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Rainbow Dash asks a friend to proofread a story for her. What he doesn't realize, of course, is that the story may be more than just a tale.

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Okaaaaaaay... never really been into human/pony shipping, or 2nd-person fic for that matter, but this wasn't really bad or anything. The main

F#ck this, I'm not a critic. Maybe Sir Squidfish or someone will leave a review. If I really like a story, I write lyrics in the comments. Otherwise, I just read.

Nice story man! I thought it was pretty funny and a good read since I was bored out of my mind before reading this

You sir made an excellent story.
Here, have a mustache. :moustache::moustache::moustache:

Nice job on this fic .really liked it.:ajsmug:

I like the idea. Have a thumbs-up.

Oh, wow. Depressing and hilarious at the same time.

Needs a continuation. That's the only problem.

needs a continuation, a few grammar mistakes (excluding rbd's.) and on a side note, WOW THAT GUY IS ******* CLUELESS!


The funny thing is, that this thing was run though about 5 proof readers. And most I caught were a few typos. Told him where to find 'em.


It's a story style called "Rainbro Dash"
The main character, Anonymous, has no clue/is think as a brick when it comes to RD's crush on him, while everyone else can see it as plain as day.
I think there are a few that made the trip from 4chan.

Left me incredibly in awe at how good this fic within a fic is, really inspires me, actually

This guy is clueless.

this guy isn't very good at reading emotions, is he?


I really like the way you've structured this fic; also, Stalker-Shy is awesome.

Oh, Haha; I read this in a thread within the last few days:twilightsheepish:

God that's adorable...

That middle section was brilliant, by the way. Good job! :twilightsmile:

I'm sure we all know at least one person that bucking stupid.:rainbowlaugh:
Great story. I needed a laugh.:pinkiehappy:
BTW, what's up with the Stalker-Shy thing? I've read something similar in a couple of fics.
People just hate on her d'awwsomeness:yay:

Dang, that was cute.
And a little sad, too.

I guess I'll just have to imagine a happy future for "Daring Do" and "Nameless."

Stalking Fluttershy was scary, the rest of the fic was great.

This was pretty good! I enjoyed it.

... and yeah. If that guy was just a little bit more oblivious, he wouldn't even realise that he's alive, lol.

I half expected it to be:

"Your story is bad and you should feel bad, Rainbow", Nameless then threw the bundle of paper into his conveniently lit fireplace. As the words on the paper burned, Rainbow Dash's tears fell freely and she flew out the door onto the afternoon sky. Nameless gazed at his open door and thought, "Wow, some people can't handle criticism".
-Bad End

But you wrote it much more better. Pretty good work.

Aww, why complete? That story needs to continue!
MOAR! :flutterrage:

I want a Stalker-shy!!! where can I get one?!!?? :fluttershysad:

Your OC really has the pegasus angle covered.

That was actually a really badly written bad fan fic. Which makes it good I guess? :twilightoops: Anyway, Dash needs to improver her grammar. It was genuinely difficult for me to make it through her writing. :pinkiesick:
Good job!

Anon's obvious-to-romance-in-the-air level: Inanimate object. :derpytongue2:

Kinda fun. I just can't imagine Fluttershy acting like a stalker, maybe Twilight though.

This piece NEEDS a sequel.

i do believe their should be a sequel. It's already cute, but it could be about 20% cuter, and sexier.

This story is just what the doctor ordered to get rid of that disappointment from the horrible clop I read before this that involved Dash and a human. I like it best, when folks try to stay true the personality of the characters from the show, when they write about them in a story. I think you did a fine job of that for Rainbow Dash.

If only type writers had a backspace key eh?

P.S. — LOL, Fluttershy… I think she likes him…

You sir, EXCELLENT MINI-STORY! Also ENCORE DAMIT! Not only am I demanding, but several others are demanding a sequel! WE SHALL RIOT IN THE STREETS UNTIL THERE IS ONE! :flutterrage:

Also, nice bit in there with Fluttershy, also, if you do make a sequel, please bring Lyra in :rainbowlaugh:

I am definitely this clueless too.:facehoof:

this reminds me of when I was with some female friends, one riding on my back (Piggy-back ride :P), and her friend asked "Hey, are you one of those guys that's clueless about if a girl likes you?"
"Somewhat," I responded and then looked to said friend on my back, "but not that clueless." I was that she redefined blushing in that moment.
She was shocked (Her friend, not the one on my back), "No, I actually didn't mean her. :twilightsheepish: .... I meant (girl that I'm really good friends with, but just that)." There was a awkward silence.

Love stalkershy xD anyway its been I've read this last year actually forgot to thumb and fave but doing so now :) man I wish there was a sequel

As many of us already stated.
You left us hungering for more so I hearby demand a sequel.
If thats okay with you:fluttershysad:


2836278 Agreed we must start the Revolt. Corner him and his Pc and force him to finish it:pinkiecrazy:

Y'know, one would think, reading all those Daring Do novels would give Dash some sort of hint on how to write. Not that she'd pick up everything, but... wow.

I DEMAND A SEQUEL!!! :fluttercry:

2996386 who da fak are you? A changeling?

lovely. ending was good

Poor Dash... He's so frikken clueless :rainbowlaugh:

This was cute. Part of me wants more but the other part of me remembers that that means good story telling. You start as late as you can and cut off as early. it's a perfectly cute one-shot but maybe you could make a different fic between these two?:rainbowwild:

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