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I was the first human to come to Equestria, and I will be the first to die here.

My name is Able, and in five days I will die, leaving behind a filly that looks to me for everything.

These are my last days.

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i hope it explains why shes gonna die in 5 days

Oh, and existences are "eked" out. Eeking out is something done by wet mice.

Upvoted for seriously intriguing setup.

Reads description...
nuuuu duuun't do dis to my feels.
Reads first chapter...

fuck dude, i have to get started reading these.

(reads description)
So... on the fifth day, he's in the library when it gets Tiwrecked?

Sorry, my usual response to sorrow is levity. I look forward to more.

Gonna take em, grind em up, and sell them as a low fat sweetener!

I clicked the link without reading the summary, expecting some more random pony-probing, bat fucking madness. Then this happened. God dammit.


4370472 :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: imdead *said with the cutest voice scince the cutest voice*:pinkiehappy:

That makes me think... why are our banners stuck at that one? It won't let me change iit...:applecry:

Season 4 spoiler....:eeyup:

Damn you and your damned, dirty, haberdasher heartachery.

<Late edit> So thanks for that. Twat.

What...I don't get a so thanks for that!?:pinkiegasp:


4370671 Your face is a facist. Wait....

I'll fascist your Germany so hard...

Now bend over....:eeyup:

I really liked this side of Discord, great work.

Oddly specific to know exactly when you die. Somethings up.

Comment posted by EonAon deleted May 11th, 2014

wow that is alot the feels the feels discord acutlly sorry for something wow :fluttercry::fluttershysad::fluttershysad:

Deleted for spoilers

Next time use a spoiler tag yo.

4372635 I meant that is a lot of back info , heavy feels and shock that discord is sorry for some thing he did

Ah, Discord. A dead body is just so much less interesting than a living one. One fewer members of the audience, one fewer potential victims, one possibility forever rendered im-. Death is the antithesis of chaos, and the poor fellow finds himself unable to resist it. No wonder he broke down.

A bit over the top, but the narrator was clearly a dear friend of the draconequus.

Still, I can't even begin to guess how interesting Silver Spoon's life will be from now on. :twilightoops:

Looking forward to more, especially since we're finally finding out how humans got to your Equestria in the first place.

4374268 sorry my bad I didn't understand what you meant

A perfect example of Discord's character. He likes to have fun but in the show he never actually hurt anyone.

Just a friendly tip, you may want to reconsider the overuse of ellipsis (...) throughout the story and instead consider using a comma. Otherwise, it kind of breaks the immersion (for me at least).

All aboard the feels train! Choo Choo. All the way to Feeliadelphia.

I made a river... Holy hell this is depressing... But lovely in a sense.:fluttercry:

Wow. Okay, I really hope we get see more of this guy's life if he made this much of an impact of Celestia. (Also, her of all ponies saying "Dear god" feels kind of weird.) She's seen friends die for more than a millennium. What's so special about this one?

Sorry, that came out a lot more callous than I intended. Also, I think I may have my answer. It never stops hurting any less for Tia. She just hides it better. And when this one refuses any help she might give, that lowers the floodgates.

Looking forward to more.

Awww, poor Celestia, i can't imagen how many times the poor mare have had to Watch loved ones pass away.

The stories pretty sad but the comments are so amusing I end every chapter with a laugh.:rainbowlaugh:

I swear the opening of this song keeps playing over and over when I read this...

Well one of my favorite anime characters dies right after asking if she can rest for a little bit. It is probably the most calm and peaceful death's I have ever seen, yet it hit harder than any of the violent and flashy ones...

4381566 What anime is that from?

I stopped in the middle of the sidewalk to take off my hat and bow my head.

May your rest come easy son, the bell shall toll heavy from your passing

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