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The Keys of Harmony · 8:40pm May 22nd, 2016

In the season four finale, six objects became keys to the seed-chest of the Tree of Harmony, which yielded the Rainbow of Light and defeated Lord Tirek. He had gained his powers by stealing the inherent magics of the ponies of Equestria, which included their Cutie Marks.

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Comics, and Canonicity of Concepts · 5:20am Jan 25th, 2016

There are those among us who declare the IDW comics null and void on their face, that no part of them should be considered part of the MLP universe as far as further fanworks are concerned. "Sombra is not the scion of a long-forgotten race of monsters opposed to the Crystal Ponies and their empire," they say, "and he does not have a mirror universe double with whom Celestia is mutually enamored." "Rarity was never possessed by the Nightmare which was born of Luna's pain and jealousy," they

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Ponyville's "suburbs" · 4:05pm Oct 23rd, 2014

There has been a lot of talk about the upcoming Friends Forever comic issue featuring Rainbow Dash and Spitfire. Specifically, the pseudo-suburban scene at the beginning with sidewalks and tall wooden fences.

Where in Ponyville might a suburban-style place with dirt roads and raised sidewalks exist, with fenced yards on houses? Time to roll out the ol' imagination.

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The Five Languages Of Harmony · 4:37am Jul 14th, 2014

While the Elements of Harmony were a valuable tool for many of us in evaluating and repairing our relationships, they also came as a surprise. Not many of us knew that the ways to make a relationship work could be quantified into such simple, easy-to-understand categories.

But a few of us might have, in a very different context.

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We Are Being Watched · 5:56pm Jun 29th, 2014

My sister, a first grade teacher, brings people to the church we attend who don't have other means of transportation. Recently, she asked me to drive one group because she need to be elsewhere.

Among this group was a member of the primary audience, a middle-school girl. As the discussion in the car progressed, My Little Pony came up, and we both discovered the other is a fan. Within a minute of starting to talk ponies, she said, "And I loooove the crepastas."

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Less - A Fork In The Road · 10:35pm May 6th, 2014

If you've been waiting for Less to update, so have I. But as I awoke from a bizzare dream last week, I finally realized why (aside from work and scheduling issues) I haven't written more on this story, a story so dear to my heart: I'm actually trying to write two stories!

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A Baby Dragon · 7:45am Feb 11th, 2014

The Ponyville Days Gala went swimmingly, thanks to Rarity's excellent planning and design work, as anypony who knew her could have predicted. Princess Twilight Sparkle yawned as she reviewed her friend's latest entry in the Diary Of Harmony (as she privately thought of it).

Another yawn echoed hers. "G'night, Twi," said Spike as he dragged himself toward his basket.

"Hey Spike," she said, pulling her nose from the book, "Did Rarity dance with you?"

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And everything went better than expected · 7:14am Dec 15th, 2013

Well, the long wait is over. Less can now go forward, revised into more terrible and wonderful speculation than ever before. There are two wonderful things I take from this episode: Scootaloo's flying status is not resolved, and a clear canonical difference between her lift (one foot max overnight) and thrust (to the Empire in an afternoon!) has been shown onscreen more clearly than I could ever have hoped to write.

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Clock is ticking, Duplex · 5:51am Jul 21st, 2013

I officially have less than six months to rewrite Less to my satisfaction before the show runs with the exact same premise. Namely, the Scootadisability episode previewed at Comic-Con.

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CMC and the supposed innocence of childhood · 4:41am Nov 24th, 2012

Charles Schulz, one of greatest cartoonists ever, wrote a comic strip about children day-in and day-out. For an indecently long period of time, he did the impossible, then laid down his pen and died.

From this blog:

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