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Discord is bored out of his skull with being good. So he's going to try being evil again! But how can he do it without getting caught? By shapeshifting into a changeling so he can shapeshift into a disguise of course! What a brilliant plan!

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Hmnn.. I have a bunch of ideas rolling around in zero-gravity in, or perhaps to the side, of my head. Let's see... Oh, how about these?

Idea #00231: Try to seduce Chrysalis. (You ARE a changeling stallion.)

Idea #07832: Disguise as the Slenderpony, then dress up in the most frou-frou outfit in existence and walk around town.

Idea #00110: Disguise as Spike, then reshelve the books as upside down, in reverse-alphabetical order, backwards, in categories where ponies would LEAST expect them to be, or a combination of all these, Thenm either:
a. get caught
b, disguise as Twilight and ask Spike for a book
c. hide and wait for Twilight herself to notice.

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Be Rarity, have mud fight with someone.

Keep with the pokemon refernces. Throwing a rock at Rainbow? PRICELESS!!! :rainbowlaugh:

Hmm... Maybe Rainbow could have a tea party? :trixieshiftright:

Buying oranges,VEEEERY EVIL:twilightblush:

I seem to have misplaced my face, but this suit is quite dashing!


It feels so good to just write something a be like "Ok, I'm just going to have fun with this and not give a damn what anybody thinks."

This is my current mindset after the last little problem.


It's a very satisfying mindset to have when writing stories

and it was fun...you Go GO Discord...uh I mean New Changeling Villain :derpyderp2:

1. Walk 50 times into town in 50 different new disguises.
2. Let Pinkie welcome you in town everytime and let her promise a "Welcome in Ponyville"-Party (patent pending).
3. Watch as Pinkie tries to organize 50 parties at the same time (even she should have a limit, right?)
4. ???
5. Profit!

Consider me tickled pink!:pinkiehappy:
I was giggling like an idiot the whole way!:rainbowlaugh:
P.S. Have Discord turn into Fluttershy and start making moves on everyone!

Transform into Twilight and be lazy as heck, or act like Trixie, that will surly couse some confuson.

Also, a perfect name for Discords changeling form: Deranged! ...Dunno, I just find it fitting

Have Changeling Discord go to each of the Mane Six separately and come up with a different sob story for each of them about how being a changeling is so horrible and you're desperate for some equality!

Turn Derpy into a PhD graduate in theoretical physics?

You do realize that you are trying to rationalize Pinkie Pie, right?

disguise as vinyl, go out into public with a 'borrowed' cello and play

run screaming through town as an anthro Lyra (hands and everything) yelling out "My humanizing spell worked!" Demostrate on random ponies.

disguise as human. Stare at Lyra through her window. Disappear if she spots you.

Disguise as random colt with obscene cutie mark, tell passing ponies in exquisite detail how you got it and what it means.

Turn into Prince Blueblood and start performing acts of vandalism throughout Ponyville.

...why stick to just doing the opposite of what a pony would usually do? There's a lot more ways to spread chaos than simply inverting every single pony.

I know it will fail, but does Discord know that? In the end Pinkie will just say she knew the whole time but she just likes to throw parties, and 50 times the party is 50 times the fun!:pinkiehappy:

Suggestions have ended for chapter 1! Thank you all for your support in my insanity.

Chapter 2 should be up sometime between now and monday night.

You need an alibi Discord... erm, "Deranged". I suggest you make a Discord Copy, and have a scrap with him, to make it look like that it isn't you that's causing all of this chaos, Just in case everyone finds out that it IS you...

Shadow the Devil Pony has gone above and beyond the line of duty and thought of an eeeevvviiillll changeling name for me: Deranged! I’m so pleased with this that not only does he get the distinction of being my #1 evil minion, but I shall use his suggestion for today’s evil plan!

I had to read that twice to make sure I read that right... My heart almost jumped out of my chest as I did.

Lord/King/Princess/What ever you prefer Deranged, I would be honored to be your #1 evil minion!

1. Turn into the original Rainbowdash from the old mlp shows and stalk her
2. Stare at Lyra as a human and when she looks out the window hide.
3. Turn into Big Mac and say that he is a magical princess while he skips around PonyVille
4. Turn into Celestia and banish everyone to the MOON!!!!!!!!!!

I dare say Cometail has good ideas

Gonna throw in some o my own though
1. Turn into Celestia and humiliate her in every way possible
2. Turn into Sombra and watch all ponies panick
3. Use the clone pool thingy, multiple Derangedes! Not sure if I said that right!

Ps. DOn't no matter what you do go loco.... by that I mean flipping your moral standard coin.

urn into scootaloo and do a sonic boom right in front of rainbow dash the look on her face should be priceless. or turn into each of the cutie mark crusaders with the opposite of what there cutie mark should be the chaos of what they will do should be hilarious to watch and will distract the ponies from you. or just turn into spike with a letter from celesita telling twilight she is disappointed in her that would cause some chaos. sometimes it the little things that cause the most chaos.

Turn into Pinkie Pie and put poison joke in all of the cupcakes! :pinkiecrazy:

Turn into Rainbow Dash and go to confess your "love" to Applejack.

Deranged could transform into Rarity. And "Rarity" could confess "her" love to Sweetie Belle (and Junebug). That's pretty evil right?

Turn into Princess Bic Mac and invite everyone to an Tea Party. The expressions on their faces should be priceless

make a pony other than dash to the sonic rainboom

Turn into Rainbow Dash and Reenact Rainbow factory with every Foal in Ponyville.
Ahhh, just the thought of their delightful shrieks is music to my ears!

