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This story is a sequel to Pirate Hats and Whatnot

Time flows on, the seasons change, and Anon continues to acclimate to his new life in a bizarre land of marshmallow horses. Thankfully, even in such a strange world, there are still some familiar truths he can depend on. The sun will rise in the east each day, the bare trees will soon be covered by brilliant green leaves, and the songbirds will return to the forest near his home at the first hint of spring...

Yes, even in a new world, there are certainties. And though he may not yet realize it, the fact that he lives in the same town as a particular pink pony means his latest plan to catch fish is most certainly going to be interrupted.

Ending Illustration provided by LeStrange

It's recommended that you read the original short story before reading this one.

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 69 )

>New completed GMOH story
>High pitched screaming


Sudden 40,000 words out of nowhere, holy shit.



damnit dude, all of this talk of you leaving and you're still making stories...

I mean I'm happy that we still get stories from you but quit keeping me on the fence in this unsure state of uncertainty, IT'S TEARING ME APARRRTTT :raritydespair:

Some say that ghosts hang around because they have lingering regrets. For me, my lingering regret was that this story, which was fully planned out over 2 years ago, never got written.

Well, here it is. And now I'm finally at peace. :yay: No need to wonder, this is my last little story. It was a long time coming, but I'm very happy with how it turned out.

This, this is too bittersweet, y'know? The fact that this is also your last story just brings it home.

There's this feeling of melancholy that somehow pervades this story, not that it's a bad thing. In fact, I think that was just what this tale needed to make it so memorable for me. That, and the little bits of symbolism I keep seeing that further cements the mood of the story.

And yet, I don't feel sad about it all. Your stories usually end on the same mold; done in a way that warrants no loose threads but open enough to let the reader think freely on their "ever after", to make it seem that their adventures haven't truly ended but it's up to us to figure out where'd they would go next.

It's the same as this one, only this time it not only feels as your last hurrah but your Anon's as well. But it doesn't seem that way for me at least. It feels like your take on his tale has ended here, and it's all on us to continue his story all based solely on our own imagination.

I think that's the best parting gift you could ever give to us as the readers. Thank you.


Wait. Last story! Nooooooooooooo!!!!!:raritydespair:

I was just going to leave on long fuck here but..
This was really really fucking bittersweet. Cant help but tear up especially the last two chapters, yet still get warm fuzzies by the whole thing.
Love your work. Love this story.

Hmmhmm... Yes... even a story that was supposed to be done two years ago, and only just came out. It's really great, the story is fantastic and the ending leaves you able to imagine. To me it seems like Anon fell for AJ... and in a way they're slowly building a romantic relationship. And will continue to do so in the future. Once more you wrote a good second person story man. I love it.

That was absolutely delightful, and I spent more time smiling than not.

and… and I had my eyes open the entire time and I still don’t know what happened!”

Boy, do I know that feeling.

See, this is how to use melancholy. Bittersweet but so, so right. Well done. :ajsmug:

Comment posted by 593322 deleted May 21st, 2016

To hear that your intent was successfully conveyed to the reader is probably the best compliment a writer can get. (That C&H comic nails it, and to see it posted here put a smile on my face.) Thanks, man.

And thank you, random guy whose offhand comment on the original story resulted in this one being written. Hope it was worth the wait!

Short, but fun. This had something very relaxing about it, like one of those slow summer afternoons when you've got nothing to do but lay around and have a barbecue. It's a weird feeling to get from a story here, I'll tell you that much. It was weirdly nostalgic.

I have to say, that's one unhappy looking kite, though.

Well done my friend. I love it.
There is a sense of peace in this story that you can't really find in a lot of places.

Bear with me on this one as it is a bit of a wild theory right there, but what if Anon was actually the father in the story about the rocket and not the kid? For all we know he could be 40 years old and his son might have been fully grown by now, as he seems to know a thing or two about letting children go onto their own. Something like an older widower Anon would be the first for me.

:pinkiesmile: It was left intentionally ambiguous so that the reader could decide. He could indeed be either the father or the son in that story.

