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There are too many objects that threaten the safety of Equestria. They must be contained.

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SCP-EQ-006 - By This Staff I Rule

Item #: SCP-EQ-006

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-EQ-006 is to be stored in a molded, opaque container, which is stored in a secure locker at Site __. SCP-EQ-006 may only be removed from its container with prior permission from at least two (2) Level 3 personnel and a written proposal of usage. Dragon personnel are not to be assigned to SCP-EQ-006.

Due to SCP-EQ-006's memetic properties, mishandling contains unacceptable levels of risk for breach of secrecy. Testing is allowed under stringent conditions. Testing has been indefinitely postponed.

Description: SCP-EQ-006 is a scepter measuring 1.2 m from end to end, comprised of two crystalline structures. Its main body is comprised of a solid shaft of roughly-hewn iridescent ametrine with an average diameter of 5 cm. The ametrine's upper end is carved into a trio of claw-shaped branches that cradle an oblong chunk of polished pyrope garnet. The two gemstones appear bonded to each other at the molecular level by an unknown means, making separation impossible without damaging the object. Stress tests have revealed both gemstones to fall within expected hardness levels of their kind.

SCP-EQ-006 displays its unique properties when it is touched by a member of the genus draconis (dragon). Upon contact an unidentified crimson energy is exuded from the garnet and absorbed into the subject, henceforth known as SCP-EQ-006-1. Subjects experience a few seconds loss of time during this transference and cannot remember the experience adequately to describe it. The only outwardly observed changes are a temporary extreme dilation of the irises.

While in possession of SCP-EQ-006-1, the garnet will emit a slight continuous glow. Upon command SCP-EQ-006-1 can fire a beam of red light from the top of the object. Despite intensity, this beam is observed to be solely visual and contain neither heat nor force. SCP-EQ-006 can also emit an invisible field of energy that resonates with dragons' unique biology, creating sensations such as luminescence and irritation. This field can be influenced to affect all or only a select group of dragons and can be dismissed in the same fashion. Range of this field has no known limit.

SCP-EQ-006-1 possesses a memetic effect that causes it to be regarded as the rightful ruler of all species of dragons, known by the moniker Dragon Lord. This includes all subspecies of the genus, including draconis aquis (sea serpents), draconis minoris (wyverns), and draconis [REDACTED]. This knowledge appears to be inherent; dragons will acknowledge SCP-EQ-006-1's status upon sight whether they are aware of the passing of the title or not. All dragons interviewed report being aware when an instance of SCP-EQ-006-1 is created, though none claim to know who exactly the instance is until they meet with them in person.

Dragons will follow any commands given by SCP-EQ-006-01. It is important to note that SCP-EQ-006-1 possesses no compulsory effects whatsoever; dragons simply obey as if they were following the edicts of an appointed leader. Despite known dragon loner behavior, subjects of SCP-EQ-006-1 rarely disobey any direct order. When directly confronted about this behavior, most dragons reply a variation of the phrase "That's just how it is." and a shrug.

When a different dragon comes into contact with SCP-EQ-006, the transference reoccurs and a new instance of SCP-EQ-006-1 in created. The current SCP-EQ-006-1, if one exists, is simultaneously stripped of all anomalous abilities. Due to the universal emergence of this knowledge, creation of SCP-EQ-006-1 instances for the purposes of testing has been deemed too dangerous to the Foundation.

Discovery of SCP-EQ-006 occurred during the creation of the current Dragon Lord, a full record of which can be found in Case File TS-605. Due to the length of dragon lifespans, insular culture, and general lack of recorded history, the exact point in which SCP-EQ-006 first appeared cannot be determined.

Friendship between the latest SCP-EQ-006-1 was established immediately upon its creation. By a 5 to1, 1 abstain, vote of the O5 Council, a counterfeit scepter was created and switched with the original during a diplomatic mission to Equestria. An extended program to teach the magic of friendship to the dragons is encouraged to lessen the chances the current Dragon Lord will engage in frequent use of the scepter and uncover the forgery.

Hey, does Dragon Lord Ember know that we have this? It doesn't seem right. I'm pretty sure that we need to give this back to her right away! --- Head Researcher S____ the D_____

This is a general note to every researcher assigned to SCP-EQ-006. I think it goes without saying that a weapon capable of commanding an entire nation should not be allowed outside of Foundation control. As such, proper compartmental procedures must be adhered to at all times. S____ has been doused with amnestic spells and should not be allowed knowledge of this object again. We are very upset it had to come this far! --- O5-1