Create a hive... Filled with your faithful minions to help you cause mass chaos.


No way! Physics/Botany is my OTP! Those two are so cute together :heart:

Turn into Time Turner, convince him you're him from the future and that he--and only he--has to build a time machine to save Equestria. Sabotage all his efforts, and when he inevitably goes to Twilight for help, turn into her and tell him that, while time spells exist, there's no basis for the possibility of time machines (this may or may not require assurance this is true from you as Princess Celestia--better to prepare in case it does). Sit back and watch him descend into confusion, self-doubt, and potentially and hopefully madness.

If he somehow succeeds... steal the machine, making him think he's failed anyway.

make fluttershy do a sonic rainboom! :flutterrage:........:rainbowderp: :rainbowhuh:

Ideas, eh? :trollestia:
1. Switch the species of each of the Mane Six (like Pinkie becomes an alicorn, *shudder* Rainbow becomes an earth pony, Applejack becomes a pegasus, and so on.)
2. Feed off of Derpy in front of Doctor Hooves, or on Bon Bon in front of Lyra.
3. Become Pinkie Pie and care for the Cake Twins...You can imagine the rest.
4. Make multiple mirror pool copies of Celestia.
5. Transform into some random pony and then get into a fight with that pony about which one is the real one.

i still stand by my earlier suggestions! but today I add more.

Disguise as Trollestia, join pinkie and rainbow dash for pranks.

walk into the center of town as celestia, turn into a changeling version of her, make everypony doubt that's really what she says she is.

disguise as snowflake, agree to spend entire day with Sweetie belle, on grounds everything you do is in a public place.

Disguise as Big Macintosh, dress up as Mare-Do-Well and run around hiding Limburger Cheese Wheels/Wedges all around town. :trixieshiftright:

Get your fat-ass of the couch and get a job you scrub.

1. Turn into Sweetie Belle. Brag about your new cutie mark to Apple Bloom and Scootaloo, then blow them off to hang out with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. Call them blank flanks a few times for good measure.
2. Be Zecora and tell everyone about your evil plan that has only just now come to fruition thanks to them finally accepting you into their community, the trusting fools.
3. Be Pinkie. Bake sugar free cookies.
4. Use your changeling powers to disguise yourself as another changeling. Then use that changeling's powers to replace ponies on dates. "Accidentally" drop fake changeling disguise. Repeat all day. No way this can go wrong. Nope.
5. A twist on 2520369. Transform into 50 different ponies and feed off of Octavia/Vinyl/Lemonhearts/whoever that was all in the same day.

1. Turn into Spike. Propose to Rarity.
2. Turn into Rarity. Run around town dressed in a ridiculous outfit. Make ridiculous outfits for all of Rarity's customers.
3. Turn into someone and then turn into a changeling in public, casting doubt on their identity.
4. Replace Rainbow Dash. A) Lose a race. B) Go to Rarity's and tell her you'd like to get in touch with your feminine side. Have a fun spa day and let her make a fancy dress for you. Wear it around all day. Take lots of pictures.
5. Replace Pinkie. Act normal and even a little dull. Watch pandemonium and paranoia ensue.
6. Turn into an animal that Fluttershy can't tame. Watch her go crazy trying to befriend you.
7. Turn into Granny Smith and do extreme sports or other things a woman of her age shouldn't be doing.
8. Replace Cheerilee for class. Teach wacky or embarrassing nonsense, then dismiss for all-day recess.
9. Replace Diamond Tiara. Confess to the Cutie Mark Crusaders that you don't actually have your Cutie Mark--you've been too embarrassed to be a blank flank, so you've been wearing make-up to hide it all this time, and you picked on them because you feel insecure about your own cutie mark. Make friends with them and do things that would embarrass the real Diamond Tiara. In front of the whole class, announce that you are now the newest member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Take pictures while wearing the cape.

Fluttershy is capable of kicking puppies on her own...

Pinkie may be insanely energetic but she is not dumb. After the 5th or so "new" pony, she would likely decide to host a group-welcome party if there are any more of them rather than individual parties - assuming her Pinkie-sense does not tell her all those newcomers are actually the same.

Since Pinkie has a thing for getting along with everyone and getting in their minds to some extent, I would bet on Pinkie-sense tipping her off.

(Wrote this before reading the story... I guess it wouldn't be 'fair' to visiting legit ponies to not get the full Pinkie welcome experience. Still think she would notice if she were to welcome Discord multiple separate times though.)

This is too funny for words. With Discord doing Deadpool levels of referencing and snarking at the actions of others and an original idea, this should make for many more humorous moments.

As for my twisted suggestion of what Discord should do next:
Show up in ponyville as Daring Do and mess with Rainbow Dash by kissing her and then making her do whatever sadistic things you think she'd be willing to do for her Idol.

Indeed Pinkie is not dumb....
But she is Pinkie, go figure.

Hmmm ideas.....
1. Disguise as RD and check out EVERY book in the library, then burn them, in front of Twilight, and laugh, maniacally. (you wanted evil right? Also down with the narcissistic regime of PPTS!)
2. Disguise as Pound/Pumpkin/both and troll Pinkie and/or the cakes into Tartarus (metaphorically or literally, don't mind which) resulting in a shortage of sweets causing Celestia to ALSO go insane and on a rampage for delicious cake, which is now a lie.
3. Disguise as random ponies and at the welcoming party for each tell Pinkie Pie: "meh, seen better.", "You call this a party?", etc each time and wait for her sanity to break.

Hilarious chapter, but one thing you should know:
I'm a girl.

I can't wait to see what else happens. :rainbowlaugh:

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