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Just a place to host my pony-related ramblings.

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1081868 *jumps through fourth wall and hugs Lyra*

Aha! I read this when you posted it anonymously. I didn't know it was you. I really like it, for being such a short little thing.

Thanks. The only reason I really put this up was to see how unplanned impulsive writing would go.

Oh hey! I remember seeing you post the Pastebin version of this on /mlp/, I was even one of the people begging you to post it. Had no idea it was you at the time, but that's good to know considering I really like your other material.

Great fic you've got here, feels bad though knowing >I will never be comforted by my horse waifu

>tfw no horse waifu

amazing very amazing :pinkiehappy:

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