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The Ancient Guardians - autobotfan15

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The warning of the night part 2

Nightmare Moon sat on the balcony overlooking Canterlot. She wished the ponies were looking up to the night but she either saw ponies hiding in thier homes or fighting for food in the streets. She sighed knowing things were starting to get bad.

Not only were food prices going up, but the eternal night was affecting ponies in a different way. Some have developed erratic sleeping schedules while many more are suffering insomnia. All they could do was either steal food to save their bits or at least try and make the best out of a bad situation.

Just then a guard came on to the balcony. “Your Majesty there’s another citizen requesting your presence.”

Nightmare just groaned in anger. “If it’s another farmer begging for the sun then-“

The guard cut her off. “No it’s not a farmer in facts it’s a Zebra from Ponyville. She says something about a monster on the outskirts of Ponyville lurking about.”


"What is exactly is this monster?"

Nightmare moon sat in the townhall. Before her was Mayor mare and Zecora. Many ponies feared Zecora for being different but eventually many have come to trust her for some reason, especially during trying times. Zecora pulled out a picture. "A friend I was hiking with got a good look and got a picture of this creature that is causing a spook."

Nightmare Moon just stared at this tall thing with awe and confusion. "What manner of beast is this?"

"We're not sure. We were hoping you know since you must've been around long ago to know this." The Mayor answered. Zecora spoke up again.

"I saw this beast tear up a timberwolf like it was a twig and even saw it made a manticore squeal like a pig. For it to do so much harm I fear it may do more damages to the apple farm."

The moment she said farm Nightmare knew it would lead to even more complaints. "What else do you know about this monster?"

"We know its capable of making strange sounds. It almost sounds like a barely functioning record player. However it sometimes makes voices that sound like different ponies we know. Heck it made a voice that sounded like Pinkie pie one of the ponies that disappeared. It actually tricked two civilians to follow it. They barely made it out alive and are in the hospital." The Mayor explained. Nightmare moon raised a brow.

"That thing tried to kill them. The ponies names were Lyra and Bonbon." Nightmare moon nodded to the two ponies.

"Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I shall talk to the two surviving witnesses, forward what you said to me to Canterlot and hopefully my researchers will determine what it is."


"What do you mean it spared you? Surely it was intentional trying to eat you wasn't it?" Nightmare Moon was at a loss for words as the two mares explained to her.

Lyra looked at her with sadness in her eyes. she wished she could hide from her but she was bound by a cast on her leg. Her best friend Bonbon was a different story. Her entire body was casted and she had to eat everything through a straw. "Well you see, we were walking along when I thought I heard the voice of my old friend Twilight Sparkle. I thought she was coming out of the forest. But it turns out it was that thing Zecora was trying to warn us about."

Nightmare grunted in annoyance at the name Twilight. "And what happened next?"

"The thing ambushed us it grabbed Bonbon by the tail and threw her against the trees. Then it grabbed me by the leg as I tried to escape. It bought me up to it's head or heads whatever they were. Then I heard a faint gruff voice that said 'not her' and then it dropped me. I know it has no eyes but I could feel it's gaze as it looked down at me. It then left after what felt like a minute"

"Then it's after someone. Thank you dear subject." She turned to leave until Lyra spoke up again.

"I saw it looked to the moon. I think it wants you."

"Then it won't stand a chance against me." She left leaving the two mares alone. Bonbon could only stare at the ceiling as only one thought entered her head. 'It does want her.'

Author's Note:

Since this story gained more support than my other one. I somehow felt more motivated to put up another chapter. Thanks guys but dont expect the next one to come super soon.

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