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Yes, I am also on FanFic.net, but due to the lack of editing and polishing options, I put the majority of my efforts here.
And its OK. I was mostly kidding about the "insulted" thing. You're not the first person to ask if Red Storm had DID. I think the phrase you're looking for is "bipolar" and/or "batshit". Either or applies to him. :rainbowlaugh:

I can't and won't hate or dislike you for your condition. I judge people by talent, action, and behaviour. I. Am. Not. Prejudicial. If you took it as an insult, I'm sorry.

Also, did you post on Fanfiction.net? I could've sworn I've seen your storys in that site.

He doesn't have a split personality. He's insane. If you're talking about the voices, that's just his conscience and inner thoughts brought to surface, but Sandsturm... Well that's a spoiler if I tell you anything. ;)
Though, as a sufferer of DID, I'm slightly insulted. :(

1577705 I'd say I love the premise, how you tied in the Sanguine Royalty to the canon, and how you portrayed some of your characters (I love the scene when Scarlet refrains from murdering everyone at... Wow I forgot his name, err, the main character's party. That was very cute). I'm not sure, but does the main character have a split personality? Cause that is usually the one thing that ruins a story for me. The sheer unlikliness of that happening just annoys me. Especially when used Way too much.

*Bows head*
I take it that you have enjoyed my story, yes?
Thank you for favoriting it.
Do tell, when you can, what you have enjoyed, and what could use improvement. Thank you again.

  • Viewing 4 - 8 of 8
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