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I wrote this while recovering from anesthesia. I can't be responsible for anything in it.

DeiStar #2 · May 8th, 2012 · · 8 ·

There should be a continuation where Celestia actually does it.

Oh Jeez, looks like stuffs going to happen. Epilogue?


How coincedental! You wrote this while recovering from anesthesia, which is precisely what I'm doing while reading it.

Trollestia is best Celestia. I love a fair number of your stories. Keep up the good work.


If you write more while still on drugs, I will start watching you. But not in the creepy stalker way. (maybe)

Wanderer D

I've always found it amusing how generally we write the nobles and other ponies in Equestria as if they could really force either Celestia and Luna to do anything at all. I mean, are they really that stupid?

Spect #7 · May 8th, 2012 · · ·

And that is how a princess starts to go mad. I wonder if Luna had similar thoughts as she became Nightmare Moon. After all her goal was no less lethal. Both could be interesting too. A world half frozen and half burnt with the last desperate survivors hanging on in the twilight region between the two extremes.

Taz #8 · May 8th, 2012 · · ·

This could work as a series, Celestia just venting off some steam
"What? Everyone has bad days." :trollestia:

Awesome idea and delivery. Wonderfully comedic with just the right tone of worrying creepiness. Like, seeing a glimpse of the shadow cast by the light but not being able to get a full picture. It made the story that much better, being left with that horrified anticipation. Bravo sir, bravo! :twistnerd:


look up antipodes i'ts pretty much that, except it wasn't a palnned doomsday per say.

The Thrill Of It All - Black Sabbath

Like she hasn't pulled the old Fallout "Save-murderous rampage-load-act like nothing happened" trick.

Hadn't seen that one, thanks for pointing it out. :pinkiehappy:

Just Fallout? I've done that in any game that allows it and modded some that didn't. :trollestia:

It's so close Celestia, all you have to do is reach out and take it.
*que discord eyes*
If the plight of a god is too much to take
Then let down thy wrath, and watch the world bake

FiMFiction Featured Stories In A Nutshell

sure, have fun with it.

You know, I've come to realize that anyone can write about anything - even the simplest thing - and it'd be met with much applause from the community. Just so long as it's written very vividly, such as in this case.
Good skit, sir.

Hilarious, a bit terrifying, and kind of sad. Celestia really is kind of a slave to her position.

Unless she just killed everything.

Nice, and just a tiny bit creepy.

It's awesome that you can still write stuff like this while slightly drugged.

"Mine simply lasts a couple of months." :trollestia:


You should write under anesthesia more often lol

Seriously though like the story and the animals reaction at the end

If Obselescence won't write an epilogue, I will!


Everypony was dead.
(Except for Celestia and Luna, they were still alive.)


This was an amusing what-if story and I enjoyed it, sometimes everyone needs to just get away from it all, especially a monarch that has to deal with every little problem Equestria seems to have.

Holy hell! This is the best Trollestia fic I've ever read :pinkiehappy:


You've got so much to learn if you think I'm famous.

Welp. That sure was a fic.

I like it. Somehow, it seems right.

Is this a satire about what prereaders think when they're on this site?

Celestia: wanting extended day what a :twistnerd:

"traveling ponies nonpareil"

It's "salesponies", they were pony Traveling Salesmen. Just calling them "ponies nonpareil" would make it sound like either they were claiming to be the best ponies in the world, or that Celestia thought they were without equal. Calling yourself "the best salesman" during a pitch is far less arrogant and more socially accepted than calling yourself higher than anypony else, the latter of which seems a bit out of character for Flim and Flam who win over their customers through their pitch. It wouldn't be good for them to proclaim anything but their products and sales were unmatched, they aren't showponies like Trixie.

Yes yes, I know, it's a minor note and was only mentioned in passing, but still, it's an error that broke my immersion, so I felt compelled to point it out.

Also: Looks like we're starting to see the beginning of Corona Blaze. Luna, prepare the Elements, looks like somepony might just need to get sealed within the sun.

That was disturbing.

Called it. I totally called it. See? It's featured.


>This will be featured solely because of your famous position. Ten bucks.


Celestia trolling woodland creatures?

Fluttershy does not approve. :flutterrage:

Your depiction of the Princess seems a tad more condescending than most. Not that that's bad or anything, in fact it almost is refreshing to read. I kinda like the idea of Celestia just getting fed up with everything and everypony sometimes.

I know that feel, Celestia....
I know that feel... :ajsleepy:

An eternity playing mother to an entire race, knowing you could snuff them out on a whim. Yeah I can imagine that when Celestia's thought process gets dark it swings into this sort of territory.

It would've been awesome if Fluttershy overheard everything... that would ruin her day. :fluttercry:


You need to be doped up more often my friend! :pinkiehappy:

Well, that was sure . . . something.

I'm liking this because the view number is currently 666 and I find that hilarious. :moustache:

Alternate title suggestion: Princess Celestia is So Very Tired.

OBSELESCENCE, I CHALLENGE YOU. Write something that DOESN'T get featured.

Nice little piece, though. Immortal super-beings tiring of existence is always a good thought experiment.

777th view!

777th view!


...you wouldn't mind if I actually wrote that, would you? I'd give you credit for the idea, of course.

Very interesting story. Short, but sweet and makes one think a little.

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