• Published 11th May 2023
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The Ancient Guardians - autobotfan15

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Invincible and unkillable Epilogue

Canterlot Castle was having a huge celebration to honor the heroes who defeated Discord. The whole world thought the deed was done by Twilight Sparkle and her friends who found the elements of Harmony and fought Discord’s mind tricks and manipulation. But to some, those events weren’t entirely true. Princess Celestia strolled up to Twilight Sparkle who was at a table having a cup of tea. Her face didn't look excited as the others. “My student, why so glum? You saved the world from chaos.”

Twilight Sparkle was silent for a moment before she looked up to her mentor. “That’s the thing. I felt like I didn’t do anything. The only thing I remember was walking out of town and seeing Rainbow Dash napping on a cloud. Everything else is a complete blur. But one of my neighbors claimed they saw our fight.”

Celestia just looked at her student and smiled. “I guess the use of the elements can have an amnesia effect in some way.”

Twilight nodded in agreement but still wasn’t fully convinced. Maybe one day she will remember what exactly happened. But Princess Celestia knows what exactly happened. She could only hope Twilight doesn't dig too deep into this.


Discord awoke in a room. The first thing he noticed was that he felt bound. He looked down and saw himself strapped to some metal gurney. His claws were trapped in some sort of rigid gauntlet. He couldn’t move his fingers. His tail was also in a similar state.

He began to struggle only for his efforts to become fruitless. Across the room a set of metal doors opened and in came some ponies in black suits. Discord stopped struggling as he looked at them. He didn’t know who these ponies were, but all that he knew was that they were not looking for a pleasant conversation. “Who are you ponies?”

“That is not to be discussed at this time. What’s more important now is your full cooperation. According to historians, you were quite a menace some wanted you to be destroyed, but not to fear we are not monsters we just contain them.” Explained one of them.

“If you think I’m listening to you little ponies you’re mistaken.”

“Don’t make this harder. Or rather save the insults until you meet our other associates.”

At that moment another anomaly entered. It looked like some bipedal creature wearing what looked like a bird-beak-like mask. It had a tag that said 049 on its long hooded cloak. It was carrying a small bag with him. “Doctor we expect a full report in the coming days. Just don’t kill him or turn him into a mindless drone.”

The plague doctor from Klugetown nodded. ”I will leave no fiber or trace of chaos magic unexamined.”

The other ponies left until it was just the spirit of chaos and the plague doctor, the former looking scared knowing this was not going in a direction he liked. The plague doctor reached into his bag and pulled out a syringe and a scalpel. “Hold still this will be more painful if you move.”

Discord did the opposite and struggled in fear and all throughout the facility a scream of pain and agony could be heard from a monster who was now going to experience chaos on a whole different scale.


“Welcome back students today we have a new student joining us today.”

Cheerilee gestures to the little filly wearing a yellow dress standing beside her with a smile. “Why don’t you introduce yourself?”

“Hello I’m Abstract Heart but everypony calls me Abby. My auntie runs a candy shop.”

“You mean you’re related to Miss Bonbon?” Asked Scootaloo.

Abby, who was known as 053 to the Foundation, nodded. Ever since the Discord incident, she has gained better control over the effects she has and was suited for school. She was happy living within Ponyville. Not only has Agent Sweetie Drops, her first friend, took guardianship of her but she’s also a hike away from her best friend in the swamp. This was also a good opportunity for her to make new friends amongst other ponies outside of foundation care. Of course, she was sworn to secrecy which she accepted.

While she may have been wearing a dress. Cheerilee could see she had no cutie mark yet. She could already tell who her first three friends would be.


A Hydra limped away from a swamp feeling wounded and fatigued from the battle it endured. Not too far away SCP 682 grinned triumphantly as he reclaimed his sanctuary. He knew it also won't be long until Abby would come to visit and possibly bring some interesting stories to share. Of course, he was still being closely watched and observed by the scientist from a safe distance. This may not have been the life or freedom he wanted but still it was better than concrete walls and a metal door and he was content.

A hooded figure stood near the swamp far away from the reptile and opened a portal to walk through. "Too much chaos would only lead to a collapsing world where one's own mess would be thrown back at him. That's why karma exists."

Author's Note:

Next story i'll feature two internet monsters this time. Hint: People say they were made by Trevor Henderson but they both came from two different artist.

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