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Just read the story and loved it!

Please tell me this isn't a one shot!

...It's a one shot. (Sorry!)
But thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it.


You bastard! You killed my day

you tease i love you want more

The first 95% was amazing! Then I figured how this was going to end... Such an great setup that just died on me. I'm with Zakari on this one. The story needs an epilogue or something cause leaving it like that just kills. It's still an awesome stand alone, I'm just greedy.

this was awesome there's not enough human x derpy fanfictions out there

I had no problem with where it ended, though the denouement felt a little forced.

Sigh, I need some closure, need me that epilogue. Was really good, but wanted some actual feelings from the human, ditzy deserves for someone to love her for who she is. The scene would be so emotiona!

This deserves more likes. And a sequel. :twilightsmile:

I see you like the "leave them wanting more" tactic, very clever. I like this.


Guh! The...cutness....it's to.....MUCH!!

omg omg omg

not many derpy and human fics around this is pure gold. very well written and my feels! MY FEELS!
love how you end all of your stories. you always end your stories in such a manner that seem almost like a bed time story or something. its like philosophical in a way. absolutely love your writing style.

please sequel?

This story really punched me in Appendix, my re-purposed "feels" organ. :twilightoops:
Very good read.:scootangel:

“I know what I must do.”

Without hesitation, she takes to the air once more, positions herself a good distance away from the nearest window, and takes aim with her bubble-covered rump.


I'm very glad I found this story, it just made my day so much better!

So cute!

It was the best fiction I have ever read.

I'm literally crying right now...


this was amazing. i'd love to see another chapter of this or maybe a sequel but i feel like that might ruin what we have here! :applecry: i just don't know what would be better!

Absolutely adorable, just like Derpy herself! :derpytongue2:

A broken lamp is one thing, how is she gonna explain the window?

"Wait, why is the window all busted up?"

"An exit! I was building you an emergency exit! Can never have too many of those, right?":derpytongue2:

Very nice.


The little street, with its modest homes built in the traditional Ponyville style, is empty during this time of day, when most everyone is at school or work.

almost everyone


Isn't 'most every_____' a typical poetic device?

Always makes my hnnggger go hnngg. :rainbowkiss:

5788612 CUTENESS! Soowwy, fow me howwibre engrissh! :fluttercry:

Aw jeez, falling into dawwwabetic coma... soo cuuuute! :pinkiehappy:

Before reading the story, I couldn't for the life of me figure out how that picture could possibly relate to the story! XD Now I see. Well done! :3

This was... so...
*clutches chest*
*collapses dead*:derpytongue2:

Why are you just so good? Are there any horse words you have written that aren't just gold?

Very good fic. Nice job

And now I've read every one of your stories. Damn I wish you hadn't retired, your works are all beautiful.

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