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There are too many objects that threaten the safety of Equestria. They must be contained.

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SCP-EQ-007 - Choose Your Own Adventure

Item #: SCP-EQ-007

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: A tracking spell has been placed upon SCP-EQ-007 to track its movements. Local Foundation assets are to be on high alert in locations where SCP-EQ-007 frequently manifests to facilitate re-containment. As a precaution, preprogrammed Class C amnestic spells which triggers upon contact should be recast on it whenever testing is completed, to encourage avoidance until containment teams arrive.

As containment is currently not possible, current activities are focused on learning the extent of its abilities while it is within Foundation control, with the aim of extracting civilians engaged inside its sub dimension if recovery teams cannot intercept before it is read.

Description: SCP-EQ-007 frequently appears as an illustrated booklet with a variable number of pages. Regardless to the size of the booklet, the narrative contained within will only be half completed. The final page is always blank, and will on all occasions contain some variation of invitation along with the following phrase:

Take a closer look, to join the adventure in this book.

When a sapient creature reads the booklet in its entirety followed by reading the invitation, the pages of the booklet will temporarily transform into a portal that draws in all nearby entities. Creatures will find themselves in a pocket reality resembling the settings described within the narrative and having taken on the appearance of one of the story's characters, if any. Subjects will also gain physical abilities of the character they replace, but not mental knowledge. At this point the only way to return from this dimension is to act out a completion to the booklet. Doing so will violently expel all creatures native to our reality back out of SCP-EQ-007.

SCP-EQ-007 possessed the ability to teleport itself to any location within Equestria. How it chooses these locations is still undetermined, but it will always appear in a store or at an event which normally sells reading materials. Due to a lack of reports, it is assumed that SCP-EQ-07 somehow knows the location is will be transporting to and makes its appearance when the area is unobserved. Anti-magic fields have proven ineffective in preventing this ability.

Should anypony complete a story, it will activate this property within minutes of all entities being expelled from its pages. SCP-EQ-007 will also teleport if it is not read for a period of seven days, or should any ponies inside its pages not be expelled during this time frame. Creatures within SCP-EQ-007 during translocation cannot be recovered and are presumed lost.

Upon reemergence, SCP-EQ-007's form will change into that of a new booklet. Subject matter and physical construction will vary greatly, but always be of a subject not unusual for the seller it reappears at. SCP-EQ-007 will always take the form of reading material containing an equal ratio of pictures and words. A partial list of forms is provided in the test logs below; for a complete list see File S-406.

SCP-EQ-007 was discovered when a Foundation operative purchased it by chance. Upon reading and subsequently experiencing its effects, SCP-EQ-007 vanished before it could be properly studied. Its location and activities were unknown until __ weeks later when a missing pony report filed in ___ _______ drew the Foundation's attention. Agents dispatched to the location discovered SCP-EQ-007 along with a receipt indicating it had been purchased six days prior. Tracking spell was engaged prior to its disappearance the following day and current containment procedures were put into effect.

Test Logs: Due to potential loss of personnel, testing is to be done with D-class only. D-class are to be informed of SCP-EQ-007's properties before testing and told to give a full report of their experiences upon ejection.

Subject: D-7008
Appearance: SCP-EQ-007 became a thin comic book titled Tales 2 Scream 2: Night in Haunted Manor!. Contents are a horror themed story in which eight ponies spend the night in an old mansion before one of them goes mysteriously missing.
Report: D-7008 appeared in the living room of the mansion dressed as a character named Marble Mystery, the intelligent lead of the group. Other ponies part of the narrative did not find D-7008's new appearance nor greatly reduced deductive skills to be in any way unusual. D-7008 spent three hours and twenty minutes being chased by a large pony wearing a grocery bag over their head (seen lurking on the cover in the shadows behind the mansion, but not prior in the pages of the comic before the cut off point). After initial contact, all but two of the "extras" vanished one after another, leaving two ponies that vaguely resembled the masked one in physique. D-7008 managed to trip the masked pony down a flight of stairs into the basement, where the missing ponies were found tied up. D-7008 was ejected upon removing the grocery bag and revealing the pony to be groundskeeper Wild Whiskers.

Subject: D-7011
Appearance: SCP-EQ-007 became a hardcover book titled Fantastic Yeasts and How to Bake Them by Coco Nut. Contents include 24 illustrated recipes for a variety of breads, muffins, and other baked goods.
Report: D-7011 appeared inside a large and well-appointed kitchen, dressed in the same outfit Coco Nut wears in the author section of the inside cover. No other entities were noted during the entire test. All exits from the kitchen opened to a featureless white void. Utilizing quick thinking, D-7011 used one of the kitchen timers to keep track of the passage of time. Cabinets contained a self-replenishing stock of baking ingredients. D-7011 was ejected after two days inside SCP-EQ-007, after she'd completed baking twenty-four recipes unique to those already present in the first half.

Subject: D-7034, D-7035, D-7036
Appearance: SCP-EQ-007 became a thick plastic foal's picture book titled The Very Curious Jackalope by Cloud Sweeper. Contents contain a very simple worded narrative about a jackalope named Jumpers that escapes from a small zoo and gets into a variety of hi-jinks.
Report: D-class appeared outside of Jumpers' cage dressed in exaggerated zookeeper outfits. It is noteworthy that there were no zookeepers in the story prior to this. D-class spent forty minutes chasing Jumpers around an idyllic town with a variety of butterfly nets, but the jackalope consistently stayed one step ahead of them. D-class were ejected after D-7035 raided a grocery stand and left a trail of carrots back to the enclosure, which Jumpers followed.

Subject: D-7121
Appearance: SCP-EQ-007 became a five page pamphlet titled Bicycle Repair for Sillies by Rocky Road. Contents contain easy to grasp step-by-step illustrated instructions on how to disassemble a Bicycle.
Report: D-7121 appeared inside a garage dressed in an oil-stained blue jumper, surrounded by a pile of bicycle parts. Opening the garage door revealed a featureless white void. D-7121 quickly surmised that the second half of SCP-EQ-007 involved putting the bicycle back together, but he didn't have the prerequisite knowledge to know where to start. D-7121 was eventually able to put the bicycle together sufficiently to be ejected after two days and seventeen hours, just one hour and fifteen minutes shy of the seven day limit. D-7121 was suffering from extreme dehydration and hunger and needed two days of medical care before well enough to deliver report.

Addendum 1: Repeated attempts to interview denizens of SCP-EQ-007 to determine their awareness of their situation has produced no useful results. Characters will rarely acknowledge conversations that deviate from an expected script and often ignore ponies who do not "play along". The only exceptions are when SCP-EQ-007 presents a sci-fi or super hero setting, and even then characters seem to treat it as a hypothetical scenario.

Addendum 2: As of __/_/____, every time SCP-EQ-007 takes the form of a Power Ponies comic, the character of [DATA EXPUNGED]. SEE SCP-EQ-___