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I got this idea from Sweet and Elite, where Twilight is dancing like an idiot. I thought: "What caused this?" And so my mind ejected this story out and I used it. Written in one day. *sigh*

Twilight has always been embarrassed with dancing, so she stopped. But, today Twilight got an invite for a Pinkie Pie dance party! She doesn't want to let Pinkie down, so what will she do?

Now, I won't bore you with "This is my first fic, so don't hate me" nonsense. So...enjoy!

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:) This looks promising. Liked, favorited, and downloaded to read, because I'll be without internet for about 3 weeks. I'll be sure to tell you what I thought when I get back. :twilightsmile:

This is top on my reading list cause I thought that same question. Will read ASAP :pinkiehappy:

The reason why I fav'd was because of the picture. I'll read this later.

Oh my gawd! so many words! well i better start :twilightoops:
Done reading i finally took the time to start, and i love it! it is really good!

It was alright, but I'd like to give you some criticism if ya don't mind.

The story seemed to jump from point to point with very little detail. If you could describe Twilight's dance more or her and Fluttershy's fears a little more, it would help. The main part was where Rarity showed up to help Twilight dance but then you skipped it. It felt like she just watched her and left, barely giving any help at all. Now, I know that she was there to help boost Twilight's confidence, but maybe a few tips would be nice too.

Only other thing is to look at your spacing for paragraphs and lines. Some of them are tabbed further than others or reset too soon (like the letter at the end).

Other than that, it was good. :twilightsmile:

Royal Tuba! Love it. :twilightsmile:

Very good story, i loved the ending and the moral was great as well.
Needs a little more detail to capture the image of the whole thing, but other then that it was very good.
8/10 :pinkiehappy:

This story made my day, your right though, I mean I'm 19 (twenty tomorrow) years old and I'm reading My little pony, everyone has their own views, and what one does with their life is their buniess....thanks for teaching me that, I'm very glad to read such a great story that for once did not have romance, I had fun and am glad both Flutters and Twi got to face their fears and do what they desired.

it was a pretty good story. the plot was good, but i want more complexity in the characters to really show the inner struggles. The ending added a nice touch of class (royal tuba ftw), but i felt Celestia's defiance at the end was a little out of character (maybe more trollestia?). :trollestia:

complete or incomplete ? i'm looking forward to the next chapter if there is one coming ?:yay:

Well, my Internet has been down for a day or two, so when it came back up, I was amazed at what you all think of my story! I have some replying to do. :ajsmug:

Thanks. Like I said, I'm going to look it over and edit it when I get the time and I'll definitely use your suggestions!

First of all, happy birthday! And actually, when I was writing this I wasn't even thinking of it that way! :pinkiegasp:

I just wanted a funny ending. And what's funnier than picturing Celestia playing a tuba?

I haven't decided whether it's done yet. I want to add another chapter, but I don't know what to do. Any ideas?
PS. Thanks for following me! :yay:

Oh, and this is for you guys!

786323 Thnak oyu and it's all chill :rainbowlaugh: I'm hopnig to see more of this amazing story:twilightsmile:

The Royal Tuba?!?!?!? my friend, you just won 1,000,000 internets. Because thats one of the fummiest things ive read in a long, long time.:rainbowlaugh::trixieshiftright:

The Royal Tuba?!?!?!? my friend, you just won 1,000,000 internets. Because thats one of the funniest things ive read in a long, long time.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Sorry for the double post, myh bad:fluttershyouch::fluttercry:

Fine by me. That just means I won 2,000,000 internets! :pinkiehappy:

It's been a while, and I finally read this.
Loved it. Have a green thumb.

next chapter should be Luna trying to destroy the royal tuba

Disgusting that this has so few views. :twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile: Five Twi's.

It's silly how one short story can give some light for the dark day.

Enjoyable story, I must admit. Here, have a thumbs up :twilightsmile:

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