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Important edit!

Okay so, some of you may have noticed that I've been real inactive lately and I'm sorry about that.
If you're new and just joined this group to plop your story into the review folder, you may still do that but don't expect a quick and speedy response. I've had this group open for a while and have only sent out one review.
I made this group back when I had a lot of free time and nothing to with it but not long after, I started to get pretty busy. At times that I wasn't working I had projects on my own to do or friends to talk to and I just didn't feel like reading anything let alone writing up a review.
So I promise, that if I get some spare time and feel like reading some of your stories, I'll go and write a review for you, but until then, I'm not really going to touch this group much.
My apologies.

End of edit

This is my first group and also the first time reviewing ^w^

First things first. Don't be self conscious of your writing ability. It won't affect my experience (so long as it isn't too bad) and I will be more than happy to suggest grammar fixes.

I will send my notes via PM unless specifically instructed not to. I am willing to make a public review but you must request it first ^u^

A public review will be different than a private review. It will not have grammar or specific fixes and suggestion, it will be shorter and be more on the story as a whole.

A private review is for people who want to improve and a public is for people who just want some extra advertisement (you can have both, just PM me)

DO NOT SEND Extreme gore. what I consider extreme gore is highly detailed descriptions of blood and guts. I will not read this on account of it making me feel ill. For some context, I only made it a few sentences into Let Me Tell You About the Hole in My Face it's to descriptive and if you find your story is similarly written please don't send it in. However, I am perfectly fine with normal gore, violence, fighting, etc.

DO NOT SEND Sexually explicit scenes. I don't like em and I won't read em. No example needed. I'm fine with innuendos and hinting but let's not have any porn.

DO NOT SEND Anything that breaks site guidelines. For obvious reasons.

BE CAUTIOUS WHEN YOU SEND Human stories, I will read them but I am more likely to put it on the back burner. But I do prefer EQG more than irl humans mixed with MLP.

PLEASE SEND Romance! I love romance so much! For example, a few of my all time favorite stories are The Enchanted Library and (absolute favorite of any story ever on any medium:) Journey with a Batpony

PLEASE SEND Horror~ I love horror and darker themes! (I'm sorry I don't have any examples... as I haven't read any horror on this site yet. But if you like anime, think cute-scary stories like 'School-Live!' 'Dusk Maiden of Amnesia' 'Puella Magi Madoka Magica' and battle royal stories like 'Magical Girl Raising Project' and 'Danganronpa')

PLEASE SEND Stories about foals Precious children are precious and I love them. (not a lolicon i swear-) (no seriously i'm not i just like stories) Some favorites are (the classic) Past Sins and Menace To Propriety (I just love lolis so much stop judging me)

ALSO SEND ANYTHING ELSE! So long as it doesn't break the rules I previously set. I can get into most genres and I'm not that picky. In fact a love cliche-ridden stories just as much as unique ones.

Last thing, I have the right to take my sweet time getting to a story. I will try to be as quick as possible but I have my own projects that I am working on and my life is often hectic.
I also might drop or not read a story completely if it breaks any of the rules or on the extremely rare occasion that I'm simply not interested.

Thanks for reading this and I look forward to reading and reviewing your stories.

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