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When all hope is lost there is always something that comes and makes things right. Like an act of god. These are the stories of monsters that come to right the wrongs of the evil that defeated our heroes.

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I like this story. Keep going with this!:raritystarry:

Fear that which walks hand in hand with the abyss, for often times it is something that will haunt your every waking moment until your soul is theirs

But isn't Siren Head himself evil?

Not in this universe. Think of this like Megatron from transformers: earth spark


I’m guessing you meant “manticore.”

Otherwise, I still liked the premise, and I hope to see more soon, but it’s still too early to say the story will be good or bad.

Wow, this is pretty good so far. I'm hyped for the next chapter.


That was a great update! I'm glad Siren head is making such a huge difference. A little detail would be nice, but a good story so far.

Not sure if he counts as a monster, but I was thinking about Tyrant T-00 (aka Mr. X) being used at some point.

Nightmare moon sat in the townhall. Before her was Mayor mare and Zecora. Many ponies feared Zecora for being different but eventually many have come to trust her for some reason, especially during trying times.

Didn't like they're still racist/xenophobic jerks. At least in desperate times, they trust her.

"Then it won't stand a chance against me." She left leaving the two mares alone. Bonbon could only stare at the ceiling as only one thought entered her head. 'It does want her.'

Arrogant fool. :trollestia:

Idk about discord, but I do have a suggestion for Tirek. Scp 999.

Two SCPs are planned but 999 ain’t one of them. You’ll see both of them when I add them.

So far so good! Also congratulations on getting the feature box when you go into 17 and under settings.

Featured? (Checks home page) Holy…🤯

Well, nice of it to not kill all of Luna.

I like the idea of this story so I will put in my two cents scp 049 or Black Flash

Please bring SCP-4217 aka Battleship Bismarck into this and have him fight the Changelings. Please?

i'm hopeing for a shout out to 999 helping pinky with a party at lease.

I confess ignorance of SCP stuff, but I am guessing it wont end well?

Read both files on the wikia. The answer maybe evident. Nothing ends well in the foundation.

it would be funny if you put the terraria twins against the changelings and for starlight glimmer it would be interesting to put some villain that can mess with time like nox from wakfu. And keep up the good work this story is amazing :pinkiehappy:

As much as I love this, why did you bring in the SCP Foundation?

kinda mid ending
after all, don't you think 053 would like some more friends?

Because like I said this fanfic involves monsters that became famous on the internet. It was originally suppose to be 682 but decided to add a few more. One more maybe a couple will be seen in the epilogue.

Don’t worry the epilogue will have a few surprises

from my best guess with the teddy is the medic teddy for as best of a nick name for it. no clue on the train. the only toy scps i know is the medic teddy the evil teddy and it's creashions and the sentant legos

Dunno, you might have to continue this foundation arc in a separate story. Seeing Discord getting some additional comeuppance is enjoyable.


You know I was legit thinking about making separate series of one shots about the foundation and having various SCPs in ponyville.

Kinda discord is one of my favorites but also it's well written so I'm stuck in between

Also in the comics it's shown that discord is the most powerful being in the mlp universe him being next to his other lords and ladies of reality.

Poor Dissie,😁 . He should always remember. " There is always a faster gun".
and with chapters about Discord there is a typo "Across the room a set of medal doors opened,: [metal]:pinkiehappy:

It was alright at first. However, the misspellings and grammar butchery has gotten worse. Usually, a few mistakes are fine, and if the characters of the story are entertaining, then poor grammar and misspelling things every now and again are tolerable.

However, it’s almost every other paragraph this story has some mangled sentence. On top of that, this story can be summed up as “elements fail, big monster beats evil monster, timeline reverts to normal.” With some mystery guy in the background.

The characters aren’t fleshed out and the plot is bland.

I encourage you to keep writing and improve, but this story isn’t a good one in my opinion.

Now that I think about it, Mr. X could work as a monster against a later villain. The same can be said for Slender Man, since both him and Mr. X are unkillable.

Just a couple of suggestions for you to take into consideration for future chapters.

Butchered? We must have different understanding of what "butchery" looks like, especially since you have provided only one example of an issue. A minor spelling mistake at that.

If I'm to make a claim, then I should support it.

So I'll just point out the issues that could be found with a basic word processor in the epilogue of "Invincible and unkillable."

Her face didnt look...

you need an apostrophe between t and n on "didn't".

My student why so glum?

You need a comma between "student" and "why"

According to historians you were quite...

need a comma after "historians."

Don't make this more harder...

just remove the "more" here.

bird-beak like mask

just need the extra hyphen between "beak" and "like" and it should be grammatically fine.

Not only has Agent Sweetie Drops, her first friend, took guardianship of her

"taken" instead of "took" would fix the issue.

Of course she was sworn to secrecy which she accepted.

comma after "of course."

Not too far way

"away" not "way"

Of course he was still being closely watched and observed by the scientist from a safe distance.

need comma after "course."

This may not have been the life or freedom he wanted but still it was better than concrete walls and a metal door and he was contempt.

I believe you meant "content" instead of "contempt" here.

now keep in mind, these are all simple grammar issues found in the course of less than 900 words by a simple word processor. If I went through every bit of prose and dialogue that I thought could use a tweak here and there, I'd be here for over an hour and I have 0 interest in spending that much time on this.

I am not telling the writer to quit, and I'm not telling him that he shouldn't ever try again. I'm saying that he's making a heap of these sorts of simple, grating, easily spotted, and easily solved mistakes.

and dislike my comments all you want, criticism is just as important as praise.

Look I understand your opinion but the truth is I rely on the auto correct function too much I’m slowly going back through and making any adjustments. All I ask is for people like you to bear with me.

:facehoof: everyone’s a critic

I don't blame you, the other guy wanted proof of my claim is all. Just toss this into a grammarly doc and it'll clean up most of these mistakes

This is almost like poetic justice, because the figurative monsters are being preyed upon by literal monsters.

looks like House head wants to help and I still think that Cheeselegs and her changelings should take on the fame Battleship Bismarck

It wont be a battleship because this monster is a land based killing machine. Literatly

There is nothing wrong with the Househead vs Flim and Flam ministory, this is nice so far.

Interesting idea... and it's impressive how far this fiction is going... Still love this fiction so far... Congratulations... This fic is going to be a legend.


The little creature seems to have understood her. As it looked up at her extended hoof and inched it's house shaped head towards it. It then leaned into it almost affectionately. Applebloom has built up a tolerance for fear of any weird creature due to all her visits to Zecora in the forest. Whatever this creature was didn't seem to scare her. "Come on little one I think I may know somepony who can help me better understand what you are."

sorry for the correction but what you said originally was that bloom had built up an intolerance, which means that she can’t stand something I.e lactose intolerant, can’t drink lactose because the body can’t handle it properly

so like does 053 camcel out 682's normal rage hatred murderiness and that's why they're friends

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