Great story, sad to know that it's your last.

Many writers have noted that 2nd person stories are the hardest to tell, given the innate limitations on descriptive terminology and narrative viewpoint resulting from every act being told to the reader by a narrator who's only interested in what the reader, the 'you', is experiencing.

Few writers can prove flexible enough to maintain a living, dynamic story for very long using this approach.

But you've managed to accomplish it. Quite well, I might add.

And remember, this is coming from the most unsympathetic and merciless critic on the site.

This is it. GMOH's going away present, the last story we can expect to enjoy from his consummately talented hands. It's just as bittersweet as I was expecting.

As sad as I am that it's ended, I could scarcely be happier with how it ended. It's a great relief to me to hear that you took enjoyment in writing this final story; I think it would sully the idea of a going away present if it were any other way. And I am glad that it ends here, if that's how it must be. I'd much rather remember you by the few ludicrously good stories you've written so far than have you stick around, toiling without passion or inspiration to appease a misplaced sense of duty.

That said, you'll be missed dearly. Your writing has brought me a level of enjoyment and solidarity almost unmatched in my own life. One need only glance briefly at the comments on your works or ask around for people's opinions to see how nigh-unanimously this consensus is held among others familiar with your work. One can only guess at the impact your words have had during their brief time spent with everyone who's read them. Knowing definitively that we've seen the last of them is not unlike bidding farewell to an old friend. It hurts, but it wouldn't do to focus on that and undermine the good memories.

So, though it's been said many times and many times more eloquently, thank you for everything, gmoh. I could never forget it, nor put to words just how much it means to me. You strike me as the type to always try to be upbeat, so I'll just offer my hope that you remain positive and always find the best in life.

Cheers, and best of luck to you in the future!

What a wonderful send-off! Thank you so much. It never fails to amaze me how deeply some people have enjoyed these stories. It's funny to think that something I started doing because I was bored ended up being so beloved. As our Anon in this story says, life is certainly full of surprises, and I look forward to what comes next.

>new story by GMOH


>last story by GMOH


It reminds me a bit of the 'Streets of Whiterun' song, strangely enough. For some reason, it's always made me feel a weird mixture of melancholy and satisfaction.


You've got the characters voices down pat. I feel like I'm reading the script for an episode.

“What was that sayin’ Applejack always said Pa used to tell her? ‘When the twister’s already on top of ya, there’s no point in runnin’ and hidin’ from it’, right?”

She dutifully places the leftovers in the fridge, gives one last glance to the mostly finished list of chores, and then heads for the door.

“Sometimes, I guess you just have to let the wind carry ya…”

I would like to point this out as a perfect example of one of the literary methods used to make a story of any sort come to life. Every locale/nation/period of time has its own familiar maxims, idioms, and anecdotes. A truly creative writer will always come up with some which will fit the world and culture about which they are writing. This can be done either by creating completely unique ones for that world, while phrasing them in such a way or using them in a context in which the average reader will catch the meaning, or by making slight adaptions to existing familiar sayings such that they will fit the setting.

Such as the Diamond Dogs having a saying such as, "Gem in paw worth two in rock." We are immediately reminded of the 'bird in the hand' idiom by the obvious context and structural similarities. 'Pullin' my tail' instead of 'pulling my leg' is another example used in the show.

"Lord of the Rings" took this to astounding levels by not only creating a huge slew of sayings, but also using them in the invented languages, often in succession, so that readers genuinely felt that the characters were real people with a real history and living culture.

It's what I'm aiming for in the story I'm currently writing when I have time... and dear lord does it take effort and many many edits. I admire those who can pull it off with ease in their writing.

7234507 you're fuckin everywhere dude.

There's nothing I can say about this story that hasn't already been said by people way more eloquent than me so this comment is more gonna be about your stories as a whole. I started reading your stuff years ago because I was looking for more quality fanfiction and your stuff came highly recommended. I ended up reading everything you wrote because it was fantastic fiction regardless of subject matter. It sucks to see you go but I can't think of a better goodbye than this. Thanks for all the stories. They really meant a lot to a lot of people and that's something I hope you take pride in.

