• Published 11th May 2023
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The Ancient Guardians - autobotfan15

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The warning of the night Epilogue

Twilight Sparkle tucked Spike into bed and smiled. It had been a long busy day. After she and her friends returned everyone was running around like mad trying to get life back to normal. Applejack knew she couldn’t rest when she still had a farm to run even though Granny Smith insisted she get some rest.

The events were still settling into her memory to her it all looked unbelievable. None of the books she read could give her a clue about the creature dubbed Siren Head. Even if she traveled back in time to meet the earliest mentor of Celestia. She had a feeling even he couldn’t answer her question.

After some negotiating it was decided for her to stay in Ponyville because Princess Celestia wanted her to make friends and she has them. As of now she couldn’t be more at peace.

She was about to get ready for bed herself when there was a knock at the door. She went up only to find no one there but five stones. “The elements of Harmony?”

She looked around only to see a tall figure in the night disappearing into the darkness. The Siren Head only said one thing as it got further away from the library.

“Now it’s your turn. Be the heroes. The answer is in yourself.”

She could only mutter a small thank you as she picked up the stones and bought them inside. She may have another mystery to solve but she knows she’s not alone to do it.


“The injuries to her bones may heal in time, but it’s a possibility she won’t hear again or at the very least not hear much. However I’m more concerned about her mental state. She’s been in that catatonic state ever since you admitted her. I’m sorry your majesty, there’s not much more I can do at this time.”

Celestia nodded in understanding as the doctor left her alone with her sister. She can’t condone what that monster has done but she can reluctantly agree what he did was necessary since there was no hope left. She looked at her sister who was still staring straight at nothing. She placed a hoof on her’s.

“It can’t harm you anymore. Don’t worry I won’t leave you alone again. Ever…”

Somehow, if one had good eyes, Luna’s mouth nearly curled upward a little bit. It was almost like a smile.


Fluttershy was flying above the tree line with a basket of fruit. It had been a few days since her first adventure with her new friends and she never been happier. Because of them she’s more confident to fly over the Everfree to visit another friend and not just Zecora. She then landed in front of a cave and dropped off the basket.

“Here you are. Fresh from the farms. I know you prefer to come out when necessary but until then I’ll keep visiting you. Besides no matter what you are. Every creature needs a friend.”

As she spoke a claw reached out the darkness of the cave and grabbed the basket. If there was a light in the cave she could see the creature smiling as it ate, appreciating the gift of both food and her company.

Above the cave a hooded figure watch as it opened a portal behind him and started walking through it.

“Darkness is not forever. There is always a light that shines even in the most dire of times.”

Author's Note:

Never thought I get through this part so fast. My imagination must be running wild. Anyway I’ll take a break to brainstorm what to do for the Discord story. What monster should I have him against? The walking househeads? Maybe SCP 682?

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