• Published 11th May 2023
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The Ancient Guardians - autobotfan15

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Family Value Part 2

The Apple Family was enjoying a nice dinner. Big Macintosh has came home after a long trip from Ponyville to Manehattan and back. It was a moment like this where Applejack felt more at ease that she still has her family. As Big Mac talked about his time on the railroad there was a knock at the door. “I’ll get it.”

Applejack looked through the peephole of the door to see a rather annoyed and furious Flim and Flam. Applejack was confused she was expecting them to come and gloat if they ever visited. She hesitantly opened the door. “What do you varmits want now? You already took our home!”

“We want answers into how you could slip past our best security and destroy our mega cider machine.” Snapped Flim.

“You most likely recruited the help of your Pegasi friends.” Suggested Flam

“Or probably convinced that unicorn friend to teleport you there.”

“Or maybe you-“

They were both cut off by Applejack. “Hang on an apple picking minute. I did no such thing. I may hate what you guys did, but we don’t resort to such tactics.”

The three ponies only intensely stared at each other for a few moments when Flim broke the silence.

“Step carefully mare we are watching you and for that we’ll upgrade our security.”

“And if we do catch you we will punish you to the full extent of the law.”

They both left leaving Applejack in a mixture of different emotions. Anger, confusion, as well as a small feeling of pleasure knowing something has gone wrong with their machines. Even though it wasn’t her doing.


A lone stallion was walking through the orchard. He was hired to keep a close eye out for any unwanted guest on the land. He was making good progress until he heard an odd sound. It sounded like a very strange bird.

He tried to follow the sound only for it to go in a different direction. After going around for what felt like hours he soon came to a clearing. There out in the open were small cabins. They had two windows and a door in front.

“What the... where did these come from?”

The brothers arrived a while later after the worker reported this and just looked at the log cabins that stood there in the open. They knew they weren't there originally because they removed the trees that once filled this area. "You think this where our missing chopped wood went?"

"Has to be. Whoever did this maybe on to something. Maybe we can loan these houses for ponies to rent."

"Maybe we can use these to expand production, like research labs."

"I like that idea."

As the two went on about what to do with these houses, a rat came close to one one of these houses. As it got close a root-like vine grabbed the rodent and dragged it underground before it could make a sound.


The next day Applebloom was trotting home. Since she could no longer go to her clubhouse, her friends agreed to have their crusader meetings at Sweetie Belle’s house.

She was close to the house when she heard a strange noise coming from a nearby alleyway. She looked around and immediately felt nervous. She was the only one out and was alone. She nervously glanced towards the alleyway and saw a pair of square glowing eyes staring back at her. The eyes quickly hid behind a garbage can.

Apple Bloom was startled by those eyes but curiosity took over and cautiously walked over to the alleyway and peered behind the trashcan. Her eyes widened at what she was looking at.

There stood an odd creature. At first glance it looked like a dollhouse but right beneath it was what looked like a thick tree branch sticking out of the underside which led to a series of legs almost resembling those in a spider.

“What in the hay are you?”

The little creature stared up at the filly. If it was standing it would match her height. However instead of standing it shivered in fright, as if it was afraid of her. Apple Bloom recognized the body language. "Don't be scared I'm not gonna hurt you."

The little creature seems to have understood her. As it looked up at her extended hoof and inched it's house shaped head towards it. It then leaned into it almost affectionately. Apple Bloom has built an tolerance for fear of any weird creature due to all her visits to Zecora in the forest. Whatever this creature was didn't seem to scare her. "Come on little one I think I may know somepony who can help me better understand what you are."

The House head stood up and began following the filly into the streets of Ponyville. As they walked Apple Bloom could've sworn her new little acquaintance not only smelled of oak wood but also smelled a little of apples.

Author's Note:

To be honest i feel this wont be long or even my best but im still trying to figure out how this apple story will go without rushing into things too quickly. Im already planning out Chrysalis's story with a certain shape shifting monster.

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