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A man comes to Equestria. It's nice. Rainbow Dash becomes his friend, but something's bothering her...

He seems to be hiding something. He's told her a lot of things, things he hasn't talked about to anypony else, but there's still something eating at him. So, she psyches herself up for a visit to get to the bottom of it.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 288 )

Not bad, not bad at all.
Liked and faved, moar please.

*expresses interest*

*interest intensifies*

Please give us more of that, PLEASE! :raritydespair:

Me gusta, muy bien
You must carry on!

This is awesome. That's some real, genuine conflict there.

More, please.

this certainly looks interesting, adding my voice to those who'd like to see more :twilightsmile:

4128409 the interest has been doubled!

Huh, this was something else; I haven't read a premise like this, at least I don't think I have.

If you decide on continuing, I'm looking forward to where you'll go with it.
Liked and faved!

I might continue it if anyone expresses an interest.

'Raising a hand' - I'm expressing interest!
( :facehoof: )

Okay, I'm interested, and I would love to see more. I give you a favorite, a follow, and a like.

Try 'Her Whole Darn Heart' for a similar premise. (warning: clop)

Despondence is handling it better, though, in my opinion.

4129105 Ah, cool, thanks for the tip!

Yep. 'Interested' is an overly simple but effective way of putting it. I may not fave this right away—I really want to know what happens next—but this is earning my like and a place in my read it later until it is updated, or marked as complete.

-----This comment will contain spoilers, so I'll be blacking the whole thing out.---------

This was intriguing... I haven't seen stories that really explored the effects of human societal conditioning. Most stories have always exclaimed that love doesn't matter when it comes to looks or race, just that two people love being around each other. But when it comes to two incompatible species... well, that dashes all hopes of having a family, doesn't it?

This fic did pull me in, but I felt like I was sitting in a chair and observing the conversation, rather than being next to them and just wanting to console them. It's the kind of problem that you really can't solve, no matter how hard you try, because genetics are something you can't change through opinion or willpower. Sometimes, things simply are impossible, and for Sam... well, I think that was the metaphorical bullet in the chamber.

I dunno if I want a continuation to this story, simply for what it implies and what it does. I don't want to see what happens to Sam, or Rainbow, or anyone else for that matter, because that would dull the effects this story had on me. It's fine as a one-shot, and that's very rare for me to say. This is perfectly fine, on its own, without any kind of continuation, and really, a sequel would feel like it's cheapening the effect of this story.

Upvote and favorite.

Im torn. I would like to see continuation. But this is a really solid one shot.

Interest is expressed, and you've got another fave.

He could see anger, sadness, and quilt flicker across her amazingly expressive equine visage.

Ah, Rainbow is infected with the flickering quilt parasite. Nasty piece of work, that.

4130985 Curse you... No one was supposed to see that!

Fixed. But now I want to shop an image of patchwork Rainbow face.:rainbowhuh:

leave it as is.
Dashies tears are delicious.


...Umm, message received I guess.

4131435 Well, if I write more, won't there be more delicious tears? Rhetorical question, the answer is yes.

All in all, I'm surprised and humbled that this is being received as well as it is. Thank you all for the input, especially>>4129782 . I thrive on comments like this :scootangel:

Well thought out and well pointed out, though one has to wonder, while this is accurate for 21st century humans and priors, what happens when you mix with a sci-fi fandom, such as Star Trek where humans have intercourse with other sapient alien species and either can produce compatible offspring on their own (as we see with Spock) or they have the medical technology to allow for interspecies breeding (such as the ovarian resequencing enzymes Dr. Bashir prepared for Jadzia Dax and Worf in Star Trek Deep Space Nine)? Just a curious thought that came to mind.



Please do further continue this work. It feels incomplete to me. :fluttershysad:

Written on and off over a period of ten hours, with many cigarette breaks, so not really fleshed out or edited in any way. I need to work on my writing process =/

Bullshit. Bull-feckin-horseshit. That is the BEST way to write a story. My personal best stories were all written in that exact way (minus the cigarettes). That type of scenario is one of the very few times when true inspiration can spring forth and blossom.

Yet, as perfect as the conditions were creating the beginning of this story, I'm afraid the hard part lies ahead of you. Writing the rest.

