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Ever since you have arrived in Equestria, you have been an outcast. Not because of your personality or looks... well it's mostly because of your looks. Ponies here tend to be a lot more Xenophobic than you first thought. But now, you have had it.

And yes, there will be a bit of OOC in this story.

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You know, i just realized, that idea of the Equestrian xenophobic Pony society is so realistic. But who knows, no one can blame their behavior, after all they are living in the "dark middle-ages" ok maybe a little modern-ish variation of that time.
Anyway, i liked the idea and the story was great, thanks for this interesting experience.

Ever since i read this i always pictured earth and unicorn ponies to be extremely racist

I hope to see the love of the sun update soon :) and even more wonderful work from you

this story deserves a sequel

Sequel is necessary, sequel is required.


I fully agree. Sequel pls. : ^)

sequal pls

speual spls

plsquel pls


Congrats girls, you just ruined the elements of harmony with your xenophobia! Celestia would be so proud of you all! (Sarcasm is heavily noted in this last sentence.)

brilliant story. is there going to be a sequel?

Better be some ass kicking done to those hypocrites for this one.

Future reference:
Italics represent sarcasm or ellaboration.

Helps to do these things :P

5390854 Cause that is the only way~

Well, I'm glad you warned me about the OOC acting. It very much was. I can believe that ponies would be xenophobic and could possibly even be led to violence through their hate and/or fear, but I don't see Applejack immediately going from zero to stab-a-bitch because of Rainbow saying a human was her friend.

Rainbow's character was pretty spot on, though.

is there any more or is at the end of the entire story are you making a sequel

! what do you mean "complete"?

It's not complete!

By all means, if you want to write a sequel, you have have my blessing. As long as you cite this story.

5391397 i dont really think they are acting OOC that much after all the show has made it clear that they are able to made the same mistake twice on several cases, i just see it as a repeat of the zecora episode without anypony vouching for anon until it was too late, after all on that episode the only reason for applejack to not buck zecora was that she was too tiny for it, and if it wasnt for applebloom vouching for the zebra i am pretty sure they would have lynched her with both applejack and pinkie pie as the leader since they where the ones who where more filled with hatred and ignorance for the poison joke events.
rarity not liking anon? easy she may be the bearer of generosity but there have been more than one time where she forgets it and act like a bitch for the sake of climbing the social ladder even to her own friends remember twilight birthday? as long she doesnt see anon as somepony that can help her climb the ladder in some way or someone remind her that she is supposed to be generous she is ok with ignoring him, make anon become a homeless dirty bum and she will hate his gut just by smelling bad near her.
fluttershy is fluttershy enough said, sadly unless her friends encourage her she will not get close to him to let him try to befriend her
and twilight as soon she loses all the scientific interest on him is more likely to ignore him due half to her new duties as princess and her peers pressure
and well rainbow will mostly do it because she wants to be loyal to her friends and everyone is doing it

This story needs a sequel. Maybe Anon and Rainbow will come back to Ponyville 5 years later. They save Ponyville from being attacked by Changlings, Diamond Dogs, Griffons, etc. Let's see how they think after this.

I already acknowledged that ponies could be led to violence through someone preying on their fears or hatred. They just wouldn't go from calm to kill with one sentence; especially not when that sentence is essentially "Hey, guys, lay off my friend."

Not bad at all, On the second reading I thought of the MC being very young and afraid and so being antagonistic to everyone on his arrival and causing so much distrust.

Other similar Fics I have read explain the hostility is because of being a "predator" herd instinct, arriving from the everfree or at the same time as some disaster or other bad event.

5392064 Same here thisNEEDS A SEQUEL

5398409 agreed, this is so full of tactical feels

Klu Klux Ponies. But in all seriousness I would REALLY like a sequel. Pls?

One-shot sequel: the latest ancient villain shows up, and Equestria is screwed because 1/6th of its main defenders is long gone, living somewhere far beyond the border with her only real friend.

And, watching from above, GespenstKAF laughs as Equestria burns.

While a very good story, RD's change of heart feels way too rushed

Sequel, my good writer. A sequel must be made.

Oof, right in the feels...

I feel like a lot more could have been done with this. You made Rainbow feel the guilt, why not the other five?


Agreed, more could be done here.

Wow. I really liked this. Thanks for sharing!

I loved AJ's reactions. Even though she wouldn't do that, you sure handled it well!

Dear writer it is a good indication that a sequel is required so please make it happen :)

5416138 "required" keep on dreaming buddy. I have too much on my plate as it is.

5417551 Okay I suppose required isn't good enough hmmm... necessary would be a definite. And just do what the rest of us do when to much is on our plates push it to the last second or forget about it till its actually important. But in all seriousness it was a good write and a sequel would be awesome :pinkiehappy:

Not bad. Interesting reverse of the "usual" situation in this kind of story, what with RD being the one to not be an asshole for once.

So. A homeless man had a pickaxe, is ostracized and didn't try to murder any ponies?

That is easier to conceal... and kill with, unnoticed even

Unless of course, Celestia is also extremely xenophobic.

5464820 That could be the reason why they're all xenophics in the first place. Wonder if Luna might agree to make Equestria be rule by the lunar republic if she promise if she could deal with that type of hate.

Maybe, but I don't know. It's all speculation.

Good luck killing anyone with a glorified knitting needle. There's a reason murders involving a knife always end up reporting like 20+ stabs or something - stabbing someone to death is actually really fucking hard.


...Okay. I promised myself I would refrain from looking at this fic twice but...I can't. I must make my concerns known.

"Haha, look at the loser Anon, all by himself, just like every day. Anon is such a loser, he doesn't even have any friends."

why, please gods above why, are you making every pony sound like diamond tiara?

Let me give a point of reference, ponies in the show are, seemingly, naturally xenophobic. How did they react to Zecora? They hid in their houses and didn't talk to her. ye ye.

Now, you're making kind of the exact same situation here. I see the alternate universe tag but, where exactly is the alternate universe in this? as far as I can see, the ponies in this fic have done everything the exact same way it was done in the show, which means there is really, truly, no logical reason for them to be acting this way.

This is not xenophobic. That would imply being afraid of him, but Rainbow Dash is clearly, going straight up to him, and telling him what a loser he is! Obviously she's not afraid of him if she's getting so close to him!

Your fic says alternate universe, but as far as I can tell everything has followed canon except for the human's arrival, and you give me absolutely no reason as to why the ponies are treating him like this. it goes beyond ooc, it goes beyond xenophobic, it blows the lid off the metaphorical bottle and into the fucking astral plane! They're treating him like this, it seems, for absolutely no reason other than for us to have sympathy for this guy.

I'm sorry, but no. I can't. I won't. I shan't.

Good day to you, sir.

*dons monocle and strolls away*


That could be the reason why they're all xenophics in the first place. Wonder if Luna might agree to make Equestria be rule by the lunar republic if she promise if she could deal with that type of hate.

Except for the fact that according to the Hearth Warming episode, Celestia wasn't the original ruler of the ponies and they were divided by race and culture long before she came into the picture.

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