Thanks! I'm always glad to hear that my little library of horsewords brought some enjoyment to someone.

Always a welcomed sight and wow it's been that long!? Time sure does fly don't it. Better ready my feelings and other things cos I'm ready for another dose of good readin'! Miss ya man.

Not usually a huge fan of SoL... but as usual, you pulled it off to an astounding degree. I didn't get too much of the melancholy feeling others are describing, rather a feeling of warmth. Each and every character feels central to the plot, and the way they're written gives one an almost newfound appreciation for all of them. I genuinely laughed out loud at both Applebloom's antics and Anon's responses, and the way the story wraps up gives the reader a feeling of hope that goes beyond just the fic.

This is definitely one of those fics that makes an impact and will stand out for me for a long, long time... Thanks for writing, GMOH!

That was beautiful. I fell in love with this story! Read it all in one sitting and for me, a slow reader, that is no small chunk of clock

I utterly love this story.

I'm glad to hear it! The subject matter isn't the most exciting (no action, no drama) so it seems to have flown under most people's radars. But I think this is unquestionably the best thing I've ever written and it was definitely worth the effort to put together.

7400034 Yeah. I can say I was moved by it.

I especially loved the idea of Anon and AJ. Not just as an AJ fan but I liked how it wasn't about anything physical. It was purely companional, just being their for each other, and that's beautiful.

I'm sad to hear your done, I would almost love to hear a story where he bonds with Mac, a sorta bromance. But time will tell I suppose.

Very cute story. Only one suggestion: trim the fat a bit. You don't have to describe or elaborate on things that should be obvious to the audience. Biggest example of this was the description of how AJ was feeling after anon said the thing about letting them fly.

So cute. Your work needs more views. If I were a man with many followers I would start a repost request or something. Good job!

I approve of the shipbait that I may or may not be imagining in this story. Good, solid ship, taking its time and making sense. That and AJ is second best pony! :twilightsmile:

7235613 That was my first thought. Not that he WAS the father, but the way he described it, and his talk with AJ here, it could be either/or. Very open to interpretation, and I love it. Well written indeed! :pinkiehappy:

Aah, and some bait to feed my inner shipper for a finish. Faved, and wonderful job good sir.

Normally, 2nd person stories are rather difficult to become immersed in due to the constant 'you' and 'your' and so forth pull the reader out of the narrative and cause them to think of themselves in the position, which invariably results in thoughts of, "But I wouldn't respond that way..." or other interference.

This is a story in the 2nd person which goes on a very small list of those which made me forget I was in the place of the main character.

The narrative and descriptive tone was, at many points, laced through with what one could call properly prose, rather than prosaic. The woven words did more than simply paint a picture in bright colors; they also held the emotion and meaning of the image, which well-crafted narration should do in addition to inducing a visual representation of the scene.

There is also that which is left to the reader to interpret and ponder; not everything about our Anon is revealed, and it doesn't need to be for the story's purposes. It is as important in a story to know what not to tell as it is that which must be told.

I'm impressed with this story.

I appreciate the in-depth comments! I'll be the first to admit that second person really isn't an ideal viewpoint to tell a story. It's actually deceptively difficult to write well. This story cheats a little in that it's only half in second person since the perspective shifts between 3 of the main characters throughout, but I figured that since I started my horse words writing "career" with a second person story, I'd want to end it on one too.

Glad you were able to get some enjoyment out of it!

“She wanted to fly.”

Oh look... Hey there are the tears.

Wow, I never thought I'd get so invested in a story about kites. But it really wasn't the kites, huh? It just goes to show that with enough time, care, and patience, you can really bring out the most out of a simple concept.

I wasn't in the best mood, but after this, I'm now in a much better mood now. I really enjoyed this. Thanks :heart:

chapters like this from you make me want to get this bound into a hard cover.

If you ever do, save a copy for me!

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