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I'm also the guy who made baby ponies ride on gators.

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Q&A for Spike the Brony Dragon · 6:48pm March 20th

A week ago, I asked you to send your questions, and now it’s time to answer them. Keep in mind, some of my answers may be vague, but that’s because I don’t want to spoil too much. Here we go.

Postwarmonkey50 asked:

1) Are you planning to have Dave/Spike go to Camp Everfree? If you are, will Princess Twilight and the Mane 6 have a chance to go there as well?

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Hey Red4567 have you heard there's a Danganronpa fan game called Cartoons in Danganronpa check it out if you have the time


Comment posted by Dragon Ghoul deleted Aug 1st, 2022

I already have some ideas for the next chapter.

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