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A man who loses his sight in an accident moves to Equestria for work and makes a new friend that Is a sarcastic female Griffin.

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Good spelling and grammar, but there's a problem. It's going too fast! Slow down and describe some stuff. I know visual details won't work, but what does he notice with other senses that a regular person wouldn't?

Also, I think you may be pushing the blindness a bit much. We've heard the story about the eagles several times now. We get it. Let's go on with the story.

Overall, a unique idea. Not bad, but could use some polish.

Good story I like I can never find a good humanxgilda fic or they never last past 3 or 4 chapters.

2290422 That's what I thought and I decided to make one because I like the Idea.

This is an interesting story. Could be a bit more descritptive, but it is still good. Plus it is a human/Gilda romance.
Hope to see more of this.

Yes awesome new chapter now give me Moar


Yay we get to meet another person who hates Gilda. Huzzah

I know you updated it today but i really hope you do update this more frequently.

2839949 So what did you think of this chapter?

2844680 What did I do?

A Flutterdash? Meh...

2850006 I probably won't do much more than mention them after the next chapter.

Liking it so far!

I like it but more please

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