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Sometimes it seems like the worst days can't ever get better. Fortunately, Pinkie's here to take you out for a night. Could she cheer you up with a good dose of the laughter she's known for?

Second person HumanxPinkie waifuing.

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Comments ( 25 )

Pretty nice, a good story and a pretty good ending.
I think I noticed one sentence which wasn't very readable, but all on all it was pretty clear.

This is so stupid and the writer is bad

5281936 ur good enfings ideas are stupid this is bad stp lieing to the writer

She's so...bouncy


Let him troll. We all already know he can't write anything as good as this. No point in feeding him for being a troll. He will go back to his cave later.

Thank you for the good read, Author. You get my like and then some. :pinkiehappy:

From hell, to you, and back again,
Soto Konoha, Fort Impression On Everypony

This was a fun, cutesy read. Thanks for the writing!

Gotta love that Pinkie Pie.

Simply adorable

I was expecting something cute and warm, but THIS IS A WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF ADORABLENESS.

Hold up a sec, let me check... yep, my heart exploded in my chest. Thanks a lot, I just got it replaced. The cuteness is strong with this story! :pinkiehappy:

Awwww, i loved how Pinkie admitted she "like liked" him, it was adorable. :heart:

I really like this idea and story, but the typing kinda confused me a little. I really do like this story and I was wondering if I could do a sort-of remake of it, but with my own human character.

This is a great story, but I think you're missing the dialogue for the second person. You might wanna consider that.
Even so, pretty good story. One favorite coming right up.

I think it was one of those first person view stories where the premise of what is said, and the reader is supposed to fill in what was said. Which can be hilarious if you mentally fill in valid rude response.
Ex: "How would you like your baked potato?" Asks the Unicron waitress. You give her the instructions for your potato. "Okay, I'll have the orders out for you two shortly," the waitress with the beaming smile said.
Fill it in with:
"I would like it plain", "Just a pat of butter on it ma'am", "I would like some sour cream cutie", or "bitch, I want everything on it! Ya cunt."
Also funny if you fill in with nonsense responses: (still the potato example)"They played us like a damn FIDDLE!!"

6655531 I'm not too keen with that kinda stuff. Just not my thing, ya know?

6657250 Yeah, I feel ya.
It's kinda weird when you come across one of those. When I first came across one, it actually took me like ten chapters to actually notice the 'dialogue' from the human, when it pulled that mechanism for the human to just say 'yeah'. It was from there that I noticed the mechanic.
Then I had some fun with some of the moments. Which was especially funny since it was a romance with Rarity.:rainbowlaugh:

This was decent and sweet. Thumbs up. :pinkiehappy:

A truly anon Anon, how intriguing!


Sweet sweet and fun

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