Well done sir, now get to work. I want more.


It would be awsome if Rainbow started to search all over Equestria to find her love interest.

Interedasting. Pretty well-written. I dunno if I feel the urge to continue reading future chapters, but I'ma give you a like because I sure as hell know you put good effort into this.

Maybe if it pops up again sometime, I'll check out possible new chapters.

Also, if I were to continue reading this, I think I'd enjoy some more background on this character you call "Sam".

Expressing interest like a motherfucker. Please for the love of good I need more HIExDash fics, their like a drug to me. However, if you end up writing this as a pure tear jerker where neither RD or sam come off of this happy then so help me god Im going to do something really stupid.

Like cry in a corner... For hours.

But seriously a happy ending would be nice. Please?

4132012 Well, I'd have to say although there might be less of an ingrained social stigma, it's not like those examples you made didn't face adversity as well. Spock got a lot of grief growing up from his Vulcan peers, as did Warf from some Klingons he met. It actually amused me sometimes noticing that almost all the negative sentiment arose from the alien side, the humans being mostly pleasantly blasé about the relationships. But who knows? We didn't see a lot of scenes of Spock's mom and dad walking home from a movie together. Mayhaps a drunken Vulcan woman, tired of seeing her fine menfolk suborned by the sultry human vixens, throws a half empty bottle at the couple? Spouting some vitriolic "Race traitor" or "Laying with beasts" sentiment. There's also the point that, as far as I know, there aren't any quadrupedal sentiences in that universe. Since convergent evolution seems to be a pretty big theme in the star trek universe, I know lots of races at one time in their history used beasts of burden as both riding and pack animals. Whether they had ten legs or were reptilian, the stigma might still be there and prevalent in a star trek era setting. Bah, words.


Yet, as perfect as the conditions were creating the beginning of this story, I'm afraid the hard part lies ahead of you. Writing the rest.

Truer words, my man, or woman or whatever, truer words. What's strange about this story, for my writing experience at least, is that I feel like I have too many ideas, scenes I want to play out. And every time I decide on a good spot to end it, I realize there's more I want to tell. I could finish it in one more chapter, but I feel like I may have climbed onto the back of a Pegasus, as the old saying goes.

4132380 I refer you, good sir, to the Sad tag. I'm not promising any happy endings.:pinkiesad2:

>her forelegs encircling his waste

That's... not quite the mental image I think you were going for. Not unless Dash has some rather unexpected fetishes.

Comment posted by the parasprite deleted Mar 25th, 2014

Y'know... People have said that whites and blacks shouldn't be together. That people of the same gender shouldn't be together. That people of differing religions shouldn't be together. But in the end, as we have found time and time again, the only things that truly matter are what lies in the heart and mind. Rainbow isn't a dumb animal. In every way that matters (in this context, at least) she is indistinguishable from a human being. There are no other human beings nearby to judge Sam in any event, but even if there were, it wouldn't matter how it looked to them - just how it looks to him.

So if the guy wants to reject her, fine - but the whole mess is nobody's fault but his own. All I hear are excuses.

4132559 O.O Umm, he's sitting on the couch, she's lying down on it to his left. She's mashing her face into his left side, her forelegs, or 'arms', around his waist, hugging him. Where is your mind at you dirty boy?:twilightoops:

4132569 Not going to argue with you in any way.

*raises hand shyly* I-I liked it...



Please, do go on.
You have my undivided attention.

ya know, seems like he's making a big deal about offspring.... could just not have kids? or adopt a filly or colt maybe? i dunno but that was my first thought.

4132776 :facehoof:

Fixed, and embarrassed.

@Wubadubdub To some people, it might be very important. I'm not just talking about Sam, either.

4132559 Oh god now I see it too! Damn you! Damn you to the deepest pits of hell!

This feels like starting in the middle of a much larger story, and it's done right. I find his actions completely agreeable too, and the mixture of variables is refreshing.

I'm not a fan of HIE x Mane Six fics. I don't want to seem like an ass, but it just seems like a self-insert to me.

I have expressed an interest in this story!

I am expressing intrest, please continue. Looking forward to more.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention. :ajsmug:

It cant just end there This is wayyy too good to be an open ended one-shot. Please continue.

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