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I write second-person sensual fiction featuring you and your favourite ponies. If there's anything you'd like to know, just ask, I'm always happy to answer questions!

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Faved and Tracked for later reading. But since it's your stuff Crowley, I am sure to enjoy it.

HOLY SHIT its finally here!


Not a serious question by any means, by the way.

Is this a deconstruction about zoophilia? Not this chapter, but the story?

Buck yeah, another Crowley fic. :yay:

Bravo. Just bravo, Crowley. There's a shortage of good HiE romance stories (at least, ones where the human is normal and not a Mary Sue type character who solves everyponies problems). I can gladly say this is one of the better ones.
I hope you'll write some more in the future, I look forward to your next works.

With the ponies in the show, it wouldn't be Zoophilia. It would be Xenophilia.

Bravo Crowley! Another great story as usual!:pinkiehappy:

Bravo Bravo good sir! The realism and the emotion was tangible, the pacing was great, and the finish was beautiful.

If I could give stars, I would say 5/5.

But instead, enjoy my thumb in an upward position! (that... doesn't sound strange at all right?)

I can't get enough of this stuff.

Cr0wley, mi amigo - if you wish, I can add this to the Human In Equestria group.
Just say the word.

got a bad feeling about what shes gonna ask

i knew it

Not a fan of HiE stories but dammit Crowley I love your stories so I have to read it

I'm pretty sure if you've read Crowley's stories and don't have a pony fetish by now, something is wrong with you.

If you think it belongs there, go right ahead!

Thanks for all the kind words so far everyone! It's made my day! :ajsmug:

Dude, I only have one issue with your fics and that is that they are all well written. I mean the shear amount of reader interaction with things like pictures and off panel documents make these stories great. I judge a fic on it own merits. I don't have a lot of respect for people who write clop, but when a Crowley fic goes up, I know it's just not going to be some kinda stupid sick wish fulfillment scenario. There is emotion, continuity, humor, and plausible character interaction. Those are all the things you would find in a good story regardless of content rating.

Here's a gif for a job well done.

Peace Out.

Excellent work. I'll leave a comment here in the hopes that it helps this story get on the Featured Bar.

Can't wait for your other works!

"sipping on your tankards of cider." did you want tankard to be plural. "Most the talking is done by Pinkie, " you forgot "of" after most.“Man, it’s been so long it’s been since I’ve last played this!” that sentence needs revision.
I'm sorry if this offends you are isn't wanted i just have been in a mood to point out these things.

a really enjoyable fic

More or less my thoughs when I was still 3 weeks in EQ, good start

Dash will lose, I feel it

*Sigh* you got me I'll track it.

Its so awesome that you connect your other stories into one world, i can't stop thinking about it! :rainbowkiss:

Yikes, how did I miss all of those? Gimme a sec.
"sipping on your tankards of cider." can stay, since each character has their own tankard, it's a plural. If it was singular, you, Pinkie and the Apple family would all be drinking from the same mug! :derpytongue2: I see where you're coming from though.

The other two are fixed, though, cheers! No matter how many times I look through it, some mistakes still seep through, eh?

one if the main reasons i love your fic is that the human you character doesn't just drop all morals of our world the second they enter equestria. so many other fics just leave the mental blocks of a human and a pony out of the equation.

congratulations on a great fic.

Mrrrraaaauwww :3


Why do I picture this guy dressed like Travis Touchdown? :derpyderp2:
Oh well, on to the next chapters.

"You might now have a pony fetish."
Old news dude. Loved this. :twilightsmile:


^^^Pretty much this. The problem with the Zoophilia definition assumes there is no other intelligent life than humans. Read or watch any Scifi novel or movie/tv show that has or implies humans gettin'it'on with an intelligent species resembling an animal we have on Earth. Doesn't make sense to apply Zoophilia. Its why furry porn doesn't fall under that either.

Ah Crowley. The usual customary praise, et. cetera, et. cetera.

I'm just wondering where you get your vectors. Are they all custom-made? They really do add a lot to the 'fic.

Oh yeah, review. Very well told.I'm glad this story includes the whole species barrier and goes through all that very very realistically while telling a love story. Good show, chap!

Yay, my first comment got eaten!

So Crowley, nice work; I wasn't sure you could pull this off but you did. I still want my Zecora story though, just sitting here waiting... :pinkiecrazy:

I have to ask though, why no Lyra? I would think she'd be psyched to have a human around.

Some are from the MLP VectorClub on DA, where they are free for use, others are edited from said pics. For example the sad Big Mac pic was orginally him smiling, I edited that myself. Also the one with Twilight and Applejack in the emotional library scene was a mix of three vectors I put together myself (AJ, Twi and the library background I added with a hint of blur), not to mention actual screencaps like Spike getting hurt in Feeling Pinkie Keen. Whatever image conveys the message across, I guess!


That's all I can keep saying, Crowley!

The sheer amount of philosophy applied is just amazing in the story. The concept of a human and a pony loving each other is handled perfectly, with the moral questioning perfectly applied and done in a way where it's realistic. I've seen many "human in Equestria" fics handle this horribly, but you absolutely NAILED IT! The humanity involved and thinking is truly deep, and the imagination of it and sheer philosophy shows how this concept can be handled!

I loved how this concept is extremely controversial in so many ways. After all, the idea of an animal and human having...relations is just deemed immoral in the world this character comes from. This is just wonderfully explored in the story, showing how love truly doesn't have any barriers to it. It's inspirational, controversial, but done in a way that it's imaginative AND beautifully-executed! The thoughts expressed are genius as well! Never have I expected this out of a subject like...bestiality. Once again, even THIS is glanced upon, and you STILL do well with it!

When I talked to you a while back, I told you I expected great stuff. Buddy, you FAR surpassed my expectations! This story was simply beautiful, and I won't let my morals convince me otherwise! WONDERFUL story, Crowley!

I simply CANNOT wait for your next story!


But... But... But... COME ON! Idiot guy! Make TWI turn you into a pony so that you can actually HAVE a family with her! DUH! *Assumes that the next chapter rectifies this problem*

... BS. Why the HELL don't I want to be a pony as well?! I CALL B. *ING SHENANIGANS!

She can't; the spell can only work on whatever species it's listed for. And since humans didn't exist in Equestria before now, the spell clearly won't be able to work on humans. It's why Twilight tells Applejack it's irriversible.

Normally, I don't get all excited over clopfiction.

Normally, those writers aren't Crowley.

EDIT: Great story, great continuity, great author, dammit Crowley.

That's about everything, there.

I'm keeping this reveiw short and sweet :eeyup:
Literally, a perfect story.

My face didn't show any emotion, I was sitting very still while reading this, there was only one part of my body which didn't lie. *hint hint*

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