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SCP Foundation - Equestrian Files - DagaYemar

There are too many objects that threaten the safety of Equestria. They must be contained.

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SCP-EQ-017 - A Babble-Less Brook

Item #: SCP-EQ-017

Object Class: Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: The area around SCP-EQ-017 has been purchased from the locals and a nature preserve has been built around it, staffed with ponies under Foundation control. Amnestic spells have been distributed through the local population along with the cover story that a nearby river was the original SCP-EQ-017 instead, and that it has lost its properties. Any creature showing too much interest in SCP-EQ-017 or the false river are to be interrogated and doused with amnestic spells.

Acquisition of liquid from the object is to be done with telekinesis only, and requires the approval of at least one (1) researcher with level 4 clearance. All personnel interacting with SCP-EQ-017 are required to wear modified level A hazmat suits. Liquid removed from SCP-EQ-017 must be tagged with a tracking spell and accompanied by a team of six (6) armed guards at all times until delivered to a secure testing facility. Liquid is to be tested for reactivation of anomalous properties daily.

Description: SCP-EQ-017 is a small river located 250 meters outside of the Kirin village, inside the Peaks of Peril. Any creature that comes into contact with liquid from SCP-EQ-017 will enter a state of suppressed emotion and lose the ability to speak. This state will persist indefinitely.

SCP-EQ-017 primary area of effect is strongest along a thirty meter stretch starting at a waterfall, with the chance of being affected by its anomalous properties diminishing the farther downstream one goes. The liquid displays no anomalous properties before this waterfall. Surrounding the base of the waterfall are forty-four menhirs ranging from thirty centimeters to four meters in height. Each menhir contains carvings of a variety of simple shapes exactly five centimeters in depth, which constantly radiate with magical aura that has yet to be identified. Radiometric dating has determined that these menhirs are at least __,___ years old. To date these menhirs have resisted all attempts to be removed.

Liquid taken directly from the immediate area of the waterfall retains its properties indefinitely, until it is applied to a living creature. Chemical and magical analysis has discovered minuscule magical particles in the liquid that become absorbed through the skin as if magnetically attracted. It is currently believed to be some kind of magic pollution radiating out from the menhirs. See the experiment log for more detailed information.

The area around SCP-EQ-017 is unusually lush, containing a wide variety of flowering plants and fruit-bearing trees not native to the Peaks of Peril. A unique subspecies of Hyacinthoides non-scripta, commonly referred to as "Foal's Breath", only grows on the banks of SCP-EQ-017. This flower, when mixed in liquid and imbibed, is the only known way to reverse the effects of SCP-EQ-017. These flowers only grow around the point of the river where its anomalous effects peter out, the correlation of which is still under investigation.

It has been determined by a unanimous vote of the O5 Council to utilize liquid from SCP-EQ-017 as a method to pacify D-class until they are needed for testing. Cultivation of "Foal's Breath" to prevent extinction of antidote ongoing.

Experiment Log SCP-EQ-017

Experiment 017-1
Test Summary: D-193 instructed to submerge entire body in a tub containing 300 liters of liquid from SCP-EQ-017, then subjected to a set of stimuli.
Result: D-193 complied with request and completely submerged self in tub, emerging completely under the effects of SCP-EQ-017. D-193 responded to conversation with head tilts and disinterest, answering only basic yes and no questions. D-193 did not display any reaction when tickled, poked with a sharp implement, or shown a clip from the ending of "Old Yellow". D-193 did not participate in a deliberately initiated musical number. D-193 calmly returned to their cell and sat docilely on their bed until supplied with antidote.
Researcher's notes: If this stuff works the way it appears to, this could change every aspect of the Foundation!

Experiment 017-2
Test Summary: Six D-class instructed to submerge entire body in a tub containing 300 liters of liquid from SCPEQ-017.
Result: First two D-class emerged from the tub under the normal set of effects. The third, D-226, emerged with greatly reduced symptoms. D-226 retained the ability to speak in a monotone and reported experiencing the normal array of emotions, but as if they were happening to somepony else. Remaining D-class unaffected by liquid, which chemical analysis revealed to have become ordinary water.

Experiment 017-3
Test Summary: D-888, a changeling, doused with liquid from SCP-EQ-017 from a shower nozzle for thirty seconds.
Result: D-888 emerges from shower under the effects of SCP-EQ-017. D-888 transforms upon instruction into a variety of creatures, and the effects confirmed to persist in all forms.

Experiment 017-4
Test Summary: D-789, a yak, instructed to place one hoof into a bucket containing 2 liters of liquid from SCP-EQ-017 and remove hoof after ten seconds.
Result: D-789 did as instructed and jerked their hoof out immediately, claiming the water was ice cold and that they wanted to smash the bucket. Researcher noted the thermometer recorded the liquid was room temperature. D-789 ordered to return their hoof to the bucket. D-789 refused and claimed their whole foreleg felt odd. Researchers decide to observe ongoing effects and instruct D-789 to describe the feeling in more detail. Ten seconds pass before D-789 muttered "...smash..." in a dull monotone and then goes silent. Full effects of SCP-EQ-017 confirmed two minutes later.

Experiment 017-5
Test Summary: D-272, a dragon, instructed to imbibe a tea brewed with liquid from SCP-EQ-017.
Result: D-272 drank one cup of tea, vocalized the word "Huh.", placed the cup on the table, and sat still on their chair. Subsequent testing revealed D-272 to be under the expected effects.
Researcher's notes: This stuff is a miracle. There's nothing we won't be able to contain with it!

Further testing indefinitely suspended due to limited reserves of remaining SCP-EQ-017 liquid.

Addendum: Two weeks after initial containment, a sonar scan revealed an unusual shape buried in the riverbed below the waterfall. Upon recovering the object, all the surrounding menhirs stopped glowing at the same time. Testing of the liquid revealed no traces of magical or anomalous properties. SCP-EQ-017 deemed neutralized and remaining gallons of liquid collected prior delivered to Site 20 for storage.

The removed object was revealed to be [REDACTED] reburial did not reactivate SCP-EQ-017. Item given the number SCP-EQ-___ and delivered to Site __.

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