected to containment cell, the ceiling hatch is to be released and the cell completely flooded with lava. Should re-containment be confirmed, reverse-time spells are authorized to return the lava to its cavity. Lava is to be kept from cooling by use of non-magical heating devices built into the rock walls.

Each cave leading to the containment cell is to be staffed by no less that three (3) security guards at all times. Meals and supplies are to be teleported through each check point and held from continuing until a proper scan is performed to detect irregularities. Under no circumstances should anypony teleport directly to or from the containment cell to the surface. Teleportation portals are forbidden from use within fifty (50) m of the facility.

Under no circumstance should personnel engage SCP-EQ-009 in conversation or allow SCP-EQ-009 to learn of any current events.

Should a catastrophic containment breach be declared, all onsite staff are to proceed to the nearest security station and arm themselves with armor and weapons. Unicorns are forbidden from casting spells when engaging with SCP-EQ-009. Should 90 minutes pass without a Level 4 or higher personnel declaring SCP-EQ-009 re-contained, planted explosives are to be detonated to destroy subterranean structures and the site's self-destruct system initiated. O5 Council members, Heads of States in allied nations, and important Foundation personnel are to open report TAMBELON-66 and evacuate to indicated locations and safe houses.

Description: SCP-EQ-009 is a male goat of advanced age. While its exact age cannot be determined, mention of him occurs in some of the oldest known recordings in Equestria, making SCP-EQ-009's age at least ______.

SCP-EQ-009 has a shoulder height of 1.75 m and a weight of 934 lbs, twice the expected weight of a creature its size. Hair is cornflower blue, eyes are a pale yellow with blood-red irises, and teeth have been filed to points. Subject's dark blue horns curl in a wide circle and are near immune to chipping and scuffing. SCP-EQ-009 speaks in a gruff baritone and is quick to anger. His body is heavily muscled in contrast to apparent age and maintains a constant level of health. His only clothing is a red collar with regularly spaced gold studs and a gold loop situated under his neck. All attempts to separate the collar from SCP-EQ-009 have failed.

SCP-EQ-009 has a deep-seated hatred for all of pony-kind and other sapient creatures. He takes delight in the ides of torture and murder and amuses himself with imagined scenarios of such. Records indicate that in the past he preferred to keep creatures as slaves to prolong their suffering. Subject appear to feel no remorse for his past activities. To date SCP-EQ-009 has offered no explanation or reasoning for his hatred.

Subject has a vast knowledge on magic, far in excess of any living spellcaster. Subject's entire body is shrouded in a large number of spells of various purposes, with no apparent duration. These spells are deemed to be the source of the subject's long life, health, and physical capabilities and are presumed to have been cast by the subject himself. SCP-EQ-009 has refused to comment on these magics beyond their reference in taunts and threats to Foundation staff's ability to contain him. SCP-EQ-009's own magic is black in color and emanates from his horns. In addition to basic levitation, subject has used magic to [DATA EXPUNGED]. Subject's magic somehow continues to function even in anti-magic fields, and his laser beams have the unique property of erasing any magic they come into contact with completely, thus nullifying all magical shields and enchantments. SCP-EQ-009 is credited in the creation of a spell to strip all magic from a subject at will, although he does not appear capable of using it without tools.

The source of SCP-EQ-009's magic is intrinsically tied to the concept of fear itself. The subject is capable of drawing upon the fear of all sapient creatures, regardless of distance or source of fear, in order to fuel himself. SCP-EQ-009 can use this power to sustain himself in the place of food and water, but in the absence of regular meals his mood worsens and his destructive activities increase. Magical beams and enchantments that come into contact with his body are instantly absorbed and added to his power.

Containment of SCP-EQ-009 is further hampered by his significant physical abilities. Subject has extraordinary strength and reaction speed, and while not invulnerable, has shown a remarkable ability to ignore all but the most severe of debilitating injuries. Known feats include (among other things):

  • Smashing headfirst through a 5 m thick castle wall made from granite with no sign of injury or loss of momentum.
  • Leaping 16 m straight upwards from a standing position.
  • Hurling aside a full grown pony with his head as if the pony weighted nothing.
  • Survive at temperatures as high as 1,250oC and as low as -78oC.
  • Exist for days without needing to take a breath. (Original containment procedures called for the cell to be adjacent to the ocean. During an escape attempt, subject's cell was flooded with sea water and recovery teams found him alive several days later).
  • Survive a blast from an army of unicorns pooling their magic together into a beam "stronger than a thousand ponies", comparable to the Elements of Harmony, and to continue fighting afterwards with no ill effects.

Subject has demonstrated a genius level intelligence with an IQ of 165. To date, the subject has employed cunning plans in __ escape attempts while in Foundation custody.

SCP-EQ-009 is particularly adept the manipulating the fundamental magical make-up of the world around him. He primarily used this power in the fusing of living creatures into hybrid chimeras. Chimeras crafted in this way are usually violent in temperament and invariably servile towards SCP-EQ-009, obeying his spoken commands even at the expense of their own safety. SCP-EQ-009 created these creatures in the thousands, with the aim of creating chaos and fear that he could draw power from. Once created, chimeras exhibit all normal biological functions of normal fauna, including reproduction. It is estimated that __% of all all living creatures in the wild are derived from SCP-EQ-009's chimeras.

On __ occasions, hordes of magical creatures have attacked the perimeter walls in coordination to SCP-EQ-009's escape attempts. How he managed to communicate with these creatures to organize them is unknown.

A number of powerful artifacts and objects are also known to have been created by SCP-EQ-009. A partial list of objects in Foundation control that have ties to him include SCP-EQ-___, SCP-EQ-___, and SCP-EQ-___.

To any personnel who still harbor doubts to our mission,

SCP-EQ-009 may look and behave like a normal creature, but do not be fooled. If he ever gets fully loose, and given enough time to gather his strength, then we are looking at a HK-Class end-of-the-world scenario. At best. Do not falter in your duty, it is needed. Do not listen to his pleas, they are lies. Do not feel pity for him, for he will feel none for you if the situation were reversed.

There is no friendship here.