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Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash spend there Nightmare night in chicken suits and end up in a pie fight with each other for them to both control a mountain of candy.

Reviewed by FamousLastWords here

Optimistic Neighsayer, ideas
Tranquil Night, editing
Red4567-2, cover art

Nightmare Night bonus credits:
Tranquil Night, editing

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 26 )

I'm actually tried of the Chicken Joke, scoots is no Chicken. But i like how you...how should i say... played it down. I can't find the right words


Yes, I know that she isn't a chicken, she is indeed very brave.

But, I think the chicken joke can work if it's just her being goofy in a silly or heartwarming situation.

Glad to hear that you like the fic! Thank you for the favorite!

Your Welcome and that Sounds about right.

What was your least favorite part of the fic and most favorite part of the fic?

Can't Really tell, i liked Everything

This was really cute and them chiken jokes there :ajsmug:

I'm really tired of the Scootaloo chicken joke. Sometimes it can make me laugh if it's creative, but usually it's just annoying. This however, turned an annoying meme into something adorable. This was a nice, adorable little fic. I really enjoyed it :pinkiehappy:

(P.S. Scoots is best pony, and Scoots and Dash are best sisters :derpytongue2:)

Thanks for using my artwork as your cover art. :pinkiehappy:

Thank you! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it and thank you for your favorite!

And yes, Scoots is best pony and Scoots and Dash are indeed best sisters.:scootangel::rainbowdetermined2:

No problem! Thanks for allowing me the use of the art!

My only complaint with this fic, aside from using the Chickenloo thing (which turned out to be just a minor gripe), is that it's not longer.
And that's ONLY because of how adorable it is.

This would be a Shame if I didn't envoy this lighthearted story

I recommend adding this to this group. It centers on stories revolving around Nightmare Night.


I could add it for you, if you want.

Have a review!

Sorry the review isn't super lengthy, but there wasn't a whole lot of material to go off of in this story, given its simple and short length. That being said, I did enjoy it for what it was. It was cute and simple and did come from a unique idea.

Good job, my friend. Upvoted.

What the cluck is wrong with you?


Thank you so much!

I am glad to hear you enjoyed it.

I love the use of the interrobang here.

But parts of it seemed a little disjointed. I would have preferred a break to clearly mark the scene change between the dragon’s lair and Ponyville.

Also, I’m not sure the Princesses would regard any dragon but Spike a “citizen.” Dragons tend to live on the fringes of Equestria and likely don’t regard themselves as subject to the Princesses’ rule. Even the one that appeared in “Dragonshy” wasn’t convinced to go on the fact that Celestia and Luna wanted them out for the safety of Equestria.

You can thank my editor, Tranquil Night , for the use of the interrobang.
Thank you for the criticism. There are few things I want to explain.

This chapter was meant as bonus chapter and a Interquel to the main story. It was not a real dragon. In the main story it was established that Land Rusher, an earth pony who was in a dragon costume, was hiding in the bushes to prank anyone who dares "Steal" from his "Candy Horde".

"As they were walking out, they were both scared by a red dragon that popped out of the bushes as they were walking away.

"Raawr!" roared the red dragon as Rainbow Dash immediately grabbed Scootaloo’s hoof and kept her close. She then flared her wings up to fly both of them away.

Scootaloo screamed and held on to Rainbow Dash as she thought they were both about to take off. She even started to flutter her wings in synchronism with Rainbow Dash.

Then, the dragon started to laugh. He pulled off his costumed head and showed that he was none other then a red pony named Land Rusher, Scootaloo’s father.

"I got you guys good, didn’t I?", asked Land Rusher.""-
A not so spooky adventure

It was stated, before Apple bloom realised she was talking to Luna and Celestia, that they went to Scootaloo's house.

""You two went to Scoot—wait, princesses‽ Why are you here and why are you wearing that?" asked the filly clothed in a clown costume. "

It wasn't a real "dragon’s lair".

But yes, I will be putting in a seen break to make the story flow better.

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