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"With the vast, endless ocean of the Warp and the infinite web of the Multiverse a definitive factor; all possibilities are possible, all realities are real." - (I do crossovers a lot)

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Legio Soroitas · 6:14am Dec 30th, 2017

Hey folks, MatCor with a second blog about the TwiDash Imperium, this one based on some comments I and others made. It started when someone asked if I was still going to use the Sisters of Battle at some point, and I said that I will, in my own way. "My own way" being that instead of being the militant arm of the Echleciarchy and Ordo Hereticus and essentially being space-nuns with guns, my new Adepta Soroitas with take on the role as "official" female Space Marines.

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um seven years have passed i think he or she is dead

why don't you update and write a blog that tells us your progress, what happened to all the beautiful ideas for the story "Twidash imperium" three years have passed since you updated or gave signs of life please tell us what happens after the unification wars, why twilight sat on the golden throne, when raimbow dash confessed his feelings for her. I am not telling you to continue the story for me but also for your followers who after all this time are waiting for you to rise as Roboute the Primarch "Roboute Guilliman" and continue this story showing that the twidah imperium is not dead but risen.

Also you followers like this comment to show that you also want the story to continue.

Are you still here?

Hey will there be any updates to A Mother's Love

Um, that means when will you hurry the F*** UP AND DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!! I love your stories, but I need something new, for f**** sake.

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