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Further wanderings through the Leroverse. This fic continues on after the Xenophilia main story so you'll need to read that to be able to understand anything that's going on here. This fic may not be clop (so no explicit man-on-tiny-horse action to be found here) but the original is so you have been warned.

Most importantly, a huge shower of gratitude goes to AnonAuthor and AnonponyDASHIE for granting me permission to play around in their pool. Hopefully they won't need too much extra chlorine once I'm done. I'd also like to thank all my co-authors and guest authors. You're fantastic, every one of you.

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So there it is, the first chapter in another Xenophilia side story.

First up I again give thanks to AnonAuthor and AnonponyDASHIE for this series and also to the writers of the other side stories. You know a series is something special when not just one but many people are prompted to take the ball and run with it. Each adds their own unique flavour and perspective into the mix, turning a meal into a banquet.

I’m going to try to keep as close to Xenophilia canon as I can but I’m aware that with this many authors independently working on the same series it’s inevitable that we’ll all start to deviate away from each other pretty soon.

I’ll mention now what this extra side-story isn’t:

Chronological – I tend not to write chapters in order, so I won’t be posting them in order either. I’m a big fan of works that bounce back and forth through timelines so I’m going to try and do that. Hopefully I won’t screw it up. Also, a number of odd throwaway comments and background events in one chapter will suddenly be important X amount of chapters later. That’s planned… sorta.

Clop – I don’t do clop. Nothing against it, I just can’t write it. I’m not even big on the “sappy” stuff.

Proofread – I tend to wing it. Which means that, yes, it will have a few spelling mistakes and the occasional plot hole (narf!) but hopefully there won’t be too many. Anything that goes right is about 25% me, anything that goes wrong is 100% me. The extra pressure makes me work better… kinda.

Thanks for reading. TQM

It was alright, keep up the good work.

Yes. Just yes. That's all I can say. dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Lyra_dealwithit.png

EDIT: Okay there is more. It was fun. Genuine, simple, touching fun.

Man, Xenophilia is really inspiring a lot of good fics. :pinkiesmile:

It's not the best story I've read but it was quite pleasant and honestly I like how you've made Dash and Lyra.
I await your future stories.

1724410 you must have loved cloud atlas then

I liked it. I'm not sure it added much to the overall Xenophilia lore, but it was still very touching and emotionally engaging. I'll give you a follow and a thumb's up, and I hope to see more from this fic soon.

You da man now, dog!
Now we have 2 Xenoverse fanfics in the featured box
at the same time! :yay:

You know, Xenophilia always gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling when i was reading it, it just radiated so much love, when i was reading those chapters i just knew that those 2 (3 later on) loved each other so much, even though they are fictional characters, the emotion, love and care that were just flooded into that story, i could feel a part of that love while reading. This story is no exception and gives me the same feeling, my respects to you anonmous writer(s?) If you can make characters so alive then you are one of the best writer(s?) i have known. :heart::heart::heart:

Hm. Another side story huh? I'll definitly give this a try the lero verse is absolutly fantastic thanks to anonauthor I'll comment once I'm done with this xP

Huh that wasn't half bad o.o rather enjoyable actually I've noticed at the beginning it said 12 dec 2012 if I remeber right the equestrian calender around the events for the leroverse is much diffrent the year anyway was this intentional?

You have 1 thumb and I'll be tracking this

It was good! :yay: Seemed a bit wobbly right at the beginning (I'm sorry, I wish I could be more specific) but it felt like you found your stride a few paragraphs in and then it took off. Really enjoyed seeing a glimpse of Rainbow being introspective for once. Have a stache. :moustache:

The clop and sappy parts were a huge part of Xenophillia. You can have a read later but I'm not going to get my hopes up.

Really, Xenophillia wouldn't be the same story without the sex and emotions and you're gutting those? Yeah my expectations are dropping by the second.


Yeah, if you're trying to keep the dates the same, archonix is the man to talk to. he's sort of the unofficial datekeeper of Xenophilia (by virtue of being the first to use one in a story). Xenophilia's original events finish up around 1215-16 AC, with the calendar starting after the Celestial Unification of the tribes.

Motherfucker this was one of my favorite stories (And I'm not a huge fan of clop)

I'll read it tomorrow. Hopefully it's as good as the main story.

*favorites and likes immediately* If you keep the same quality as the original author, then you deserve it. I hope you do.

For all the strengths in the characters the main character flaw I feel from Lero is only ever his ignorance and alien nature.

I definitely enjoyed it immensely. Though I'd like to note that your transitions between 'flashback-ish-ness' and present day were a bit jerky/ham-handed(hoofed). It's a bit wordy for my tastes, but still very good, I rather like the interaction between Lero, Lyra, and Twilight, it seems natural and spontaneous and fun :heart:

1729113 ya thàts what I thought and its starts with the unifacation of the tribes? Oh no wonder its so weird to me then, because I go by the celestial calender where it starts when nightmare moon was first banished making twilight defeat NMM on the year 1000.

But using the date when the 3 tribes became one also works and possibly is better heh xP

1729080 It has the emotions! This was a fun read, and really cute. :rainbowlaugh:

Re: date

Sorry, my bad. The "2nd Dec 2012" at the top was a chapter publication date, not an in-story calender note. I didn't make that clear so I've gone back and added a note. Many thanks to those who spotted it.

