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Anon delivers a somewhat late, very unexpected birthday present to Rainbow Dash.

[ An audio version of this story has been made available courtesy of Landon. Awesome! ]

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It's from getmeouttahere? It's good stuff-like and fav'd.

Lol adorable as heck.

I have the weirdest boner right now.

:rainbowderp: getmeouttahere? Another story from my favorite fic writer of all time?! :pinkiegasp: WHY DO I HAVE TO BE GOING TO BED RIGHT NOW :raritycry: I SHALL READ IT AS SOON AS I GET A CHANCE MARK MY DAMN WORDS


Edit 2: AWESOME!

Your the best getmeouttahere. Just the best.

That was actually quite adorable. Jolly good show, author. Jolly good.

>Getmeouttahere has posted a new story
You didn't. You're dead. S-senpai~

Even zombies like me are able to shamble around sometimes if they put their minds to it. :rainbowderp:

That was adorable.

(By the way, I google image searched "rainbow dash dog". Then I scrolled down. That was a mistake that I'm surprised I didn't see coming.)

GetMeOuttaHere posts a story?

Today is a good day.

Lovely. :heart:

5295177 And it's an amazing story! DO NOT FORGET THIS.

That was awesome.
You're the best

Cute. I was going to get upset at Human here (I refuse to call any of these people Anon) when he realized what was going on but decided to keep doing it - but Dashie was a better sport than I figured. And honestly, it was a silly story.

Well maybe his hands get ponies to show their strongest trait. A dog is loyal and Dash is the Element of Loyalty, therefore Dash acts like a dog.

This was funny, and adorable. Very good job :)

Why. The fuck. Wasn't this already a thing.
This is one of the most hypnotising stories I've seen in a long time, good job on that.

This was amazingly cute

this was incredibly cute! :rainbowkiss:

yay you wrote another story! the legend is back! really though great story.

Great as always!:twilightsmile:

5296129 The pony in your profile pic is tipping a jar of water with not magic and not using her mouth, explain or illuminati confirmed.

It was utterly hillarious!

This was wonderful. A nice, happy, warm-hearted little short full of d'aww and lols.

Excellent work, boss. :twilightsmile:

That was a very funny premise. I can definitely follow the logic and it fit together well in my head.

On a side note I have to ask if this is actually the last piece of pony fiction you plan to write? I distinctly remember reading a comment from you saying that you weren't planning on writing any more pony but then this shows up.


Oh my god getmeouttahere posted a story


after reading: it's a known fact, ponies can't resist squeaky thrown objects.:moustache:

I knew this was gonna be good before I read it, awesome read. I really hope that you write more.

one minute you were walking down the street talking on the phone with a friend, and the next you were suddenly falling through the air from a ridiculous height, your woefully short life flashing before your eyes.

Sounds like almost every modern Sonic Game.

This was funny and cute at the same time. Thanks for the fun story :twilightsmile:

"...I think that humans might express their magic through their hands."

Lyra: HANDS!!!

Its so hard not to fight the cuteness!

You know, I want to see more of this "human magic" at work.

This interesting, great fun and really cute. Only thing wrong with it is the second person narrative. It is a ridiculous way to tell a story and any character good enough to be worth reading about has enough of a personality that they might as well get a name as part of the deal.

Still, have a like, for this is a great read as long as I force myself to ignore all the "you's".

Happy writing.

That was wonderful. The Dawwws were well done and not overly forced and it's all wrapped up in a nice package of humorous absurdity.

Oh how I have missed you and your stories.
The d'awwws are strong with this one

So is this just a random thought, or you coming back?

Loved it.

Unfortunately this is a random spur-of-the-moment thing, where the idea was so cute I had to write it to get it out of my head. I'm still spending my days in the retirement home for old writers, whittling on the porch and talking about the war to anyone who'll listen, so don't expect me to pop up again anytime soon.

Humans have the magic of Fetch? Truly, never has so great a power been entrusted into the limbs of a species so ready to abuse it.

Aside from fetch, scratches and earning the obsession of mint-green musical unicorns, what else can hand-magic do?

5297627 ninjutsu and hand signs!
Lyra: puppetrty!
... if I throw my shoe, my smelly, athlete's foot shoe, will you fetch it?
Lyra: no, maybe Luna
luna: Hm? what?
*throws shoe* well?
Lyra: i am immune to your hand magic *goes to scratch her* except that- hm~*thumps foot*
Luna; *Drops shoe* I... I have no idea why I did that...
bring me the paper
Luna: *drops paper* I... I... I'm going to go lay down...
Lyra: so we learned that hands are magic, literally and figuratively

5296153 that's aquarius, the most overtly sexual of the zodiac ponies, other end, libra, who wants love

5298618 Try telling that to Twilight.



*snicker* :trollestia:

5297627 It would be awesome if Human Animal Commands" worked.


Of course the univerce might implode if someone used stay on Pinkie

5298759 I have no fucking idea! (I am on a sugar high.)

5298759 I'm going to take a moment to be logical here, can you explain what/who the pony is?


"It's the hands, baby..."

New headcanon accepted! :twilightsmile:

And who wouldn't want to pet a pretty pony too? Humans are lucky because we can not only nuzzle (like a pony), but add two more hands (which are more nicer than hard hooves).

Now to set up shop in the Market selling ear scritches, 1 bit a minute. (I'll be rich!)

D'aaaaaaaaaaaawww! This story is so adorable and cute. <3


You can't outrun the muses forever! One day you'll be back, and we'll be waiting

Hnnghs were had~

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