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Interesting concept, could use a bit more editing. some words seemed to be missing, or just the wrong word in general. and the Romance tag has me questioning exactly what could go down. :pinkiecrazy:

3130694 Yeah sorry about that I'm not too good at typing on my android device. I also have dyslexia and it is a bit difficult to order the letters in the words right. Also what do you specifically think about this, should I try to continue it?

3135210 Yes continue, I would like to see where you were going with this idea. like I stated before, the romance tag had me confused and would love to see how that played out. Whether it be with the ghost in itself or between other characters. This story could go in many different directions, and I Wanna see what you had planned.

I can piece together missing and broken words/ sentences simply because of my horrible typing ability. usually after writing a paragraph there's about 8 some mistakes or something is worded strange. As long as the basic idea is in the sentence I can figure it out. I'm not picky about what I read :derpytongue2:

And in the end its up to you to continue if you wish it. If you forgot your original idea and don't wish to continue writing that is perfectly fine with me. I'm also reading your other fics as well. hehe :eeyup:

Continue the other stories

3291958 I am this is just an idea I wanted to get down quick before I forgot it.

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