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"Happy birthday! Three words gets you a quickfic." On deviantArt, anyone following you sees your birthday from a week away. For those I follow, for their stories or for their art, I post this message, and give them a short fanfic for their birthdays incorporating a theme of their choice, or two of the three words verbatim.

This is the official collection of Duplex Fields' birthday fanfictions. The first batch are more recent birthday quickies for the artists and writers I follow on deviantArt. If I missed one I wrote for you, please message me a link, so I can include it here.

Chapters (12)
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Heh, it's really nice of you to do that for others. Makes me wish I was brave enough to let DA show my birthday!:twilightsmile:

I'll read these after my conference with my teacher. :3 This looks neat, Duplex!


Someone's read Anne McCaffrey.

And that last line!

Thought for a minute you were going to go "Angry Birds" with this one.

It shows day, not year, which I am glad for.

The idea came after my own birthday. My few but devoted Watchers put nice comments on my profile Comments. I then gave my own Watched deviants "happy birthday" comments, but it started to feel trite, so I began giving them the option of a story prompt for their birthday.

How dose that prompt fit with this story?

this chapter is all full of daw

"Boner" can either mean an erection (the obvious intention of the prompter) or a big mistake. Celestia's mane is translucent, and made of star-stuff. Cutting it on the balcony, where the flaming fibers could fall across her kingdom, was a translucent megaboner.

Oh my god you magnificent bastard



I like that idea, a little memento she keeps.


translucent megaboner

This is the best phrase I've encountered in the past 24 hours. :twilightsmile:

Should this have the Anthology tag, now that that exists?

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