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Just a place to host my pony-related ramblings.

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Sometimes it seems like the worst days can't ever get better. Fortunately, Pinkie's here to take you out for a night. Could she cheer you up with a good dose of the laughter she's known for?

Second person HumanxPinkie waifuing.

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In which in an odd land, one particular pony becomes many things for a lost one.

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A day with Applejack goes a pleasant few ways.

Thought I'd finish this up before the world probably doesn't end. It'd be nice to spend it with a pony, though. Also, comments and criticism would be very helpful!

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When Jonathan Smith awakes one day transformed into an entirely new form, in a world anathema to everything he knows, he finds himself struck by bizarre situations one after another. Yet, his metamorphosis has only just begun, as his perceptions and thoughts of his life and the world around him being to change as well.

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