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When Scootaloo falls off her scooter, Discord "rescues" her, turns her into a cyborg and makes her watch bad fanfic. Parody of "Robot Chicken", and also of a lot of bad fanfics. Many other parodies may turn up as well.

Added the Sex tag due to all of the innuendo in "Harpstrings. Lyra Harpstrings", but there's no actual sex in any of these skits.

New cover by Woolly!

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This is funny!!!:rainbowlaugh: Hey want to check out my story Ace Combat: Divided Feelings?

That's definitely possible in this universe. :coolphoto:

I am a thirteen-year-old dragon and what is boy?

what is this a parody of?


Robot Chicken, an Adult Swim cartoon that consists of extremely short skits, mostly using action figures from various children's shows from the 1980's through today, though it's also mocked shows and video games that have no action figures, and also political figures.

In the opening sequence of Robot Chicken (referenced by someone else's comment), a mad scientist finds a dead chicken by the side of the road, revives it by turning it into a cyborg (with the cry "It's Alive!", then straps it to a chair and forces it to watch these humorous skits. In the very first episode, Senator Al Franken punches a baby in a baby carriage in the face repeatedly, which is where "Princess Celestia Bucks A Foal Into Orbit" comes from.

So far I am also parodying: Puff the Magic Dragon, Dr. Tran, Family Guy (specifically the episode where Stewie and Brian travel to different universes) and Equestria Girls at the same time, Monty Python's Lumberjack song, and certain repeating tropes I see in fanfics on Fimfiction.

*sniff* such a beautiful story.

You know, I think bad fanfic is actually cyclical, in waves.

First (I think) there was the "chess game of the gods" (which I actually enjoyed), then there was Five score etc, and now there's the "guy in a Halloween costume/cosplay teleports to equestria but as the character he's portraying.

Of course, it's all a matter of opinion.

Sad thing is that does describe so many fanfics....:facehoof::pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

That. WAS. AWESOME!!! :rainbowlaugh:

"That was terrible! Princess Celestial would never do something like that!":twilightangry2:

"Well unless it was maybe a baby Discord...":trollestia:



"...I said only 'maybe'...":trollestia:

4268833 Trends are weird like that...:pinkiesmile:


That doesn't describe bad fanfic exactly. That describes overused tropes, which inevitably leads to bad fanfic, but the trope itself isn't necessarily the problem. I actually like a bunch of the cosplayer stories even though the basic concept is so bizarre and kind of stupid, because based on the rules of the trope, your "hero" has to be a villain... which can, when written well, produce some really interesting alternate viewpoints and some fun conflicts. (Also, I like villains.) But once a trope has been used several times, it becomes simultaneously harder to do anything original and good with it, and easier for bad writers to latch onto it and work with it, so these usually do result in bad fanfic coming about. (I've been a trope starter in other fandoms and watched my good idea inspire numerous good fanfics, some mediocre ones, and then a wave of true badness.)

The kind of stuff that's just a universal trope that is usually bad, such as "Alicorn OC" or "Random Brony Goes To Equestria"... that doesn't come in waves so much, it's just generally always there.

so this was a funny chapter. buuut... maybe a little easy.
I mean, you could criticise anything with a parody of that song and it would work....


Hey, I never promised not to go for low-hanging fruit. :-)

I may well do other Weird Al parodies just to have an excuse to have Cheese Sandwich singing. :-)

well don't let me stop you.
but maybe change the lyrics a little more next time.


I think the only lyric I actually kept was "Don't you make me repeat it"; all the others were changed. (Unlike "Spike The Magic Dragon" or "Luna the Lumberjack", both of which changed a lot less.) :-)

A good song parody, as opposed to simply taking the tune and writing a new song for it, does have extensive callbacks to the original, or it's not funny. For example, in the actual song "Beat It", there's a part where Michael Jackson sings "Oh lord". In "Eat It", Weird Al calls back to that by singing "Oh lard". I went and ponified the Michael Jackson original by having them sing "Oh Celestia" (which doesn't fit the rhythm, but actually that's kind of what makes it funny) instead of making a reference to the topic of the song.

Pure comedy gold. More Cheese please:pinkiecrazy:

Yes! You do need to make more Cheese Sandwich parodies of Weird Al songs which are parodies of other songs. :pinkiehappy:

I didn't laugh, but it made me smile. I still haven't read the rest. I know they're tiny... I'll get around to them. :raritywink:

Very funny so far. Love Robot Chicken and have always been hoping for a story like this.

This one is beyond accurate. :rainbowlaugh:

Discord swept her into a close embrace. "Oh, my dearest Fluttershy!" He turned to Pinkie Pie. "Pinkie, be a dear for me and see if the mature box is checked? Also the box for sex?"

