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One of those deep meaning stories, highlighted with morals or one of those just simply about life...here's you're place! Equestrian Slice of Life celebrates Slice of Life stories mainly, and how they are! Brohoof, everypony /)~!

From the mystical and magical Twilight Sparkle, to the jumpy and overly random Pinkie Pie, we accept anything in the folders that's labeled and themed Slice of Life, to the group's name. We help publicize writers who are struggling or starting by adding them to the folders as the group grows and more people join. So please!

Anything that can be added will be added. Requesting of new folder submissions are allowed at the time! :D

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For me, the adventures are a break from my usual slice of life fare :twilightsmile:

Everyone needs a break from adventures and things like that every now and again:pinkiesmile:.

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