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Marble Pie is a quiet mare, and it is no secret that her sister, Pinkie, does more than enough speaking on her behalf.

However, she has a reason for being this way, one she has never shared before with anybody.

When a certain human meets her, will his understanding and love corrode the iron bars of self-hatred she has trapped herself behind?

Note: This is just a cute short story I felt the urge to write. Yes, it is human & pony, but not shipping.

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I’d like to see more of them . I would also like to see Luna and Discord give that group of fillies and colts a little retroactive comeuppance. If they would do something like that as foals maybe they need a little checking up on as adults.

So many memories came back reading this. :fluttershysad: but thank you. We always need a "Cole" in our lives to help us. :heart: Please do more with them

WOW, that was...really nice, wow.


This is so good, hands down! Of course I would like to see more of them!

Wow... Thank you guys/girls SO much for all of your support, it makes me so happy, I'm glad I posted a story after almost 3 years to be greeted by this positivity.

I hope I can inspire you, in a way.

I was a bit put off by " The Purpose of Life" because of how rushed it was to me. I have to say this fanfic is a massive improvement on your pacing. Good job.

I love this fic. Read it like three time and this song by coldplay kept popping into my head when reading the story.

Personally, I don't really like this story. You just took it too far, like, instead of Marble just being naturally shy or something you made it about abuse and self loathing. (burning a W into her face just seems needlessly cruel and unnessecary for anyone, especially prep schoolers)

Also, you removed a lot of her shyness and made her pretty talktative really fast even though she had never met this Cole character before in her life, so I think you should add an OOC tag in the description as well.

Thanks for your input!
It's ok, this is not for everyone. I simply wanted to get to the main idea of the story, instead of having it drag on due to her inability to say much of anything. Also, in most situations, plain shyness would not cause such a hatred towards oneself.
Have a good one! :heart:

For being as rushed as it was, the story is adorable and does teach an important lesson. Props for that.

A good story indeed! :pinkiesmile:
It could have been longer (maybe 4-5k words?) and I must agree with Fugly Duckling, being branded in the face by kids/teenagers feels unreal and too extreme, to me at least.
We all have our own headcanons and it's your story, something cruel like that could really be the reason for Marble's shyness and introvert personality. Personally I think the reasons were her being bullied at school and overprotective siblings & parent's babying/doing/deciding things for her too long. But that's just me.

Despite all that, I enjoyed your tale very much, especially as I was already looking good Hurt&Comfort-stories about ponies handling depression and hopefully getting a little bit better in the end.

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