"Nope! Just Romance, Comedy and Random!"

"Oh. Pity that. My darling, we will have to consummate our passionate and newly formed romance offstage so that the audience can't see!"

"What?" Fluttershy said.

You have stolen my heart, Missus Rogers! :heart:

Please give it back. I need that to pump blood through my circulatory system. :fluttershysad:

Also references Twilight becoming a human and Spike becoming a dog in Equestra Girls.

I didn't even think of that part. It was so perfect already. That just made it better! :rainbowlaugh:

Also the woods are always romantic and filled with flowers. Right? The preferred make-out spot for alicorns everywhere! There aren't any ticks. What are you talking about? Oh, here. Let me burn that off for you... :trollestia:

And then Chrysalis comes out of nowhere and slams Sombra into wall repeatedly for cheating on her with Sun-Butt.(Even though Sombra and Celestia never really got to second base, while Chrysalis was having the sweet hot bucks of her life. :rainbowwild:) :trollestia: Actually, you should continue with this as a side thing. :derpyderp2: I'm actually being serious here.

Ahhhh, a Hasbro reference. Nice.:pinkiehappy:

This is incredibly silly. I love it. Looking forward to more.

Big Mac saves the day! :eeyup:

But poor Discord. He wanted to be in the herd and they wouldn't even let him. :fluttercry:

Oh, wow. Is that really a thing in fanfiction? That's almost sad. :unsuresweetie:

The chapter was funny though. :yay:


Not all of the parodies are of fanfiction; some are general pop culture parodies. I don't actually see a whole lot of "Twilight I am your mother" (or the equivalent thereof), although Discord has been the father, the son, the brother, the uncle, and the lover of Celestia and/or Luna in about a zillion different fics (not usually all at the same time, thankfully).

Good point and I know what you mean. Everyone wants to be related to Discord! When they aren't beating him up to show how awesome they are.

not usually

With Discord, everything is plausible and always should be, as long as it's hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

Edit: I'm a moron. You only mentioned Celestia and Luna, but I have seen plenty of relatives for Discord.


"Pinkie, I am your father. Search your heart, you know this to be true."
"Okie dokie lokie! Does that mean we get to have a family reunion party?"

"Only the finest of parties based around reuniting with loved ones! Incidentally, I'll make it so big, beautiful, and boisterous that we'll summon your twin brother to help plan it! He does that, you know." :trollestia:

"..." *smacks Discord so hard that his head spins around 360 degrees* :twilightangry2:

"Ohhhh! Goodness gracious me! So violent. You... you wound me deeply. I meant Pokey Pierce!" :applecry:

"...?" :rainbowhuh: *remembers who she's speaking to* "No you didn't." :pinkiecrazy:

"Would you believe in miracles if I said it was Bulk Biceps?"

"And to think, for one shining moment, I respected you." :unsuresweetie:

"Your mother was Surprise! I swear! Surrrpriiiiise!" :raritycry: :raritydespair:

"Uh, wow. You're really committed to this bit, huh?" :rainbowderp:

*stops sobbing* "You need to be more gullible. I had this giant gala level thing planned for maximum mind-mucking and you had to go and ruin it before I even got it off the ground! Literally. Off the ground."

"Well, the Gummy-Tears didn't help you in believability-ness, but we could always have a party anyway. There's an occasion for every celebration! This one is gonna be called 'Don't Mess with the Pinkster!' Because there are some things you just don't joke about."

Sorry my CheesePie is showing in full force. I'm a go bed sleep now 'kay bye :ajsleepy:

RIP off Weird AI
When your right with devastation there's a simple explanation your a tournament's creation trapped inside a crystal ball and whichever way he tilts it we know we must stay resilient we won't let them break our spirits as we sing our silly song.
Isn't it great to be different, isn't it wonderful to be exactly who you are. Once you start accepting yourself, you'll become a shining sta-a-ar, carrot top, your among us, your a late star, come to fool us, your a late star, which will drive you, to the cosmos, and describe you...

brony polka(animated James)

the sad thing is, by the end of it, i was completely ready to believe that teenage discord would reign chaos over equestria for something as petty as being stood up for prom. because teenagers

i pictured discord reading off his one line from a scroll in a complete and utter deadpan


"not usually all at the same time, thankfully."

challenge accepted :pinkiecrazy:

You're a picky eater? But don't you know that other writers are starving in Japan?

What if the mane six started to trample on him? Is that expected?

I already see them as toys...:derpyderp1::rainbowhuh::facehoof:Maybe I'm not as bright as I think I am.

He was stomped to death for being a talking chimpanzee.

SPIKE: Um, I mean this in the nicest possible way, but… are you high?

Not listening to the Voices is hard.

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