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I love to be surprised by stories. Especially my own.

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I think this would actually make an excellent segue into a full story. A lot of times the real story isn't the epic battle of good vs evil, but rather putting together the pieces left after the big fight.

Cool premise, good characterization on both sides and based around my favorite character. Looks like a winner to me.

You have my attention.

Yes -- this could work as the beginning of a story against the elements. Dash did a bad thing there saying, "I can always eat the grass." That is tempting fate.

Busstop approves of this story.

I like this little thing. Gotta agree with Aburi, it would make an excellent start to something larger if you felt the inspiration and motivation for it.

Great work :3 Keep it up!

well i cant say for certain that i completely got the gist of what was going on in this fic. But I enjoyed it so good job I guess? I don't know it felt like eating a cheese ball. It tasted good but it didn't last long and there wasn't much in it.

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