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Principles · 1:14am Aug 5th, 2014

What is a man without his principles? Nothing, I guess.

You see, when I started roleplaying I decided on one thing. Something that transferred to my writing.

I decided that I was only going to have human characters. Because we Humans are superior. We have the most potential to be everything. From the greatest heroes to the cruelest villains. To be saviors or conquerors. To create masterpieces and destroy them.

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I've been asked several times where does my nickname come from. Well, here is the source. The one. The only. Malcho the great!

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A bit about me

Well, first things first, I'm Bulgarian. My native language isn't English, hell, it's actually quite different from it, and it shows.
Now, what else, what else... Well, I'm a big fan of science fiction and fantasy in all forms, from movies to books and games. Though I prefer books... I've always loved to read. Which is probably why I decided to try my hand on it, first on Fanfiction.net and now here.

According to the RPG Personality Test I'm

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So..um..you gonne continue Equestrian Knight story.

>>I viewed all of your stories and I gotta say they're pretty good! THERE ACTUALLY AWESOME!

Hopefully u continue to write Equestrian Knight story's

Could you please make more chapter's please.

1756534 I'll look at it when I can.

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