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Sorry it's taking me so long... · 2:52pm May 15th, 2014

I have been wanting to write but every time i have a good idea I completely loose the motivation to even write it down.

I was going to insert a humorous gif but the site seems to not be letting me take it from my computer...anyway I hope to get back to writing soon without my weirdness getting in the way. If anyone actually reads this thank you.

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Random weirdness. · 2:22am Dec 20th, 2013

I just went through my favorites and at the end of the pages there were 7.8 blank pages, and I am missing a lot of the fics that I KNOW I read. Each page holds about 10 fics so that would have to be 78 fics that are just gone...Seriously if people quit or don't feel like writing anymore I think they should leave their fics up so people that still like them and want to read them still can. Its just sad that I can't even remember the names of some of those stories.

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You decide · 4:15pm Dec 19th, 2013

I am having trouble focusing on which story to write on Now i see why having so many is a bad Idea. Which one should I spend the most time on? I'm giving the decision to anyone who still cares about my stories.

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Good news, bad news. · 4:50pm Dec 3rd, 2013

Good news is I got a new laptop and a new phone. Also I put out a chapter of Growing Up In Equestria. Bad news is I have to go back to work today. But more good news is I may have a new chapter out later this week/early next week! But I'm not telling which story it is!

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Pawning my laptop. · 10:32pm Jul 11th, 2013

I am out of money and need it so I will be pawning my laptop until I can pay back for it. All my stories will probably not update until after that but I will be still working on them.

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Good news, bad news. · 12:41am Jun 8th, 2013

The good news is I have a job now with a Trucking company. The bad news is that I will not be able to write and update my stories as even as much as I have been. But I am still working on them I am hoping that I can make them into a considerable series and get better at writing and sorting my ideas along the way. But I will be making freight deliveries with somewhere between 11 hour shifts (how long you can legally drive a truck for at one time in one 14 hour continuously.) Then I have to

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STUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! · 6:30pm Mar 19th, 2013

Yay I finally posted a new chapter for GUiE and also now I'm releasing a new story and got the first chapter of it out.

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have new stories · 4:34am Feb 15th, 2013

Have some new stories, Probably bad writing and grammar not started typing them and part is on paper and on my phone. but I have about 8 chapters for one new story and 2 for another. I will not be using any canon after episode 2 of season 3.

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Free associating pony princesses with human religion · 4:07pm Jan 18th, 2013

Been thinking about the princesses and stuff for a few minutes, princess celiestia could have died and come back but not moved on to heaven, she banished luna just like god banished satan, but luna is good now (different). just kinda thought it was weird and it is weird for me even to think about it just wanted to post it see what people think.

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Life isn't worth it. · 6:48pm Nov 20th, 2012

Hello anybrony who cares. This is m.fost litkely th.e l.ast anything im doing. I absolitely hate my life and am going to end it. I just want to thank everyone for the amazing stories and for reading the beginning of my crappy fic. Bye.

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