I'm so used reading from the likes of fanfiction.net where it doesn't display a publication date for each individual chapter (something I find intensely annoying) that I stuck one at the top of the page so I could track back later.

A big thanks to all who have read and commented. I haven't worked on any fanfic in a long looooong time so to say I'm a bit rusty would be an understatement.

Can somebrony tell me what is so special about Xenophilia?

1731089 well it can't be completly be summed up in meer words so I suggest you read the actual story xenophilia xP I'm on my 9th reread xD its that damn good!

It can totally be summed up with words. It's just hard.

Xenophillia perfectly balances excellent world building that develops equines as a unique race separate from humans and a romance between two well-constructed characters that care deeply about each other for reasons that make sense. The writing throughout is excellent, and the clop doesn't devolve into taste descriptions and a million synonyms for vagina parts. The clop sections are focused on Rainbow's emotions and the pair's relationship rather than gross physicality.

Basically, it's an interesting story about a well-crafted romance between relatable characters. And you can wank to it, and those bits are as well-written and character-focused as the rest.

:ajsmug: Great job on this, I'm liking this a lot.

When Rainbow had her epiphany (and hitting herself for being so slow to realize it). This song immediatley pops up into my head.

(Took me a while to find it but I'm so glad I was able to hear it again after a long while)


I'd say the same thing that theBSDude, but I'd say it is more about the cultrual differences between Lero's world and Rainbow's world. The story is told in Rainbow's point of view of how she likes Lero and one of the major points of the stories is really the conversations between Rainbow and Lero along with the other ponies about how their world works. Rather than telling you about the World of Xenophilia, you mostly learn abou the world roughly at the same time Lero does and you learn the differences between this world and Lero's when Rainbow -and later Twilight- points out the contradictions and similarites in her world. Basically it's a pretty awesome world building fic that has Rainbow Dash being the main protagonist and how she handles her relationship with Lero after they took their friendship to the next level.

1731576>>1732422 hm.. well it seems you two did a nice job sumarising on why xenophillia is so good o.o >w> I shall go to my corner and grow mushrooms for my incompetence :rainbowlaugh:

This story doesn't feel at all like Xenophilia. It's emotionally dead, I can't connect to the characters at all. And why does Lyra seem like such a doofus? In Xenophilia she was a cool, calm, and collected badass, here she seems like a ditzy school girl. Sorry but the only link that this has with Xenophilia is the character names. Also the pacing is way to frantic, it just jumps from one scene to another with very little in the way of transitions. And like another guy said, a major point to Xenophilia was the way that sex built and strengthened the emotional connections between the characters, without that, it isn't Xenophilia.

It's ok, but doesn't really captivate me like the original. I feel like no new ground was covered with this.

Something that I just realized was bugging me about this: Dash's introspection seems to imply that she doesn't want to be a part of the Wonderbolts, and/or that all of her previous goals are trash now rather than just taking second place to her herd.

Also: While this is certainly potentially in-character for all of the characters, the fact that you jumped straight into these edge-cases for all of their characterizations doesn't help you. You might be better served by showing a more 'baseline' setting for their characterizations to show that yes, you can write them in their Xenophillia characterizations (which I don't doubt you can, even if your writing style is rather different).

1733645 The whole point of Lyra in Xeno was that she was the last pony you'd think would be cool, collected and bad-ass. Total sweetheart, remember? dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Lyra2.png


Re: Lyra and her maybe being OOC; this will be covered later. Much as I love working with Rainbow, Lyra's the one I find most interesting. Archonix has done a great job of showing that she's got a surprising number of facets to her and is so much more than just a "one trick pony" personality wise. I'm hoping to play with that concept a bit myself.

Re: Dash's life goals. This will also be covered later. As she becomes more well-rounded as an individual, so will her aspirations. That's not to say she's giving up on the Wonderbolts, just that she's maybe starting to question why it is she wanted to join them in the first place.

Re: The writing style. Yes, my style can be a bit jarring (and rusty, unpolished and sometimes downright clunky) compared to what's come before, especially as I'm deliberately trying to have a slightly different tone to the rest of the series. I'm sure that once I'm a few chapters in I'll look back at bits of this chapter and go "aaarrrrggghhhh, why did I do that?", but that's how growth works I guess.

I started this fic so I could start pushing ideas out of my head and onto (virtual) paper again and I'm so shocked by how many people are liking and commenting. Thank you all for reading and leaving your thoughts, even those (especially those) who took the time to point out where it's not working out for them.


This is the kind of writing I aspire to. Very well written, nicely done. I can only hope to write as well as this. :twilightsmile:

honestly idc how miscellaneous the plot of the story may be
something about this always has such a firm grasp on my interest ;o
it's just soooo interesting!
i always book mark, now here's the sad part...waiting...:c

Good stuff, but a bit wordy for Dash's thought process, even with the influence of a pair of eggheads. It was still a sweet story and a good revelation, but it just felt inelegant. I'm still looking forward to more, though.

A T-rated fan sequel to a M-rated story? Interesting, I shall be giving it a read later for when I have the time (have an exam week that I got to worry about). Best wishes for making this story a success and hope things goes well in your favor

great story i'll follow it

and btw you forgot to tag Lyra

y is this so popular lol horse humping weirdo

I don't always comment on stories, but when I do, it's to tell the author how good he/she is.

Hum.. Dunno if read... Or wait for AnonAuthor to (if ever) continue Xenophilia.
Will leave a like and add this to the read later, though.

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